Plundering Barbarian

Plundering Barbarian

Creature — Dwarf Barbarian

When this enters the battlefield, choose one —

  • Smash the Chest — Destroy target artifact.
  • Pry it Open — Create a Treasure token. (It's an artifact with ", Sacrifice this artifact: Gain one mana of any colour.")

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Plundering Barbarian Discussion

Alearin on Magda of the Maskwood [[Guide]] Updated for AFR

1 month ago

After ample testing of the cards brought to us in AFR, 5 changes have been made to the deck focused on ramping treasure production even higher. Plundering Barbarian, Xorn, Hoarding Ogre, Treasure Vault, and Unexpected Windfall have all be swapped in. For thoughts on why these cards were added see the AFR entry in Updates section.

DrukenReaps on infinite combo?

1 month ago

This would be better in Rules Q&A.

I think the most relevant thing I found was rule 614.5 so-

614.5 A replacement effect doesn’t invoke itself repeatedly; it gets only one opportunity to affect an event or any modified events that may replace that event.

The following is their example: A player controls two permanents, each with an ability that reads “If a creature you control would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals double that damage to that permanent or player instead.” A creature that normally deals 2 damage will deal 8 damage—not just 4, and not an infinite amount.

With this rule in mind the end result should be 2 treasure, 1 food, 1 clue assuming only 1 token was being made by the original effect like Plundering Barbarian.

If you were to cast Contract Killing you get 3 treasure, 1 food, 1 clue.

DrukenReaps on Prosper Through Theft

2 months ago

Possible Additions-

Goldspan Dragon, Mycosynth Lattice, Other and better treasure cards and exile from opponents to cast effects.

Possible Removals-

Forsworn Paladin, Hoarding Ogre, Shiny Impetus, Sudden Breakthrough, Contract Killing, Plundering Barbarian, Volcanic Torrent, Magda, Brazen Outlaw

GrimlockVIII on Dungeon of Undeath (Grixis treasure/d20)

3 months ago


Aye, obviously Goldspan Dragon would be a very good top-end card for this kind of deck, but he's already in your maybe board so that suggestion would be kinda redundant (I'm still tilted by how expensive he is, but I get it).

I know you put Xorn in the sidedeck, but I think inserting him into the main deck and maybe taking out two Orcus, Prince of Undeath would actually be very helpful. You kinda wanna save Ornis as a late-game card anyway, so having 3 of him might be a bit overkill.

As for new suggestions, Im actually not entirely sure. Lightfoot Rogue gives you another cheap dice-rolling body, but the actual effects that result from your rolls are kinda underwhelming.

Hoarding Ogre is literally just a poor man's Goldspan Dragon that also does dice shenanigans at the risk of giving you less treasure.

Feywild Trickster actually has a great dice payoff, but since you're trying to cram in both dice and treasure in the deck, Im not entirely sure how often you'll be able to trigger her effect.

Chaos Channeler might look good, but Im not sure if you want a lot of 4 drops. Same principle with Storm-Kiln Artist, but also you would have to run more instants and sorceries to continuously produce more treasure. He's at least a dwarf so he'll synergize a little bit with Magda.

Plundering Barbarian is a little underpowered, but at least he's somewhat flexible due to his modular ability. He's yet another Dwarf that can trigger Magda as well.

Maybe you can lean into Magda's tribal ability to get you more treasure?

Ach, I apologize if these suggestions are underwhelming. Im having trouble coming up with reasonable suggestions. They all seem to have something holding them back ya know?