Angel of Invention


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Mythic Rare

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Angel of Invention

Creature — Angel

Flying, vigilance, lifelink

Fabricate 2 (When this creature enters the battlefield, put two +1/+1 counters on it, or create two 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.)

Other creatures you control get +1/+1

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Angel of Invention Discussion

CinnaToastKrunch on Atraxa, Proliferate

1 day ago

A few more phenomenal cards are Winding Constrictor,Hardened Scales,Rashmi, Eternities Crafter, Angel of Invention. Path to Exile is another great removal card!

landofMordor on U/G Servo

1 day ago

Hey friend! Love the deck idea; it's super original. However, your deck suffers from being a tad unfocused. You've got a lot of ideas rattling around here at once, and so as a whole your deck will not be as effective. For casual builds, that's fine, but if you're interested in taking it to the next level, I'd focus the deck a bit more.

Firstly, if you're going to Servo tribal specifically, I'd add in W. Master Trinketeer, Angel of Invention, Servo Exhibition, and Sram's Expertise are all auto-includes in a Servo tribal build.

On the other hand, if you want to go UG AEtherflux Storm, I'd suggest something like Paradoxical Outcome and a lot of Ornithopters!.

Finally, if you're wanting UG aggro, go with Metalwork Colossus and a Overrun effect.

Hope that helps! The direction the deck goes is up to you, but maybe that will help focus your efforts. Let me know if I can help in any other way! Good luck.

n0bunga on Hanna's Favorite toys

2 days ago

I think if you also run Sphere of Safety it would stack nicely with Propaganda and Ghostly Prison

You could also storm off with Mind's Desire by looping any fabricate creature, like Angel of Invention with Ashnod's Altar and Nim Deathmantle

I'd also consider swapping Karn for Tezzeret the Seeker or even adding him. Tutoring artifacts seems necessary in this. Especially when you can minus-0 and grab Ancient Den, Seat of the Synod, Mana Crypt, etc.

GS10 on Breya Commander

4 days ago

I've also started tinkering with Breya's precon just this week so all the thoughts are fresh in my mind.

What I've thought in my deckbuilding was something like "What does the deck do well? How can I take advantage of that? And how will that make me win?"

So first of all, the deck produces a lot of artifacts, and you want those artifacts. Breya of course gets her thopters, you might also want to look into Whirler Rogue or Angel of Invention if you favor more tokens, Panharmonicon itself is another way to take advantage not only of those token producers but also from other relevant ETB effects.

Once you get all your artifacts filling the board, you need to weaponize that. Of course Breya herself bolts opposition with those artifacts, but you can improve on that with effects like Reckless Fireweaver, Purphoros, God of the Forge, Disciple of the Vault, even Zulaport Cutthroat or Blood Artist.

And all that ammounts to interesting cost effective damage counts, but it doesn't necessarily win you the game right away, which is why I tend to go all the way into infinite combos so either my opponents answer my actions right away, or they won't have the chance to do so later on. This is where most people and playgroups differ, some like that, others don't. If you are okay with that, then you have Grand Architect and Pili-Pala for infinite colored mana which will let you cast and sac Breya and her tokens over and over to kill everyone on the spot. This is the cheapest infinite combo you can include in the deck. Then you can look at things like Nim Deathmantle and Ashnod's Altar (which adds redundancy to your Krark-Clan Ironworks) to also go infinite with Breya, making infinite mana, infinite tokens, and eventually win with Breya's activations as well. These two combos at least I think are worthy inclusions in Breya, especially because they're on flavour with what the deck is doing altogether and are never dead cards in hand. Others might stray away from that path and be either really good or really unimpactful, so I try to keep that in mind whenever I pick my cards - I want them to be impactful in whatever scenario.

Check out my deck for more in depth explanations and any other ideas you might want to look into. I personally don't run some of the cards I've suggested, but since they have similar and synergistic abilities between them I thought they were all worth mentioning.

Thop Thop Thump [Breya, Etherium Shaper EDH]

Commander / EDH* GS10


Emeisle on Ephara's Pass n' Draw Flicker Disco Party

4 days ago

@fragarach97 I would so love at add Angel of Serenity. I know she would be crazy amazing and I totally have a think for angels. The only think holding me back is her mana cost, for one, but also that I think she might be too good. I know that I do have a lot of control elements to this deck, which my meta doesn't take too kindly to. I'm willing to accept that, so I want to keep the control side a little handicapped.

