Glory-Bound Initiate


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Glory-Bound Initiate

Creature — Human Warrior

You may exert Glory-Bound Intiate as it attacks. When you do, it gets +1/+3 and gains lifelink until end of turn. (An exeted creature won't untap during your next untap step.)

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Glory-Bound Initiate Discussion

HollowPK on Can Mirage Mirror stay exerted?

5 hours ago

Let's say I have a Mirage Mirror out and a Glory-Bound Initiate. If I activate the mirror, targeting the Glory-Bound Initiate, I'll have a copy of it. Exerting the mirror, will it untap in my next turn, since it will no longer be a creature?

Alamastas on Monowhite Standard: Looking good, looking healthy

18 hours ago

Atroxreaper - Thanks for the upvote! I used to actually run 3 Lone Rider  Flip and 2 Angel of Invention in my deck and it worked well for awhile. However, those 2 cards were always prone to alot of removal and didn't help me impact the game very much later on. I definitely think for your deck Lone Rider  Flip fits perfectly :). I feel Glory-Bound Initiate has been a much better substitute and one that feels good as a removal magnet for my opponents.

yinterno on Boros Bashers

3 days ago

Removed 4x Thraben Inspector, 2x Stasis Snare, 1x Chandra, Flamecaller. Added 2x Inventor's Apprentice, 2x Glory-Bound Initiate, and another Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

Did this to get ready for the rotation of the BfZ and Innistrad blocks. Waiting for Ixalan spoilers to look for better replacements and more than likely won't purchase this deck until after the introduction of Ixalan.

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

4 days ago

taiga277677 im aware of Supreme Wills ability. What i was saying is it could allow me to "draw" into another instant. I do have 8 cycle cards in the deck with the cycle lands and more often then not i will be getting amazing card advantage late game between Rashmi, Eternities Crafter and As Foretold and am able to cycle them for something useful. Spontaneous Mutation isnt meant for a T1 drop, it's meant to be played T4 with As Foretolds ability. This is why im not viewing it as a removal slot but as a 1 drop slot (meaning replacing it with more expensive removal isnt what i want to do).

Reason / Believe i may replace with Spontaneous Mutation as it's card advantage and can cheat in a big creature. For oath i would already be running it but it doesnt hit As Foretold so it could throw that off of the top of your deck. Renegade is a maybe and i'll put in when theres an open slot in the deck.

Thanks I was worried about that as well but Glory-Bound Initiate fixed that for me with its big body and life gain. All you need to do with this deck is survive until T6 and at that point As Foretold has 3 counters and you can play 3 cards within a turn cycle (1 with your lands, 1 with foretold on your turn, and 1 with foretold on your opponents turn). The major thing about hitting 3 counters is you can play your counters for free. I've had opponents misplay cards because they were afraid of me casting a Disallow even tho my lands were tapped.

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

5 days ago

Thanks for the feedback taiga277677!

I like the idea of replacing Spontaneous Mutation since i dont have much hitting the graveyard anymore. It was extremely effective in making my opponents creatures useless while i was running a playset of Selfless Spirit.

The reason why i dropped Selfless Spirit was i went up against a RW deck that ran a playset of Glory-Bound Initiate and it was brutal to go up against. The only way i won the round was by dropping Spontaneous Mutation after Spontaneous Mutation on each of his Glory-Bound Initiate and sacking Selfless Spirit for practically no reason until i was able to get Brisela, Voice of Nightmares. So after that game i threw in 4 Glory bounds myself for the early life and to force my opponent to drop removal on it instead of a Spell Queller that could be locking down a very important spell. Now i have been thinking of dropping Aven Mindcensor to add a couple of the spirits.

I dont see the value in nissa over Gid's. Late game top deck he takes a combat phase away from my opponent (as they now have to kill him instead of me) and with protection he helps control the board by rendering one of my opponents creatures useless.

