Meteor Blast


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon

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Meteor Blast


Meteor Blast deals 4 damage to each of X target creatures and/or players.

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Meteor Blast Discussion

Skamakka1 on Mizzix Storm....

9 months ago

Hey man, as I'm sure you know the goal of a storm deck is to win by casting a large volume of spells to win the game and then either casting a 'Storm' spell or having a permanent in play that wins the game on all the spell-cast triggers. To that affect you have some great cards in here but some not so great ones, so here's my thoughts:


Guttersnipe = One of the best cards in the deck.Talrand, Sky Summoner is IMO too slow. I don't like him but I know people who love him to death. Cut the rest. Either Talrand should become Young Pyromancer or you should run both. Then add in Goblin Electromancer + Curious Homunculus  Flip, having repeats of Mizzix is a God-send because Mizzix is hard to keep on the table. If you want to win with combat damage, Wee Dragonauts + Spellheart Chimera are two of the best options because they have flying. People almost always have a grounded blocker or two and in a storm-type deck which is very all or nothing you can't afford to get blocked or hope to have a way to punch through the damage.


First things first... Run Sphinx-Bone Wand. 7 mana might seem like a lot, but it wins games, plus if needed it can be tutored up with Fabricate

Second, Drop Worn Powerstone as it only produces generic mana and doesn't help you get Mizzix out any faster. In Mizzix you want you mana rocks to either ramp mizzix out faster or produce colored mana, preferably both. Some good options are Chromatic Lantern, Coalition Relic, Darksteel Ingot, Commander's Sphere, and Gilded Lotus


Cut Mystic Remora. The Cumulative Upkeep makes it too much of a burden and storm decks already draw cards like theres no tomorrow. If you want to run some enchantments. Some really good options are: Jace's Sanctum and Metallurgic Summonings

Instants and Sorceries

I see youre running Reiterate which is great but you are missing some cards that can really make it hum. If you are not against infinite combos (which is fine), run both Turnabout and Reality Spasm as you can create infinite mana with these, as well as generating an infinite storm count, but that can feel a little cheesy and if you want to go for a more natural storm win thats fine too. The spells you run is really up to personal preference and how many of each type of effect you want, but I think you have too many board wipes You have 8ish, when you really only need 4 or 5, while having only 2 targeted removal, which you should have 3-4 of.

Lastly Im gunna point out some card swaps that I think will make it run smoother without me taking away your own deck building style:

Meteor Blast > Curse of the Swine,

Mizzium Mortars > Blasphemous Act,

Magmaquake > Chaos Warp,

Aethersnatch > Counterspell,

Counterflux > Overwhelming Denial,

Echoing Truth > Snap,

Repeal > Capsize,

Good cards that youre missing and should look at:

Scour from Existence, Mystical Tutor, Steady Progress, Dig Through Time, Uncovered Clues and Ignite Memories


11 months ago

Ah that sucks so I can understand why you wouldn't run Cascade then. Another fun spell is Meteor Blast.

TheDracogenius on Fire Sale

1 year ago

Obviously this deck is very close to the original preconstructed build, which means there are many suboptimal cards:Blustersquall is bad beacuse the effect is just not strong enough to justify the card, the same goes for Urza's Rage, Broodbirth Viper, Meteor Blast, Sleep, Rite of the Raging Storm, Awaken the Sky Tyrant and Word of Seizing. Possibility Storm is just a bad card, since yu cannot control it. For Street Spasm there are many better versions like Earthquake that give you the same effect.

So what should you replace those cards with? You can either go for a deck that wants to draw huge cards of cards, using cards like Wheel of Fortune and Mindmoil to cause huge chunks of damage with Niv Mizzets ability. You could also go a spellslinger route by just building a good control deck with steal effects and counterspells. I recently wrote a primer on my own Niv Mizzet deck, which really focuses on comboing of with Niv Mizzet and Curiosity or other similar cards to draw infinite cards and win with Laboratory Maniac.

Feel free to look through my list for inspiration and cards to use!

Happy deckbuilding, +1 from me!

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