Kindred Charge


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Kindred Charge


Choose a creature type. For each creature you control of the chosen type, create a token that's a copy of that creature. Those tokens gain haste. Exile them at the beginning of the next end step.

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Kindred Charge Discussion

TheACTR on Werewolf EDH

1 day ago

While we are on the topic of questionable additions to the 99, what do you guys think of Kindred Summons and Kindred Charge? Would these be good includes for Werewolves or do we not have enough power to make it worthwhile?

freakingShane on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

3 days ago


Thank you, friend! Goblins are definitely fun with all their synergy and diversity, you gotta love them!


I need to edit my update to Ixalan, but you are right. Kindred Charge is too highly costed for a payoff that did not parallel it, unfortunately.

As for adding Pyroblast for your playgroup, I would 100% endorse that! I would say a seamless switch would be Goblin Grenade. As a matter of fact, I may do that as well. Counter magic in red is always good, plus it destroys blue permanents instead of only dealing 5 damage. That's what I have to say about it!

Adamaro on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

4 days ago

Quest for Pure Flame and Gamble are working out great from your recent changes. I've been on and off testing kindred charge , but I'm not really liking it. At best it performs as well as Siege-Gang Commander.

My list is currently a 100% match to yours and is running amazing, I've been so tempted to add in Pyroblast due to the amount of blue players I face though.

rockleemyhero on pskinn01

5 days ago

Geez thats nuts, im glad you are wrecking face with atraxa in your group. Sounds like she's an absolute powerhouse and is rightfully hated on haha.

As far as those cards, I'd be interested mostly in Razaketh, the Foulblooded, Master of Cruelties, Curse of Opulence, Kindred Charge and Fellwar Stone as I just made an order yesterday and picked up a few of those already. However I dont want to trade anything big for those since they aren't high priorities. If you could find a mix of cards of similar value I'd possibly be down for a trade.

ZendikariWol on Slivers, because I've always wanted to

6 days ago

Actually anything with KINDRED in its name is worth checking out. Kindred Charge, Kindred Boon.

mezz2296 on Welcome, to Jurassic Park

1 week ago

pettigrew23: thank you for your input. I do personally like the signet's more then the cluestones as they curve nicely into my other ramp cards, which are generally 3+ cmc. I will probably try to find room for Kindred Charge as it can be the blowout I'm looking for. I may also find room for the other huatli as isn't really half bad for a duel deck Planeswalker.

Feyamius: ok I'll find another wincon besides triumph :).

Xynarth on Fear The Reaper

1 week ago

My pleasure.

And yes, you're right: Xenograft does work. My bad.

It's easily the best scarecrow they printed (excluding Painter's Servant which is a combo exclusive card, but whatever).

Another suggestion since you don't seem to mind running infinites, Sharuum the Hegemon + Phyrexian Metamorph. It only works if you have Xenograft or Arcane Adaptation, but still. The cards on their own aren't bad either. You can use the Metamorph to copy a Panharmonicon or any changeling, so he'll never be useless. And Sharuum can bring RK from the graveyard back into play, which is never bad either.

Also, there was another card in Commander 2017 that can replace (in my opinion) Rite of Replication: Kindred Charge. It's cheaper, and can still cause significant damage.Ultimately it's safer if ever there aren't 25 permanents on board, since RK's ability is a "must" and not a "you may" .

pettigrew23 on Welcome, to Jurassic Park

1 week ago

So first of all I love your deck, flavor decks are the best. I'm building a Naya-saur commander as well (check mine out and give me some suggestions). You seem to have an aggressive build so I'd suggest Kindred Charge to allow you to run through their defenses without wasting too many creatures, or for targeting two opponents at once with your full board. Also I personally prefer Cluestones instead of Signets since they do the same thing by providing 1 extra mana. Instead of choosing what you want you though, you gain 1 of each type. Plus Cluestones let you draw when you need it. I just think they are worth the extra one mana to put out since Commander is a slower format, though I'll add that signets may benefit you for other reasons I don't see yet. Since your using Planeswalkers don't forget they changed the ruling to allow planeswalkers with the same subtype. To finish this comment off.....your deck name is awesome

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