Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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As Nevermore enters the battlefield, name a nonland card.

The named card can't be cast.

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Nevermore Discussion

CaptSillva on Surrender to the Cold

3 hours ago

Not bad but need a bit more work, have you considered any of these. Gift of Immortality, Diplomatic Immunity, and Vanishing can help protect Zur. Keep in mind that Zur's effect forces aura's to attach to creatures ignoring both shroud and Hexproof and when a creature is phased out, nothing can effect them and all cards attached to them go with them.

Ethereal Armor to hit your opponent hard.

Nevermore to block out a commander you don't like. Aura of Silence and Act of Authority to handle your opponents artifacts and enchantments. Journey to Nowhere, Banishing Light, and Grasp of Fate for more board control. Serra's Sanctum just because.

Maybe even Rest in Peace for graveyard hate + Energy Field. If you have Rest In Peace cards can't go to graveyards, Energy Field doesn't go away, you can't take damage.

theindigoeffect on Uril's Revenge

6 days ago

Yeah, I feel you: I've built decks in the past, only to dismantle them and use the pieces for other decks because they just didn't perform as expected. It's happened more often than I would like, so I don't like to take the risk, either.

I think I've mostly adjusted the the non-land cards according to your specifications, but I'm pretty sure that I messed up along the way, since I somehow still have Verduran Enchantress: this process has gotten a little confusing since my actual deck and my deck list are at different stages of completion, and I've been updating them both as I go. One more tweak should correct the problem: it's my fault for asking about the inclusion of Choke and Nevermore at the tail-end of our conversation.

theindigoeffect on Uril's Revenge

6 days ago

Sorry about the impromptu suggestion of Choke and Nevermore I had only just thought of them while I was messaging you.

That's pretty much all I can think of anyway. Thanks so much, man!

I was kind of thinking of an interesting mechanic to build a deck around. I remember my first legacy deck had a synergistic soulbond mechanic that I had a lot of fun with.

There's three basic types of players: a Timmy, a Johnny and a Spike.

Spike derives enjoyment only from winning, and his decks are built with the simple goal of being the best.

Johnny is a creative player, who uses the game of Magic as a form of self-expression and wins with obscure cards that most people overlook.

Timmy is a power gamer who likes to win big by smashing his opponents. He likes his cards to be impressive and enjoys playing big creatures and spells.

There are also hybrids like Timmy/Johnny.

They even made at least one card as to represent one of the aforementioned personality profiles: Timmy, Power Gamer

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Uril's Revenge

6 days ago

Lol I can't tell whether you're being sarcastic or not about the "amateur" thing, but "curving out" would mean playing something on each turn. I would want lots of 1-drops because it ups the chances I will be doing something during the first turn of the game, then less two drops, and so on and so fourth. Ideally, this means we are likely to things like play a 4-drop on turn four, two 2-drops, or one 3-drop and one 1-drop because the curve is structured so we are less likely to see cards of increasing costs. This means we are building the deck such that it will perform as efficiently as possible on each turn of the game with as few lands as possible. Is this a sufficient explanation?

We ideally want to maintain the "decreasing staircase" curve, so if we were to remove something like Constant Mists we could not replace it with Choke without removing an additional 3-drop and adding a 2-drop. If we don't follow these kind of procedures when building a deck that is excels during the early turns, we promote the chances of getting awkward openers and poor subsequent draws.

That being said, the effectiveness of Red Elemental Blast and Constant Mists depends on your meta. Are you the fastest, most oppressive deck? Then, Constant Mists probably isn't necessary because if you get too far behind then you probably already lost. Most competitive decks experience a lot of blue in their meta's, so cards like Choke and Pyroblast are quite commonplace cards.

We ideally want to keep your aura count in the range 18 - 20, this will result in the lowest variance so you were correct in calling me out on one of the previous posts.

Cyclonic Rift, Toxic Deluge, and Arcane Lighthouse are the most commonplace answers to our strategy. Since you know this, Nevermore is a much more useful card. You should always be naming Rift or Deluge if blue or black is at the table. You unfortunately also have to worry about sacrifice effects, which is why I encouraged you to include Dryad Arbor awhile back as fetching it up can save you in a pinch. The most commonplace sac-effect you will have to be weary of is more than likely Living Death. It's difficult to account for sac-effects though as they warrant the addition of very narrow cards like Tajuru Preserver or Angel of Jubilation, which we don't want. I guess what I said was a bit roundabout, but Nevermore is probably the best option to stop people from playing the aforementioned problematic spells. Nevermore should rarely be a dead draw you either name a problematic commander or one of the aforementioned cards.

I think if you make the changes from my previous post, you should be fine. If you want to include Choke/Nevermore, we could make the following changes...

I have no idea what "Timmy player" means, could you elaborate? Recommending an "interesting" deck to someone is difficult because everyone has a different idea of what is interesting. If you enjoy quality decks that perform consistently, then the cEDH tier list has plenty of examples of decks that do just that. I can't really vouch for how interesting they are though. I guess some of the one's that I found to be more interesting were an angel of glory's rise + child of alara combo deck, a captain sisay paradox engine storm deck, a combo-control grand arbiter deck, and a pretty standard sliver overlord deck.

