Myr Battlesphere

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Myr Battlesphere

Artifact Creature — Myr Construct

When this enters the battlefield, create four 1/1 colourless Myr artifact creature tokens.

Whenever this attacks, you may tap X untapped Myr you control. If you do, this gets +X/+0 until end of turn and deals X damage to the player or planeswalker it's attacking.

lhetrick13 on Infinite Myr

1 week ago

I am by no means an expert but I can offer up my two cents. Looking at the deck, looks like a Myr tribal build and while I do have experience with tribal, I have not ventured into artifact heavy decks but most the concepts should still apply. It also looks like your main wincon is token creation...

  1. There are a lot of Myr that can fill the roll of dorks and a lot of synergy with Myr Superion, Myr Galvanizer, and Myr Battlesphere. I am surprised you are building around those a bit more. I just envision getting out 3-4 dorks in combo with Galvanizer, using the dorks to supplement your mana, then untapping them only to tap them again for Myr Battlesphere. Battlesphere can do some serious damage even when fully blocked and you have lots of cards available to regenerate it, bring it back to the field, or return it to your hand. One of the things I actually hate about playing against artifact decks is how easy it is for them to bring stuff back!

  2. You have 74 cards in the deck, I would strongly encourage you to get it back down to only 60. Running more than 60 cards when not needed is a trap that just makes the deck less efficient as most decks are built around a particular card or combo and running additional cards just makes it less likely you will get the cards you actually want.

  3. You are running a lot of very expensive artifacts. Many of them have some very nice abilities but I think you could remove a lot of them from the deck and it would still function well.

  4. I would highly encourage you to find some draw options for this deck. I know there are some cards that provide draws that have "affinity for artifacts" so that would be a good option or splashing some .

  5. Speaking of adding some color, adding in a splash or two would give you some options in terms of interaction. I do not think you are running any removal at the moment so have no way to really deal with any thing your opponents might put up in your way that you may not be able to deal with.

  6. If you really want the token creation to be a big factor, you might consider something like Anointed Procession. You might also consider Metallic Mimic or something similar to boost your Myr forces while still giving you something that provides a body on the field.

deadmans_head on Are these Goblin Welder oder …

2 months ago


I would see the Dross Scorpion route as 3 card combo, in an Osgir, the Reconstructor deck youre gonna have an artifact in your yard and on the battlefield, even its only an Ancient Den

so any ETB artifact gives you infinite value, even a Skyscanner, Ichor Wellspring or similar ones draw you infinite cards, Solemn Simulacrum draws you infinite Cards and gets all your basics, Meteor Golem/Duplicant destroys/exiles every other non-land permanent/creature, Myr Battlesphere makes infinite 1/1 Myrs, Triplicate Titan/Phyrexian Triniform/Wurmcoil Engine makes infinite larger tokens

So its very hard to imagine a situation where you assemble this combo and not win on the spot or at least get such an advantage, that your not gonna loose as long as nobody can disrupt it, especially considering that this deck has several ways to give its creatures/artifacts haste

of course its not the main win condition, but its three pieces that are good for the deck anyway, that go infinite together, which is very nice

EVENcast on A Monster’s Guide to Volo [Primer]

3 months ago

rwn1971 I think Triumph of the Hordes is great in all creature based decks... but I'm stubbornly trying to keep all of my overrun-style effects on creatures rather than sorceries. Ultimately, that may not be the wisest decision... I'm frequently tempted to run Overwhelming Stampede, and I could see Triumph being just as good or better.
Have you had much luck with the landfall sub-theme? Ruin Crab, Wayward Swordtooth, and even Scute Swarm have only had minimal success in the games where I've played them. Scute is probably the best of the three, and works will even without the swordtooth... but I wonder if Hornet Queen is a better insect for us. I'm leaning towards cutting the Junk Winder for Myr Battlesphere, which I've seen on other Volo lists but I haven't tested it in this deck yet. I'm also looking at swapping Man-o'-War for another counter spell, as my playgroup agressively goes after Volo now.

Hybrow on Purphoros

4 months ago

Love seeing another Purphoros, God of the Forge deck.. It is by far my favorite deck to play when we want quick games.. either they die, or they all target me.. Either way fast games. The Fat Red Line - Purphoros EDH is mine

Couple small recommendations


Dwarven Mine - it's a free creature.. and 99% of the time comes into play untapped...

Runaway Steam-Kin - its extra mana, and combos with Grinning Ignus. If you get both out and have 3 free mana, it then is unlimited ETBs for Ignus.

Valakut Awakening  Flip - could easily go in place of a mountain, if you have it in opening hand, use it as mana, otherwise its a filter/card draw

Loyal Apprentice - 2 mana for AT LEAST 2 ETBs. And gives you a handy blocker every turn she lives


--Potential Removals--

Hammer of Purphoros unless you end up attacking alot, its probably not worth the slot

Chandra, Flamecaller - too high a CMC for potentially only 2 ETBs.

Myr Battlesphere - 5 ETBs seems nice, but have found that its a dead card in my hand cause I dont have the mana, for 7 CMC, i am usually dead before i have a chance to cast it.


Good luck with the build, Love it.

ZenYoLife on Myr Tokens Budget

5 months ago

LeechBoy, I would recommend Myr Battlesphere if you are taking out Genesis Chamber. I mentioned Lodestone Myr just because you can tap the Chamber end of turn to prevent your opponents from profiting. I personally love the sphere just because you can direct damage on top of boosting the power when you declare it to attack. Tempered Steel is so good if you are running white with artifact creatures overall. 4 of that enchantment is a must.

I would toss out Myr Incubator for 1 more Myr Turbine. Turbine is so good in tutoring Sphere when you have 5 Myrs to tap.

LeechBoy on Myr Tokens Budget

5 months ago

HI ZenYoLife. I looked over the Mana Base and changed it a bit. Should be better now. I can really cut out Genesis Chamber, you´re right. But I don´t know if I wanna go for Tempered Steel or Lodestone Myr instead of it. Do you think I should switch out Myr Battlesphere completely for Lodestone Myr? Seems legit, I just feel sorry for the card cause it´s one of the cards I started the game with :D

ZenYoLife on Myr Tokens Budget

5 months ago

With Tempered Steel, you definitively would want Steel Overseer just because of the pure crazy pump on all your artifact creatures and tokens if you really want to go swarming. Genesis Chamber would fit great if you use Lodestone Myr vs Myr Battlesphere as you can tap Chamber before your opponent's turn to pump Lodestone. If you plan to stick with Sphere, I would remove Chamber from main and put it as sideboard with a few Lodestone as side too for alternative win.

I'm worry about your low amount of Plains vs the Colorless mana lands but that could be me being OCD about starting hands having Color mana I need lol.

ZenYoLife on Myr Tokens Budget

5 months ago

Hi, I love the deck and Myrs are my favorite tribe. Some suggestions you may want to consider since you are running white would be Tempered Steel and look into Steel Overseer vs Adaptive Automaton and Mirror Entity. I think the Overseer would help keeping casting cheap for Myrsmith to do it's thing plus you can pump all your Myrs. Myr Superion could also be removed as it needs a condition to come out where you can fill the space for him for another Myr Battlesphere and 1 more of other Myrs you have already in.

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