Glory-Bound Initiate


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Glory-Bound Initiate

Creature — Human Warrior

You may exert Glory-Bound Intiate as it attacks. When you do, it gets +1/+3 and gains lifelink until end of turn. (An exeted creature won't untap during your next untap step.)

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Glory-Bound Initiate Discussion

Warxuaroz on Making Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Great Again!

1 day ago

Linvala works pretty great against ramp elves. You need to protect her from being taken from you though!

The Paladin could be perfect if he costed one less or didn't have to tap.

Magus of the tabernacle could do great against tokens or goblins. In my veesion of the Fox it would hurt me too much I'm afraid. Let me know how it does!

What are your thoughts on the new cards from Amonkhet? I am interested in Oketra the True, Devoted Crop-Mate, and I think both Glory-Bound Initiate and Gust Walker are nice. Oketra's Monument looks good as well.

VoidCaster113 on H: Some Amonkhet cards W: ...

2 days ago

Had a blast at my prerelease today, and am looking to trade off a few of the cards I pulled for those I wasn't lucky enough to get.


Champion of Rhonasfoil icon

Cruel Reality

Harvest Seasonfoil icon


Sheltered Thicket

Glory-Bound Initiate

Dread Wanderer




Bontu the Glorified

Kefnet the Careful

As Foretold

2 Annointed Procession

3 Cascading Cataracts

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons

vizier of the managerie

Aven Mindcensor

Champion of Rhonas (nonfoil)

Guftders on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

3 days ago

I went 2-2 at my prerelease, the two matches I lost being primarily to mana flood, and 1 out of the 4 games from those two matches was due to have a kinda inconsistent combo deck.

I found myself having a cycling deck. My pulls were As Foretold (which didn't go in my deck), Archfiend of Ifnir as my promo, Drake Haven, Sandwurm Convergence (which I removed during the match 2 and 3, the ones I coincidentally lost), Never//Return, Glory-Bound Initiate and Aven Mindcensor.

General game plan was to use a bunch of cyclers and loot effects to dig through my deck to Ifnir and Haven, then use Nest of Scarabs in combination with Ifnir and Ruthless Sniper to generate massive board advantage.

Of course being combo orientated didn't really help when I didn't enough cycling or cycling matters cards.

Ares666 on R/W - Exert

4 days ago

A good white exert card is Glory-Bound Initiate. Becomes a 4/4 with lifelink which can really help in a pinch and only 2 mana

BioProfDude on Budget Mono-White Soldiers (Blitzkrieg!)

4 days ago

Have you seen the new Amonkhet card, Glory-Bound Initiate? That card will be pretty amazing, I think...

Noctem on Amonkhet Hellbent

4 days ago

I think in the current meta you would be better served having something other than Call the Bloodline, all it gives you is the ability to chump as you discard. But with as many discard outlets as you currently have, you're just not going to have enough cards going around to feed them all so to speak. There really isn't much a 1/1 vampire can do right now. Even mono white humans don't run 1 toughness creatures in practice. Glory-Bound Initiate probably will never attack as a 3/1 if you have something to block him with in general.

Noctem on A Test of Solidarity

4 days ago

Heya, I've been working on my own version of mono white humans. Though mine has a red splash to give it some spice after sideboard. I'll link it in case you want to take a look:

Boros new meta

So to give feedback on your deck. Starting with creatures:

Devoted Crop-Mate is cute but I'm not sure it can be as strong as I would like it to be. 3CMC is already expensive for this kind of effect and odds are it dies the moment it ETB's or your opponent uses a board wipe and it dies along with the rest. It's kind of the reason why Trueheart Duelist is also kinda meh. At 3CMC I want to be playing Always Watching , Gideon of the Trials or a 1CMC + 2CMC card. That's why I think there's reasons not to run this kind of on attack effect even though it might look good on paper. A better creature I think would be Gust Walker.

The same can be said of Lone Rider  Flip which never really found a home. Being a human 1/1 for 2CMC is awful. If you flip it, it's no longer human which means it doesn't benefit from the human tribal aspect of the deck. You also need to gain life, which can only be achieved via Glory-Bound Initiate or having to jump through multiple hoops to achieve, in order to flip him into a good creature. Bleh. Imo, cut that and instead put Thalia, Heretic Cathar in the main. Much better creature quality imo.

Stasis Snare is really an awful card when it comes down to it. Cast Out is much better and can help you in the early game if you ever get stuck on land or need to draw to find an answer.

SB is kinda weird. Aven Mindcensor, Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip and even perhaps Immolating Glare don't seem to fit the aggressive nature of a deck that plans to kill the opponent ASAP.

Flalafell on Naya Exert Beatdown

5 days ago

Of all lists Ive seen for Exert, this one looks like one of the most consequently designed, great job!

Honestly i don't get it why everyone is picking Djeru's Resolve, that card just seems like a really bad card to me that just got slightly better cause of cycling. I would always pick Blessed Alliance over it.

And i would consider Arlinn Kord  Flip and Samut, Voice of Dissent in the main if you really want to play the Combat Celebrant cause cards like him really need haste to shine, otherwise he will always die before he commits anything to the board.Haste is also critical for later Glory-Bound Initiates and the suggested Watchful Naga even though i would prefer to play Mouth / Feed as that card can provide a lot more card adventage and is never dead in your hand, as it won't hurt to lose or trade the token when you still have the opportunity to play the Feed-halve later on.

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