Academy Manufactor

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Academy Manufactor

Artifact Creature — Assembly-Worker

If you would create a Clue, Food, or Treasure token, instead create one of each.

philosopher on Naya Modern 2

1 month ago

Hello Alice_2112,

Academy Manufactor triples your cat tokens when you make a treasure or food token.

I hope you can find room to squeeze it in.

AjMcGamer on 738,408,278,468,156,273,258/3 with trample

4 months ago

You should look at improving your manabase with duals of some sort, the pathway lands are great for this, shocklands, fetchlands etc. (I know they can be pricey). Chromatic Lantern and/or The World Tree are other great inclusions in multi coloured decks.

Other than that cards like Strike it Rich, Doubling Season and Academy Manufactor would greatly increase your treasure generation.

As mentioned by another user Fog or other fog effects are great if you just need to prevent combat damage to survive another turn. Druid's Deliverance has populate which would also increase the citizen tokens you generate.

Cultivate, Migration Path and similar spells can be great ramp options to help speed you up.

If you really want to slow people down Stone Rain is a cheap land destruction option at 3 mana (once you turn to the dark side there is no going back though)

Well I hope some of these suggestions have been helpful. Good luck with it and +1 from me.

aixe on Tivit Token Acceleration Primer

4 months ago

ThatWeirdPerson Thank you very much for the comment!

I do agree that I need to add some interaction. I think I will try to lower the amount of mana artifacts to increase the amount of interaction! I also think that Ballot Broker and Brago's Representative might actually be interesting cards to use, and a couple of extra creatures most likely won't hurt! Erdwal Illuminator, also looks interesting, and in a similar fashion I have been considering cards like thorough investigation and search the premises, especially as they synergize nicely with Academy Manufactor and similar cards.

Finally I do agree that Time Sieve and Deadeye Navigator are amazing cards in the deck, sadly my normal playgroup hate these type of infinite/win the game combos, so I decided to keep them in the maybe for now!

I will definitely try to test around with the other cards you mentioned, so thank you very much for the feedback!

Apollo_Paladin on Party in the forest!

5 months ago

I would focus on some cheaper (mana-cost) token creation spells to play off of all your synergies here a bit sooner. Gilded Goose isn't bad for early mana ramp, and he's got a repeatable trigger for your Academy Manufactor.

It's also really hard with all of your doubling enchantments to avoid suggesting adding in a splash of Black (provided you've got the dual lands for it) and adding in a couple Revel in Riches to add an additional win condition to your build with all of those tokens you can create.

A Revel to Riches build would let you add in things like Prying Blade that could help towards a win condition later in the game as well as speeding your mana generation (and token creation triggers) up in the early game.

Even if you don't end up splashing black, White has some pretty decent low mana cost token creation cards like Castle Ardenvale (useful for when you run out of a hand), Raise the Alarm, Servo Exhibition, and Cathar's Call. You already have some decent cards in your build, I think just some supplemental cards to keep taking advantage of at least 1 of them each turn is going to be your best bet here.

goodair on Ich-Tekik/Ishai Golem Tribal EDH

6 months ago

Lonis, Cryptozoologist, kci, Masterful Replication and Academy Manufactor mostly are the clue payoffs. Rise and Shine and Tezzeret, Betrayer of Flesh are stuff I'm considered but need to make cuts somewhere. I do end up cracking them manually time to time.

As for recommendations: Arcum Dagsson is great. You sac a golem token, grab closet and just have an engine to get whatever you want. Junk Winder is great too. Academy Manufactor would get alot of value!

Leaning into the blink/token aspect, I have stuff that wouldn't really work, but feel free to skim through it. I'm doing a small rework leaning since it's been a while since I updated the deck and alot of good stuff has come out recently, so im in the process of making cuts atm, but you can get an idea the decks goal! Its came a long way from it's original conception, getting golems to be strong in edh isnt all that easy as I'm sure you've noticed, haha.

Maxcoh on Academy Manufactor.dek

6 months ago

Not an update yet but I just wanted to mention one new card that will probably go into the deck: Riftsweeper

If you have a deck that is based on one card, specifically an artifact creature that dies to legitimately every piece of removal you have to be really careful. The worst thing that could happen right now is that Academy Manufactor gets exiled and then you're pretty much done. So to counter this, I'm going to do 2 things:

  1. Add in Riftsweeper which is one of the very few ways to get back cards from exile, and fortunately enough we're in green so it works. Not great, but them's the breaks for a one card focused deck.
  2. Add in more clue/food/treasure generators. Even if we're in a tough pinch, we can always fall back on the Rise and Shine win-cons. This will also help more with the other payoff cards. Right now the only other real option is Tireless Provisioner + Things that put in lands or Deadeye Navigator + Lonis, Cryptozoologist

I'll chew on it for a little bit but any suggestions for this would be great

Lord_of_Cardboard on Mentally Screw With Your Friends [Negan Primer]

7 months ago

Feyd-Rautha I have to say, this works pretty well against my pod. I have proxied the deck, and so far, so good. I did tweak a bit for my collection, taking out the cards you recommended. I have already built the Edgar (the fruits of four years of deck building because I'm a idiot) because some guy traded it to me for pennies when the deck came out. I added Academy Manufactor to get more value from all the treasure creation. Thanks for all the great ideas though.

SirChris39 on Academy Manufactor.dek

8 months ago

Maxcoh how do you get two copies of Academy Manufactor for the infinite combo

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