@zorsmobile I want to keep away from Glen Elendra Archmage, Vendilion Clique, and Gilded Drake for the same reasons mentioned above, unfortunately. I had been considering Snapcaster Mage, though, but I'm just not sure he would be worth it for just 10 targets? I honestly don't know. Maybe I should do some side testing with him to see how it goes.

@pickelchu I did have Panharmonicon in the deck at one point, but took it out because a lot of the ETB triggers it doubled were redundant. But now that I've added Cathars' Crusade and Angel of Invention, hell yeah it's goin in there.

Thank you all so much for the comments and the up-votes! It's really helping this deck come along. I can tell it's getting much better~~

mack10k on B/W servo

5 days ago

I disagree because with a deck like this, speed is key. I run a mono white servo deck with great success, usually 3-1. I mean I run Gideon, Ally of Zendikar over Angel of Invention. I don't think Call for Unity is any good, way too slow for this format. The problem with Skywhaler's Shot is that it isn't good against Felidar Guardian. I would sideboard Transgress the Mind for Four Color Saheeli, Temur Tower, and snakes. (I would run it main deck x4 if I was playing black actually.) Lost Legacy for Four Color Saheeli. The only thing that Call for Unity has over Metallic Mimic is that they can't target it. But bringing it out on turn 5? Unless you are playing something slow, it isn't going to make as big an impact as you think, especially when you can just lose to Saheeli on turn 4, or have an overwhelming board state vs snakes and mardu. Plus it has to have a condition for it to even work. Plus they have to leave on your turn. They save some removal for their turn and it shuts it off. Angel of Invention is better for the same mana, but not anywhere near as good as mimic. And Concealed Courtyard and Spire of Industry would be my choice for lands, since they either don't come into play tapped (or have the potential early game where it counts).

griz024 on Alesha's Red Wedding V2.0

1 week ago

How has Kaya, Ghost Assassin worked out for you? I have been condidering replacing Disciple of Bolas with her in my deck, but I am worried the table hate she will draw may not be worth it.

Regarding your token subtheme, i have one in my deck. Ive found 3ish token makers feels like enough considering how quickly i dig through the deck and Alesha's recursion ability. My cards of choice are: Angel of Invention, Siege-Gang Commander, and Beetleback Chief.

DanaBarrosReincarnate on Black and White Servos

1 week ago

first off, i would take out the 2x Felidar Guardian. they're great in a deck that relies heavily on revolt, or that has permanents that kill when re-casted for nothing, but the ONLY real benefit i could see from them would be triggering Hidden Stockpile when you have them out.

which brings me to Hidden Stockpile: i would suggest either running 4x of them (or at least 3x), or cutting them entirely. reason being, you would want to make sure you're hitting them consistently to make combos like Felidar Guardian worth including. personally, i think there are better options at the 2-spot. some suggestions: Servo Exhibition (more servos), Syndicate Trafficker (another outlet for sacrifice), Grasp of Darkness (kills most vehicles you will see, like heart), Collective Brutality or Blessed Alliance (both great for control/variety).

tho i do like the added benefit of adding a servo, Renegade's Getaway doesn't seem strong enough as a removal option. same goes for Live Fast & Die Young. they aren't bad necessarily, but you have no need for energy in this deck so i'd cut them. i'd rather run Ruinous Path, Anguished Unmaking, Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness, & even Battle at the Bridge considering all the artifacts you'll be getting out easy. my working FNM deck (W/B Control) has the following for removal: 2x Ruinous Path, 3x Anguished Unmaking, 4x Fatal Push, 2x Grasp of Darkness, 2x Battle at the Bridge, & 1x Fumigate. since you're running less of a control deck & more of an aggro-servo, you would prob wanna tweak those numbers a bit (less not more), but those are all good options depending on your FNM meta.

altho i LOVE love love Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, i think YOUR deck would be better served running more Master Trinketeer's or Metallic Mimic's, & maybe another Angel of Invention.

overall, this is what i would add/subtract from your build:

TAKE OUT: 2x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, 2x Felidar Guardian, 2x Bone Splinters, 2x Die Young, 2x Live Fast, 2x Swarm Surge, 2x Renegade's Getaway, 1x Weaponcraft Enthusiast

ADD IN:1x Hidden Stockpile, 2x Ruinous Path, 2x Anguished Unmaking, 2x Syndicate Trafficker, 4x Fatal Push, 1x Master Trinketeer, 1x Metallic Mimic, 1x Angel of Invention, 1x Animation Module

hope this helps!!

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