Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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As Nevermore enters the battlefield, name a nonland card.

The named card can't be cast.

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Nevermore Discussion

SynergyBuild on Need An Answer To My ...

1 week ago

Sorcerous Spyglass is another Pithing Needle type card.

The goal of these types of cards is that at least for effects like Nevermore, Null Chamber, Gideon's Intervention, Pithing Needle, Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon, Cursed Totem, Sorcerous Spyglass, Song of the Dryads, etc. is that they are 'commander removal', a way of getting around the command-zoning techniques that are abused by commanders that get removed often, yet can just be cast for more.

Mairsil can also use cards like Empress Galina or other steal effects as you can't command zone those either. Empress will also have an activated ability Mairsil can get, allowing you to make a sort of lock on all commanders.

SynergyBuild on Need An Answer To My ...

1 week ago

Suppression Field, Prison Term, and other type effects, possible commander hate in the form of Nevermore, Darksteel Mutation, Gideon's Intervention, Null Chamber, etc could work in Marchesa. Even Cursed Totem, but for Mairsil, you will have to look elsewhere.

Mairsil is harder, I guess Imprisoned in the Moon?

RedmundR2 on Don't Die

1 week ago

I have a few suggestions of cards I run in my version of pillow fort that might improve your decklist. I personally prefer running only 1-2 wincons, I find that Sigil of the Empty Throne is the most effective, because making a bunch of 4/4 fliers everytime you play any card you would want to play anyways is harder to stop as opposed to something like Azors elecutors which just needs some face damage. This would mean making your deck more enchantment based than the current iteration.

This would allow you to add:

Runed Halo Porphyry Nodes Sphere of Safety Nevermore Leyline of Sanctity Rest in Peace Endless Horizons Heliod, God of the Sun

kamarupa on Phyrexian Unlife/Solmenity

2 weeks ago

Prison decks are definitely played in Modern. I suggest you edit your description to say "modern" in every instance you wrote "standard" - they are not the same thing. Below are some spells that fit the theme. There are obviously many others. I suggest you try a deck search here on TappedOut for Modern Prison decks (use Advanced Search function)

Some spells to consider:

Removal: Oppressive Rays, Journey to Nowhere, Cast Out, Seal Away

Wincons: Starfield of Nyx

Creatures: Tragic Poet, Mesa Enchantress,

Lands: Scavenger Grounds

Other spells: Authority of the Consuls, Personal Sanctuary, Myth Realized, Nevermore

BotaNickill on Sex-Proof Selesnyabians

2 weeks ago

Karzalar !! Hey Buddy Thanks for checking back in on me! I hadn't seen those new commander 2018 enchantments yet, and for that I thank you! I like the Femeref Enchantress, however I looked thru my old sets and I do no have her, so I will add that to my wish list along with the Celestial Mantle I've been eyeing. Same for the Satyr Enchanter sadly, I didn't pop one out of my M19 Fatpak. Nevermore looks like it could be good in competitive play for sure, good catch, I'll add it to the "sideboard" for tournament play. Thanks again for keeping up with the deck and the additional input, Cheers!!

Karzalar on Sex-Proof Selesnyabians

3 weeks ago

Hey, long time no see!

Back with a few suggestions for you.

Why not Nevermore to block the already low-enough cards that could deny you a victory with Sigarda? Name either their commander, or, if they play those colors...

Blue : Cyclonic Rift Black : Merciless Eviction, Black Sun's Zenith White : Descend upon the Sinful

...or any combo piece if you know enough of the mtg possibilities.

Also, Satyr Enchanter is a better Mesa Enchantress, Femeref Enchantress can be good too.

Nylea's Colossus is a big beater with enchantment upsides.

Vow of Wildness doubles up as a pacifism of sorts for the enemy and a nice boost for you, same for Vow of Duty.

Hope you find something you like in those!

Brutal_B on Kozilek, Spatial Render

3 weeks ago

My Kruphix Eldrazi deck.

Not sure about selesnya or what route you'd take.

You fixate on Void Winnower like I do on Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. You gotta just let go and build. The way I look at it is no one likes Winnower except the person that cast it, so someone (maybe not you) is bound to get rid of it somehow. Or play cards like Nevermore to prevent it. No one but the caster/owner will disagree. Does your group/meta play Winnower often?

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

4 weeks ago

Sorry for leaving everyone hanging for so long. Ran into a busy section of my life. I have some changes I need to log, and will get to them soon. I had been playing a fair amount recently, and realized that my competition has been getting really strong, less battlecruiser, less combat step wins, and more combo wins. Control has been a smaller component of the decks I face, and usually just amounts to some counterspell protection for their wincons. This has pushed me into investigating stronger control strategies, and I have put some more stax-y style cards in. The previously mentioned Nevermore and Sorcerous Spyglass have appeared in the list, and have performed well. They are basically like a counter that you get to cast well ahead of time.

The other thing I have done is shore up the rest of my decks. It is important to make sure that this deck isn't the only one you play. It is amazing, but has some weaknesses, and one of it's strengths is that people don't know how to play against it and underestimate it. Playing it every game lessens that power. I only play it about every third game now. Given that I have slurred toward some stax cards, I decided to investigate stax as a play style. I have a Meren that I slurred strong stax, a new Gaddock Teeg hatebears combo deck that is super fun for me and torturous for everyone else. I also made a Selvala mono-G big mana deck that is a blast and puts some crazy pressure on my opponents. It is not pure combo, but can play like it, not pure battlecruiser, but can play like it, and will roll people unless disrupted. I am also experimenting with a 4C hatebears partners deck, and have not yet even settled on a color combination. I swing between not-R and not-U. Both run Tymna.

For something more concrete that have changed, Virtus was less than I had hoped. He is not Master of Cruelties. I think he was replaced with Nevermore. I lose less this way, and win just as often without him. It was worth trying, but I already had that effect, only better. Nevermore is crazy strong, even if it really pisses people off. I drop it on the combo players. Their game plan is to ignore people until they win anyway, so getting them off their game and interacting is actually a pretty Aikido thing to do to them. Nevermore has worked wonders, and has had very little negative impact on my game as far as being targeted.

Anyway, more later. I plan a writeup update, and I am considering a section for tuning to your meta. I have new appreciation for this idea, and thought I would share.

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