Ulamog's Crusher

Creature — Eldrazi

Annihilator 2 (Whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices two permanents.)

Ulamog's Crusher attacks each combat if able.

LunchBox1211 on Aces in Exile

2 months ago

About the Scroll of Avacyn vs Potion of Healing thing, there is a reason beyond "I like Potion better." The reason is that one of the decks I go up against frequently is the BR Eldrazi reanimation deck I mentioned in the description. The point of that deck is to Exhume back Ulamog's Crusher, and swing with Annihilator 2 on turn 3-4 (it can swing with Ulamog's Crusher on turn 1, given the perfect hand). The reason I prefer Potion over Scroll is because I want something that can draw me cards, AND act as Annihilator fodder.

I am not saying this because of unhealthy criticism, on the contrary, I am very grateful for the suggestions! I am simply saying this because I did have a better reason other than "Potion seems neat."

Thank you, have a good day, and if you can help me with this deck, refer to the description of the deck.

legendofa on Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

3 months ago

It just struck me that Isshin, Two Heavens as One works with Annihilator (see Ulamog's Crusher and friends). I'm not sure how to use that yet, or if someone famous already picked up on it, but I had to get it out of my brain and into the world.

Rolska on Musashi's Mosh Pit [Primer]

3 months ago

I know you said that you're not a fan of Eldrazi - which is fair enough. The only one I really like is Ulamog's Crusher because it just seems strong but not ridiculous like most bigger Eldrazi are. That being said, Eldrazi Conscription I think is worth a look at. Having someone like Iroas, God of Victory become a 17/14 with Trample and Annihilator 2 (Annihilator 4 with Isshin, Two Heavens as One ) is pretty fun.

Still basically an Eldrazi though. So that aside, below are a few cards I'm interested in that you've not mentioned yet, though you've mentioned most of what I found as well.

Hoarding Ogre - 2x Treasure is great for early pressure and mana fixing in a three color deck. With Isshin, Two Triggers as One you'll be getting 2x-6x Treasure per attack (averaging about 4). Absolutely fantastic with Isshin, alright on its own. Monetarily cheap as well.

Conspiracy Theorist is much like Audacious Thief but instead of life.

Keldon Twilight and Total War are really on-theme for a take on the curse/politics route one can take Isshin.

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker  Flip // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki  Flip works much the same as Hoarding Ogre, almost a free Thrill of Possibility, and create a token before the Combat Phase even begins allowing for additional "When Attacking" triggers.

BOXES_O_MOXES on Ancient lumberknot PDH

5 months ago


I was eyeing this guy too. I have been brainstorming. Contemplating a build around him as well. Some cards that came to mind were these. Also, these are my opinions. There's nothing wrong with your deck if you enjoy it like it is. My comments are just my 2 cents. The reason I havn't really started to put this together yet is because I'm not too much of a fan of EDH decks that 100% rely on the commander being in play to net more than 50% benefit. I think this guy might be that guy that looks better that he plays out, but we'll see. The only card that can really protect this guy 90% of the time is Whispersilk Cloak. And that Cloak is 1% of your deck. Your opponent is going to put soo much pressure on your commander if they can. Which sometimes can be a good thing if you can make the creatures in the deck count as much as the commander or more in the long run.

These first two I think should be auto includes because of Monarch. They also toughness is equal or better than power, so they fit.

Entourage of Trest

Thorn of the Black Rose

These others are just good ideas to ponder IMO:

Silumgar Scavenger, He just gets better when/if your crits die.

Forge of Heroes, Opal Palace Need to be in every pauper EDH deck.

Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds, the pauper fetch pack should probably be in every deck too. It helps to keep your draws a little more consistent.

Mortuary Mire, recursion that is technically free.

Bojuka Bog, Another black auto include. People play A LOT out of their graveyards.

Bonder's Ornament, this has become my favorite pauper card draw rock. Even if others end up playing it, it will add speed to both decks. Makes for more spells being played per turn for both players, or will just net you advantage if they don't play it. Creates more interaction. Pauper decks can tend to be slow from beginning to end without a card draw engine.

Removal spells. I'd try to fit a few in. You are relying too much on Pestilence. I think i would actually consider running a Crypt Rats along with the Pestilence. You can get the rats back with TORTEX. It can get mean. Keep recycling the rats when you need to.

Ash Barrens, deck thinning.

Lightning-Core Excavator, This guy is soo good with TORTEX. It's a repeatable bolt effect and in this deck technically he's a 3/3 for .

Aquastrand Spider, could be pretty fun in this deck. He can come back with TORTEX and make more graft counters to move around. Gives himself and other creatures reach if need be. He holds equipment well. So you can move both 1/1 counters without him dying. Whilst making other crits bigger. You don't have much for flying in here.

Ulamog's Crusher, to be honest I'd run him. The value is there. He doesn't need to be a 1/8 and cost 5 to play to be good for this deck. He's just pressure mid to late game and comes back with TORTEX. You run some ramp. So he shouldn't be overlooked.

Dimir House Guard, 10% of your deck are 4 costed spells. So he's a repeatable tutor for those other 10% of spells. It goes and gets Pestilence. for a 2/3 with fear and tutor isn't terrible at all.