Finally, it would really help me with future suggestions if you could be more vocal about what proposed changes you plan to act upon otherwise it feels as though I am trying to read between the lines and find how exactly you intend to change the deck (which effects the curve, which in turn effects the cards I suggest).

theindigoeffect on Uril's Revenge

6 days ago

I had forgotten that fetches could pull dual lands, and I'm all for deck-thinning: that being said, I'll still have to wait a bit before I can purchase them. I'll wait until I acquire these cards before I update the lands in my deck list: that way I can test them out, though I'm pretty confident that they should work just fine.

Perhaps you could explain something else to an amateur like myself: I would have thought that because Chaos Warp is lower in cmc that it would be the superior choice to something like Cast Out, but maybe I just don't understand the curve.

I agree 100% with replacing Retether with Regrowth. When I updated my deck list, Regrowth and Cast Out were supposed to be in there, but I accidentally left them out.

Considering your idea of using oppression to incapacitate your opponent into submission, as opposed to relying on defensive cards like Dueling Grounds, do you feel like Constant Mists and Red Elemental Blast don't do do enough? Would something like Choke be superior to Pyroblast, due to its more devastating, long-term impact?

Cool, Angelic Destiny works great.

I kinda like the staxy approach of layering one type of prison on top of the other, in addition to the inherent diversity involved, but preventing your opponents from drawing/tutoring cards is a powerful effect. I had considered using Nevermore to oppose more commander-centric strategies, but that could possibly be a dead card, though Stranglehold rarely would be.

This is off-topic, but one of the reasons voltron is so fun for me is because it's so different from the standard decks that most players use and creates fun interactions. I like being able to humble the snobby spike player (not saying all spikes are snobby) that I occasionally play against and level the playing field so that other people can actually have fun, and while I wouldn't consider voltron entirely unorthodox, it is pretty uncommon to see it played.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is: are there are any other unorthodox deck types that you would recommend? I get tired of seeing the same decks all the time, so playing something both unique and competitive would be a lot of fun, and most people wouldn't know how to react to something like that. At heart, I'm probably a Timmy player, which is partly why voltron appeals to me.

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Uril's Revenge

1 week ago

Harmonize was a difficult include for me as well, but it's pretty much the only option G/W and Naya have for card advantage. I don't think giving it a test would be that detrimental as it's a pretty cheap card monetarily. I've had good experiences with it, but I get that not every card translates well.

Also, I wasn't saying you should be running the same exact disruption spells as I do, but that maybe you should consider running more of them. Cards like Possibility Storm, Pyroblast, Nevermore, Choke, Red Elemental Blast, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, and Blind Obedience are all decent options. Your ideal disruption card is something that comes down before Uril or is low cmc and is as asymmetrical in your favor as possible.

Artifact disruption cards (I.e. Stony Silence & Null Rod) are more for shutting down fast mana than they are hosing decks like Arcum Dagsson. Fast mana effects are too common in EDH (at least in my meta) to pass on aforementioned effects. If this is not the case for you, then I could see how you could forgo Null Rod and Stony Silence.

On a side note, I think we might have different definitions of "disruption". I don't necessarily believe removal to be disruption. To me disruption is an ongoing effect that negatively impacts a player or group of players. Thus, in my interpretation you would only have two disruption effects or ~2% (assuming Teeg and Abolisher will be in the next update, please correct me if you have decided to go ahead and include more than this).

I ended up cutting Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx as well due to that fact that I couldn't find a slot for it after discovering Command Beacon was a card.

It's always very difficult to maintain fast mana effects (like Avacyn's Pilgrim) as well as include cards that will carry you through the late game if your general gets wrathed. I've found that in addition to a plethora of indestructible and disruption effects, just knowing how to navigate the game is incredibly helpful. Sometimes you just can't win and you have to live with knowing that you'll occasionally get land screwed, someone will have the nuts, or the table will seemingly have an everflowing number of answers. It's just how Magic works.

I don't want to sound too cliche, but the best thing you can do once you've done solid conceptual work is play games as if they're a learning experience. Coming to better understand your deck and meta is crucial for consistency. People will most likely complain that you play the same deck too much, but if your goal is to build the voltron deck that works best for you then it shouldn't bother you.

NP. Although I can't playtest with you or learn your meta, I'm always open to helping out. Feel free to bring up discussion points as you see fit.

theindigoeffect on Uril's Revenge

1 week ago

There aren't many artifact players in my meta, so the prison cards you mentioned wouldn't be relevant that often, and Torpor Orb wouldn't be beneficial in most situations for me. To make up for that, I tried to make sure that I ran the same percentage of disruption effects as you, and removal and stax effects were lumped into my disruption category, though I'm a little light on stax effects, since many of them have a higher cmc cost than I would prefer. That being said, I had only considered enchantment-based stax effects at the time, in an effort to create a more synergistic deck.

There are a lot of creature-based strategies in my play group, so something like Blind Obedience would probably have more value, while additionally slowing down artifacts: that's probably the kind of stax effect that I would need: cheap and versatile. I'm open to suggestions, as I hadn't previously considered that I wasn't running enough stax cards.

I like Nevermore and Choke, but I opted for cards with more versatility, given that 14% of the deck is devoted to disruption.

I do have Fertile Ground, so I might put it in my deck, depending on how Avacyn's Pilgrim performs. It's definitely a more versatile card, but the latter seems more efficient, even though I don't like it all that much.

I will give some consideration to Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, though I feel that it has a similar issue to Serra's Sanctum, due its devotion requirements and its colorless activation cost, but it is more versatile.

By the way, thanks for your patience: I know I'm asking a lot of questions, so I appreciate your time, and I really enjoy having these kinds of discussions.

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