Exquisite Archangel


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Mythic Rare

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Exquisite Archangel

Creature — Angel


If you would lose the game, instead exile Equisite Archangel and your life total becomes equal to your starting life total.

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Exquisite Archangel Discussion

landofMordor on Mad God-Pharoah's Reanimator

4 weeks ago

If you're wanting to focus on the Gift, then I think you could eliminate some other combos here. Madcap Experiment, for example, hurts more than it helps, and Fiery Temper (you want to discard creatures). Cut 2-3 Gifts and add 4 Gate to the Afterlife, to tutor for the Gift and cheat Gift into play as early as T4.

Then, put in way more payoff creature cards, with relevant abilities but low P/T that will be improved by the Gift. Things like Thraben Inspector, Noosegraf Mob, etc. Or cheat stuff into play on the cheap: Razaketh, the Foulblooded. Exquisite Archangel. Brisela, Voice of Nightmares. Stuff like that.

Hope that helps! Mention me if I can be helpful.

Snivy__ on Shorty You're My Angel

1 month ago

Hobbez for Exquisite Archangel, it is not gaining life, it is setting your life. Like Tree of Perdition, it is not gaining or losing life, but setting the life.

NoTrickPony on Hope You Won't Hurt Me (Mono White EDH)

1 month ago

I think these are all great suggestions, but they aren't for this deck. I'm starting to create an aura deck with Bruna, Light of Alabaster as it's commander, so these are great suggestions for that one. I will probably keep in most of the cards that you think I should get rid of because of their uses later on. I have some crazy large cards in there like Serra Avatar, and I think that buffing them up isn't as important as either protecting myself, or dying while Exquisite Archangel is on the battlefield. Kami of False Hope is there as some early protection until I can get out some walls, Pariah is there more for Stuffy Doll than anything else. Ordeal of Heliod is there for me to get some early extra health and get some more power to a creature for a bit. Nevermore is a good suggestion for a card to get rid of. It doesn't really do much other than stall a commander for a bit. Moonsilver Spear is there for token generation because I don't have many creatures, same with Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip and Ajani's Chosen. Mirror Entity is a card that I haven't been sure about for a bit, so I may get rid of it unless I want to use it to buff up my tokens decently high, and use Odric, Master Tactician to make my opponent not block. Orim, Samite Healer is meant for early protection too. Sun Droplet allows me to regain health slowly, so I can take 3 or 4 damage (Which I do a lot) and not need to worry about my health being chipped away as much. Silence is there for more late game when I want to nuke to prevent them from countering as easily, if not Grand Abolisher is there. Dazzling Reflection is just kinda there for my theme of people trying to hurt me, but ultimately helping me. It isn't a crazy good card for early game and getting it early is kind of a waste of space in my hand, but late game it could be extremely good, especially if my opponent has an unblockable creature that is super buffed up. Walking Atlas is there to just help me get land faster, and if I put Land Tax in the deck, it will help me not have to discard if I don't have Reliquary Tower. Celestial Mantle is an insane card for Serra Avatar and Three Dreams is helpful to get it out and also a few others. Thank you so much for helping me with the deck. You've helped me out a ton and I can't thank you enough.

Moby_Copperfield on Immortality Deck (please help)

1 month ago

Have you considered Exquisite Archangel or the (non-budget) Worship?

Lame_Duck on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

@AgentGreen, assuming the new card works like other cards of that type do (and I don't see any reason it wouldn't), it will be via life gain. See Exquisite Archangel's ruling:

"For your life total to become your starting life total (normally 20), you gain or lose the appropriate amount of life. For example, if your life total is -4 when Exquisite Archangels ability applies, it will cause you to gain 24 life; alternatively, if your life total is 40 when it applies, it will cause you to lose 20 life. Other cards that interact with life gain or life loss will interact with this effect accordingly."

AgentGreen on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

1 month ago

Depends on what they are

Oketra's doesn't seem all that great, there's a better option (Exquisite Archangel)

Kefnet may be take an extra turn

Hezoret may be an additional combat phase or something related to combat

Rhonas may be a massive buff to your entire board state

Bontu may be send a massive wave of -1/-1 counters to your opponent's board

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