For now this is all I have time for. We'll chit chat here and there when you reply. Maybe we can work out a good build together and I'll start building this in paper and add it to my stack of PEDH decks. =]

Have a good one!!

multimedia on Budget Olivia

5 months ago

Hey, this is a really good start for could be less than $50, but you did forget Sol Ring.

Anje Falkenrath is a nice budget legendary Vampire for repeatable loot to help to setup Olivia. Consider more sac outlets? Goblin Bombardment and High Market are excellent and Undercity Informer is fine. Consistently you really want a sac outlet to protect creatures you reanimate with Olivia from being exiled.

Falkenrath Aristocrat is a creature who Olivia can reanimate and since it has flying that helps it to survive combat since it enters attacking. Dark Privilege is a budget old/rarely seen card, but can be powerful when enchanted to Olivia. Repeatable regeneration can protect Olivia from combat damage letting her more freely attack to trigger. The creature Olivia reanimated can be fodder to sac to regenerate her which is helpful when you're reanimating a creature who has an ETB effect such as Vile Entomber. Viscera Seer is a one drop sac outlet that gives you some library manipulation to help draws.

Anje and the sac outlets are support cards and I think you can afford to cut a few high CMC creatures who have redundant effects to add them. You have many ways to tutor directly for a creature of your choice and put it into your graveyard which gives you leeway to play mostly the better creatures here to reanimate.

Some cuts to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Atla’s Eggs

7 months ago

Hey, nice version, but the manabase hasn't been as upgraded as much as the rest of the deck, you forgot Command Tower.

Because you have Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger do you really need lots of other big creatures? Most creature board wipes are good with Eggs because even if Atla will die to the wipe she will trigger for each Egg that also dies. All your opponents creatures die and you're left with a battlefield of creatures from Eggs. Avacyn and Ulamog have indestructible making them survive board wipes that destroy or do damage.

Vanquish the Horde and Blasphemous Act are powerful creature board wipes in multiplayer Commander because they care about the number of all creatures from all players on the battlefield. Wrath of God and Day of Judgment are the traditional four mana ones and Austere Command is very versatile. Fanatical Devotion is a nice budget sac outlet for Eggs since it can protect Atla from most board wipes.

Consider more ramps sources especially two drop or less ramp that's not creatures can help with Atla?

The manabase here has a few good lands (Mesa, Orchard, Glade, Shrine, Panorama), but most are subpar for much lower budget decks. Temple of the False God is a not a good land; my advice is cut it from all your decks even decks with green which have land ramp. Needing five lands just for Temple to be able to make mana isn't worth it. The Life lands such as Blossoming Sands, etc. are lackluster since 1 life gain is not worth the land always ETB tapped. If you're on a budget for lands then consider these for upgrades?

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Balaam__ on Killer Krab Kult of Innistrad (Azorius Eldrazi)

7 months ago

First, this entire deck as a concept is praiseworthy. It’s incredibly interesting from the perspective of actually playing it, and thematically brilliant. It calls to mind a lot of Bloodborne’s subtext. I think a lot of what you have works, but some things I believe to be holding the deck back. The core idea of what you have here is definitely worth sticking with and continuing to fine tune, but I’ll go over some things I think aren’t pulling their weight.

I think there are too many mechanics, to the point that it becomes a Jack of all trades, master of none scenario. Token generation, Delirium, Disturb, Lifegain, a bit of recursion focus etc. Any one or two of these things would work just fine, but I imagine the deck would have to be structured with Token generation as the primary mechanic built around, bolstered by secondary lifegain support (just as an example). That way the focus would be tight, with most spells in your deck revolving around one of the two mechanics.

Also, some cards here don’t play well with others. Abiding Grace would be a great secondary lifegain card, but if you chose to return a 1 mana creature to play that would interfere with Delirium. Pick Alseid of Life's Bounty and you lose your enchantment card type, so you’re stuck picking Lunarch Veteran  Flip—if there’s even one in the graveyard, since there’s only 3 copies. Inquisitive Puppet won’t be a likely target, since if it died naturally you won’t want it to leave the graveyard (since artifact is a precious new card type as far as Delirium is concerned), and if you exiled it to create the 1/1 token it’ll bypass the graveyard completely and Delirium will never see it.

The only other worrisome thing I see is the lack of a bomb. If you restructured some of this, boardswarm through Eldrazi tokens is a viable wincon, but otherwise you’ll likely need an Emrakul, the Promised End or a heavy budget alternative like Ulamog's Crusher.

Take this all with a grain of salt. I’m by no means some fantastic strategist or deck builder, and I don’t have a whole lot of experience. I’d definitely ask some other ppl for input, in case I either missed something or am misunderstanding something. Again, I love this concept and can’t wait to see whatever the finished product turns out to be!

Altoman on The Projects: Budget Urban Development

7 months ago

What a nice deck. I love it. However I think it might be a little fragile. You rely heavily on a 1/1 and you don't have a way to remove anything that the opponent placed on the board.

You are tapping most of your creatures so you won't be able to use convoke from Siege Wurm. I suggest replacing it with Blastoderm or Tangle Golem or maybe go wild with Ulamog's Crusher. :P

A 1/1 is fragile. You have a pretty low mana curve and you are using mana creatures so you don't need 20 forest. I would remove 4 of them to add Vines of Vastwood and/or Apostle's Blessing.

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