Angel of Invention


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Mythic Rare

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Angel of Invention

Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance, lifelink

Fabricate 2 (When this creature enters the battlefield, put two +1/+1 counters on it, or create two 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.)

Other creatures you control get +1/+1

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Angel of Invention Discussion

usurphling on Mono-White Prison Deck

2 hours ago

the concept is original but I think you need a solid finisher in this deck. you may have disabled your opponent to play magic but you need a card that closes out games...something like the ff:

Crested Sunmare - with Mirage Mirror, these two are nuts!

Angel of Invention -(very good card choice for your deck) since you have creatures that can be bigger.

Victory's Herald - (believe it or not, she is standard legal and she is included in welcome deck 2017) she gives you evasion and lifegain

Exquisite Archangel - expensive but it can be your lifesaver.

Wakening Sun's Avatar - also expensive but a great finisher (it only saves your Kinjalli's Sunwing)

also some card draws (aka cycling cards), you will need those if in case you will have longer games. I hope I helped you out at least.

Mandalorian on W/U Reflector

23 hours ago

I think the Maneuver and Cloudshift are not necessary with 4 Restos and the addition of 4 Flickerwisp and/or Felidar Guardian. Then with 8+ flicker effects in creature slots, you wont need the spells to do it. Eldrazi Displacer is the best flicker creature if you can support the colorless cost.

Sun Titan

Angel of Invention

Wall of Omens

Spreading Seas


DashJovis1 on W/U Anointed Jace

1 day ago

Yeah Esper is probably the better build, at least in terms of potential, especially with Hidden Stockpile for consistency. But I mostly just wanted Fatal Push and some sideboard cards from black, so I opted for Azorius, just because its easier to fix for two colours, and there were plenty of W/U cards that I wanted to run.

Angel of Invention was added just because I needed an endgame card that could be good on its own, but worked in the combo. She's nice because she can protect a Jace pretty well, and also increases your chances of looting. She can also get reasonably big if you don't have Anointed Procession. We've come a long way since Serra. The Angel of Sanctions combo better with Jace, but not quite as well with doubling, it just depends on how wide your opponents are going, whether they have any targets you need to exile, and how much they utilize their graveyard.

Geo67 on W/U Anointed Jace

1 day ago

This looks really cool. I am working on an Esper version with Jace, Cunning Castaway. I like Angel of Invention, never thought about that one in here.

Mostly running Esper for The Scarab God , and removal for hand, like Duress, and Fatal Push.

Masterdragon64 on U/W Favorable Winds

2 days ago

I think Im going to change my idea up a little by not playing Glorybringer because it makes the mana base weird and Im not that good on making mana bases. So, instead Im going to have 2 different high-end cards and play test each and some number together and the cards are, Cloudblazer which might just be put in the sideboard but it seems good for the main board and Angel of Invention because shes a flying vigilante lifelinking beauty with her own anthem effect.

Dr_Jay on Voice of T͢hu͘n͞de͜r [BANTCOMBO 2.0]

2 days ago

Ghouul There are a variety of winnies in this deck. The primary ones are Angel of Invention and Tishana, Voice of Thunder, which are either threats, or turn each creature you control into a threat. With all the digging and drawing the deck does, both of these are reachable. In addition, the deck can just win with beats; having 6 or 7 1/1s against a deck with 1 - 1 removal spells a quick death.

For sideboard, things change. With the amount of creatures you can generate, and how swingy the deck is, Settle the Wreckage is more dodgable than you might think: you can attack with, say, 5 2/2s instead of 10 and avoid getting blown out. For boardwipes, we have Heroic Intervention + Negate , and for non-interactive decks, we have Approach of the Second Sun. Approach has been so good for us, in fact, that I may just put some in the main!

Citrusjeans on Madcap Reanimator

6 days ago

Have you considered adding blue for Champion of Wits? He's a overall good card that gets some hulks in your graveyard early and is always a great target for God-Pharaoh's Gift . Other cards I would recommend are Angel of Invention and Sunscourge Champion for extra blockers and life gain.

xXxGIJOELxXx on Token Vraska Standard

1 week ago

Hidden Stockpile with Anointed Procession or Legion's Landing makes a token generating engine that triggers super easy. If you have the budget for it, there are a lot better options in constructed for removal than Contract Killing. Yes it gets you treasures, but having to leave up 5 mana to do it hurts when it only hits one creature. I would also recommend Anointer Priest, it will get you lots of life gain and its a good blocker for early game. If you have the budget for Angel of Invention is a nice anthem effect for all of your creatures that also makes more tokens when it comes into the battlefield. If you are looking for more suggestions, you can check out some of my decks on here, they are pretty much all Anointed Procession based, so if you wanna look through those for a little bit of inspiration, feel free! I like what you are doing tho, this is one of my favorite deck types to play, +1

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