Desolation Twin

Desolation Twin

Creature — Eldrazi

When you cast this spell, create a 10/10 colorless Eldrazi creature token.

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Desolation Twin Discussion

TheMeadiator on "The Thing" 1982 Movie Deck

3 months ago

KiefyWonder Thank you so much for the kind words! It makes me super happy thinking someone would want to build one of my decks to try it out.

If you already have those giant Eldrazi boys and want to include them, power to ya! I'd probably swap them out for Endless One and Desolation Twin , since those are meant to be the big boys in the deck. Deceiver of Form might be good to replace too, but the name and ability are just so flavourful.

I've been keeping an eye out for additional cards to add here, but haven't had a chance to playtest this one yet! I want to build it IRL and pit it against some of my friends' decks before I tinker with it too much. If and when you do build this, please let me know how it performs and what you would change!!

average_overload_enjoyer on Fibonacci Debauchery *temp retired*

6 months ago

Mystic Reflection works great with Desolation Twin . Get some cheap 2-4 drops in your hand and cast em to get double the 10/10 tokens if Adrix and Nev are out!

clonalselection on The Center Does Not Hold

6 months ago

Chopping block thoughts:

Unwinding Clock seems kinda meh now; this worked better with cards I've already filtered out like Lux Cannon (replaced with Ugin, the Ineffable ) and Titan Forge (which was just slow, etc.). Still works with Winding Canyons and Clock of Omens though, hmm...

Pit Trap is a dear old rattlesnake I'd part with painfully, depending on how proactive I want this slot to be. But there are certainly better options.

Improvements, highly interested in testing:

Thought-Knot Seer ~ hello, goodbye Cyclonic Rift

Breaker of Armies is cheaper and possibly more productive than Desolation Twin (see "possible plans" in the discussion).

Wandering Archaic  Flip might be tasty to tax/copy things like Demonic Tutor or Ponder but might be too passive.

Credit Voucher for a supplement to Scroll Rack and other shuffle effects.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Her Royal Fluffness

6 months ago

Sultai_Sir: Ok, so I added Desolation Twin . I guess Conduit of Ruin isn't off the table anymore.

Ziabo on Tokens... Tokens Everywhere

6 months ago

Second Harvest , Parallel Lives , Doubling Season and Primal Vigor ? :p

But on a serious note you really need Avenger of Zendikar in here. Maybe Desolation Twin ?

Is there a reason for The Ozolith in here?

FrantaFire on Before the Mending: Brudiclad EDH

8 months ago


Thanks for taking the time to look at my list.

I've heavily debated on Desolation Twin for a long time but the fact that it says cast is the main stay-away. A majority of the time, I'll polymorph into a big creature; never cast it. With that, I've even more heavily considered Idol of Oblivion for the big tokens we crave.

As for Phyrexian Processor , I could simply never find a balance for the amount of life to pay.

Osbert on Morophon eldrazi stomp

8 months ago

Your deck will be a bit slow to start up because you're running 3-4 CmC ramp so if you wanted to speed up the deck start replacing Explosive Vegetation and Vastwood Surge with Rampant Growth , Into the North , Farseek , Nature's Lore , or Three Visits .

You also aren't running many draw spells which is concerning. since you're going stompy I highly suggest the draw spells that care about power like Rishkar's Expertise , Return of the Wildspeaker , Garruk, Primal Hunter , Life's Legacy , Greater Good , Momentous Fall , etc.

Of your whole list of creatures i would only consider cutting 2: Desolation Twin and Essence Depleter . Twin only get's you a token if cast so it doesn't play nice with the cheaty effects and Depleter isn't a needed combo piece if you have access to Dimensional Infiltrator .

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