DubiousDanish on B/W warrior (<3 Black)

6 days ago

Good start Mulle. You need to switch it's tag from standard to anything else, if not all of the comments you get will be about that insignificant detail. As for your deck, it looks really fun and I really like the Warrior tribal theme.

Now for some suggestions: Oketra's Monument Cost reduction for white creatures and more warriors.----Brutal Hordechief You're playing aggro and his ability bypasses a board stall.----Devoted Crop-Mate Your opponent will need to stop this guy, reviving fallen warriors is always good.----Glory-Bound Initiate This guy hits hard when exerted, if he is unblocked it equates to an 8 point life swing. If he's blocked, you still gain 4 life on top of his combat damage.----Mardu Strike Leader He is a warrior who creates warriors, need I say more?----Obsidian Battle-Axe Every warrior that you get after this is on the battlefield can have +2/+1 and haste... yeah.----Metallic Mimic This wonder of Kaladeshi ingenuity is great in every tribal deck ever, literally!----Anguished Unmaking Exile anything you can target is worth 3 life more often than not.----Cremate If you are using Mardu Woe-Reaper because someone in your playgroup is playing a graveyard build, this card can replace that mechanic with a better upside. Draw a card > gain 1 life & any card > creature only.----Declaration in Stone Against builds running 4x copies or tokens this card does work. Trust me, it's worth considering.----Long Road Home A great way to protect one of your creatures, cast in respone to your opponent's spell and it comes back stronger.--Path to Exile This is a great way to exile for one mana. Though against certain decks letting your opponent fetch a land is bad. Worth consideration but requires evaluation utilizing information that I don't have.----Suffer the Past Another graveyard-hate card, but the upside to this one is that it can also finish off an opponent.----Swords to Plowshares One mana to exile, one mana. Even if they gain a few life this card is a staple in most white decks.----Utter End Another way to exile anything you can target. It costs one more mana than Anguished Unmaking but does not burn 3 life.----Adaptive Automaton Has been a staple of tribal decks for a long while, but is now competing with Metallic Mimic. The argument about which is the right choice is quite divisive. Mimic comes in earlier and permanently buffs each creature (of the chosen type) after it, whereas Automaton buffs everything (of the chosen type) as soon as it hits the battlefield. Your choice I guess.----Cover of Darkness In the right matchup this card reads "at the next damage step, you win the game", In other matchups it's terrible. I had to mention it since you're running a Black aggro deck.----Stoneforge Masterwork Deserves an honorable mention due to you running a tribal deck.----Mirage Mirror A recent card that I think could start to see play in decks looking for ways to use mana in the late game.

The cards that I would put on the chopping block first: Archfiend of Depravity It's a great card but does not contribute to the tribal theme.----Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip Sweet after flipped but difficult to flip without a sacrifice option.----Mardu Woe-Reaper Has some utility but there are much better options for those slots.----Scoured Barrens Enters tapped and gains one life could be upgraded with a number of other lands. (Isolated Chapel, Mana Confluence, Marsh Flats, Orzhov Basilica, Scrubland, and Tainted Field (If you decide to lean toward Black more) for instance)

That's all I've got for now, if you would like me to take another look later let me know. Good luck and happy hunting!

janjet001 on red white agro

1 week ago

Your curve looks a bit high considering you're running an aggro list. I'd cut the Angel of Invention since you already have Always Watching for an anthem effect.

The list needs a few more 2 drops like play with a full playset of Glory-Bound Initiate and add ,I don't know, 4x Earthshaker Khenra. I'd run 2 more Shock as a removal spell for early blockers and more reach for the finish. If artifacts are an issue to your meta run 4 Abrade.

If you're set on the Auras, Soul-Scar Mage is excellent with them especially curving 2-3 mages with Consuming Fervor results to a turn 3-4 kill.

Oloro_Magic on red white agro

1 week ago

Have you considered the Glory-Bound Initiate + Always Watching combo, that is a lot of damage turn three.

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