Master Warcraft


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Master Warcraft


((R/W) can be paid with either (Red) or (White).)

Play Master Warcraft only before attackers are declared.

You choose which creatures attack this turn. You choose how each creature blocks this turn.

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Master Warcraft Discussion

ExReverie93 on Cromat Aggro 5-Color EDH - Updated 2.13.17

1 week ago

Ok! Combining some stuff I've noticed from playing the deck, and some analysis regarding average CMC and Mana Curve and whatnot, this is my edit list that I'll be considering:

Cards to add:

Cards to remove:

Any suggestions on these edits and the deck in general would be great! :)

Panas on Last minute Brion Stoutarm help!

2 weeks ago

I'll start with the questions since that's easier.

1) +x/+0 effects are not necessary. Damage multipliers could be nice since you will be playing a fair-er deck.

2) Dreadnought is worth the money for the right deck. That deck is piloted by Varolz, the Scar-Striped. I wouldn't consider it for Brion.

3) Kiki-jiki is worth it. A wonderful combo piece that can go wild in almost every deck that runs red. In your colours, he could be a secondary win condition with Restoration Angel and Zealous Conscripts (you could add more combo pieces but that would draw the deck away from what you want to do by taking too many slots).

Alright! Now on with suggestions and notable omissions:

Bloodshot Cyclops is a second Brion and I think it's necessary in every Brion deck as a backup.

Might Makes Right is an interesting repeatable threaten effect. The drawback can be negated by most giants since they tend to be larger than average.

Vicious Shadows can be another mighty red enchantment.

As a matter of fact I would include less creatures that die at end of turn. Either that or include more recursion like Karmic Guide and Sun Titan. Try to find space for Kor Cartographer and Knight of the White Orchid as some of the only land-ramp in white.

Another major issue with the deck is your Sunforger. Where are the instants it will tutor for!? You need to improve that package with a lot of other cards. My suggestions for a decent boros package are Into the Core, Boros Charm, Swords to Plowshares, Return to Dust, Wild Ricochet and Master Warcraft.

Then card draw... I'd like to see (a lot) more, you will probably like to see more as well. But in boros that may be rough, sadly...

For boardwipes you have the classics (e.g. Day of Judgment) but you may find some interest in cards like False Prophet and Bearer of the Heavens. They can be very political and can prove a very literal threat with your commander. Otherwise opt for cards that offer versatility like Tragic Arrogance and Fell the Mighty.

Lastly, i would recommend taking a look at Brion's page on EDHRec. It's by no means the golden standard to pick cards from there, but it's a decent source of inspiration.

I hope this was at least a little bit insightful for you. It's always nice to see unconventional commanders and I would have loved to see a Brion deck at my table!

awalloftext on Gahiji: Forever War

1 month ago

Good feedback, Marvell - Basandra is slow, but she has made a difference in some of the games that I've played. Generally speaking, being able to pinpoint a forced attack is nice, but you bring up a very good point. Master Warcraft is an easy substitution for her, or if you' really hurting for mass removal, I'd probably go with the classic Wrath, or Retribution of the Meek.

Eternal Witness is an easy substitute for Den Protector. I like Protector because Morph kinda plays mind games with people, and with Gahiji buffs, she is able to attack better. However, E-wit is probably more optimal.

Warmonger Hellkite is a great card if you can untap with him (or in a post-wrath scenario). However, I think he's difficult to use to his full potential - you really have to try to get under people's skin with him. They have to attack, and to prevent them from attacking you, it's nice to have mana open (in other words, use the old "don't attack me and I'll buff your dudes" ploy). He also costs 6 - expensive even for EDH; you could easily cut him, but if you cut him AND Basandra I'd consider replacing at least one of the cards with another forced attack effect.

Alliance of Arms tends to create a stalemate situation, which I find funny - I think it's a low enough risk to just play it, if for no other reason than how silly it is. Your mileage may vary of course.

Long story short - you've definitely identified some of the weaker cards in the deck. They've worked for me but they may not work for you - I recommend adding a couple of mass removal spells if you feel you're really lacking in that area. More spot removal never hurts, too. Or, for more optimal aggro, consider Iroas, God of Victory or Beastmaster Ascension

Rzepkanut on Queen Marchesa EDH Deck

1 month ago

Ride Down, Turn the Tables, Master Warcraft, Brutal Hordechief, and Deftblade Elite are great political tools and combat control cards. True Conviction might be better than rage reflection since they both cost 6 mana anyways. Solitary Confinement is easy to pay upkeep for if your the monarch. Dusk / Dawn could be great too even though it can kill the queen. Cheers.

vbfabled on Budget Boros Aggro

1 month ago

Cheap and deadly, huh? Well, it is a couple of dollars, but if you have it, Iroas, God of Victory is really good for aggro. Some more affordable threats are Firemane Avenger to drain away your opponent's life and creatures, Nobilis of War to make all your guys hit harder, and Master Warcraft as a good game-ender.

Good luck building!

NewAgeDoom on Need help fine-tuning RW Aggro

2 months ago

I've received a deck from a friend of mine who doesn't play anymore. I feel like this could be something I really want to play (Just for fun/casual play), but I also feel like there's a lot of room for fine-tuning. Would anyone mind giving some input on this deck list?

3 Boros Signet

3 Spitemare

4 Scourge of the Nobilis

3 Hearthfire Hobgoblin

2 Lightning Bolt

2 Master Warcraft

3 Balefire Liege

3 Boros Swiftblade

3 Nimbus Wings

4 Hobgoblin Dragoon

4 Boros Guildmage

3 Glory of Warfare

10 Mountain

7 Plains

kellen.rice on Humans For ALL

3 months ago

I think this deck would benefit from a Hero of Bladehold. Also, if you want to add it, there is a combo with Master Warcraft and Fight to the Death, where you can destroy all of their creatures and all but one of yours survives and hits the opponent.

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