Gideon's Intervention


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Gideon's Intervention


As Gideon's Intervention enters the battlefield, choose a card name.

Your opponents can't cast spells with the chosen name.

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you and permanents you control by sources with the chosen name.

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Gideon's Intervention Discussion

Wendigo4481 on W/B Tokens

2 days ago

You probably need a couple instants that give your creatures indestructible, and a side board a couple Gideon's Intervention once you know what type of removal they are running. You can instant speed scry into response to your opponents removing your creatures providing you have hidden stockpile on the field. You may need to figure out your lines of play rather than building an over armored deck that draws all your protection and no creatures

SaltySpecula on Need help to remove cards ...

2 days ago

Well, if your ultimate plan is to make it as expensive as possible for your opponents to cast non-creature spells with board wide increasing cost cards that affect you too, your own non-creature spells should probably be the first to review.

Because of their cost and either limited or perhaps somewhat unnecesary functionality like Always Watching , Crusade, Cast Out and maybe Gideon's Intervention, I would suggest considering removing them first as potentially 3-5 mana for +1/+1 is not worth it's weight in your deck. I would only keep Gideon's Intervention if you know there's a particularly dangerous card in your playgroup you know you need it for. I do the same with Slaughter Games against my friend who uses a Relentless Rats deck or his Laboratory Maniac deck. Otherwise, it's not worth keeping it in the deck.

sagramore on Crazy Cat Menagerie (Standard, Budget) (Was Nissa)

1 week ago

puetypoo - Thanks for commenting. I think you may be right.

Atroxreaper - Thanks for the idea. Perhaps I should swap the monuments for a couple of Gideon's Intervention? :)

Goatface on

2 weeks ago

Ok. Well, in terms of removal, Declaration in Stone isn't too expensive, and Magma Spray or Shock are pretty good, though I'd suggest Magma Spray over shock. Honored Crop-Captain is great for aggro. Against Aetherworks Marvel, you could try Gideon's Intervention or Cast Out. Cast Out is probably better. Bloodrage Brawler is a wonderful aggro card, as well as Reckless Bushwhacker. The Sweltering Suns, especially in sideboard, is quite good against zombies, and aggro generally recovers faster. Dusk is good for an aggro deck, especially against zambies once they've got their lords down. Onward is pretty nice too. Gideon, Martial Paragon is a nice budget Gideon, and Combat Celebrant is also a good budget aggro card. Hopefully some of this helps.

dra600n on Undeadication

2 weeks ago

I played 6 games today with this deck, but before I did any play, I "completed" it before hand to the current list.

I removed the 3x Dread Wanderer's, the 2x Dark Salvation's, the 3x Cast Out's and put in 2x Anguished Unmaking's, 3x Cryptbreaker's, 3x Diregraf Colossus's, and 1x Fatal Push to complete the set. I removed 1 other card, but I can't recall what it was. I also updated the sideboard a bit, which I believe still needs some work, but I'll get to that after.

The shop had the rest of the cards I needed with the exception of 1 Anguished Unmaking, but the tricky part was what to remove, which is why the 4th Cryptbreaker landed in the sideboard for now.

I know you're not a fan of the Binding Mummy, but they've worked out incredibly well for me in every game. I took 5 out of 6 games today, all of which were 4 players (3 + myself) except for the last which was 3 players. The Binding Mummy's opened up the way for me to attack without worrying about all creatures being blocked, as well as not having to attack with all of my creatures and leaving myself open.

The Cryptbreaker's really add something special to the deck - I can't imagine any zombie deck without them.

As for the sideboard, I'm not really sure what else to do with it. I think the Never's aren't necessary, especially with Cast Out, so maybe replace those with another Gideon's Intervention?

Overall, I'm happy with how this deck has turned out. Thank you greatly for the assistance and knowledge you've provided! I built a red/green aggro energy deck that I want to start tailoring out next.

If you have any suggestions for the sideboard, let me know!

Luciferos on Human Hubris

3 weeks ago

Ajani Unyielding or Ajani, Valiant Protector would go really, really well in the deck because they both scrape your deck for creatures or 'nonland permanents' of which you have, well, every nonland card in the mainboard. There's a lot of slugging and creature hate in Modern, so Ajani gives heavy midgame draw to colors not known for their draw speed, and bolster/overrun mechanics, to boost you over the top of your opponent.

Sticking with a pure Permanents deck, I would extremely highly recommend Gideon's Intervention for the sideboard. Basically every top Standard deck can be very nearly shut down by playing Gideon's and picking the right card name. It's slightly inferior to Dispossess/Lost Legacy combo but has the added bonus of being able to shut down a wincon piece that's already on the board.

Lastly, in the Land category, Fortified Village may be easier to meet the untap conditions of in the critical opening volley of the game than Canopy Vista. Also, Westvale Abbey  Flip's tokens trigger off Human effects from Thalia's Lieutenant and Metallic Mimic and can also serve as a sacrificial dump for Exemplar of Strength's counters, and the transform effect is a nearly unstoppable win con almost any time you can trigger it.

Luciferos on Black White Zombies

3 weeks ago

Sparring Mummy doesn't really seem to have a particular use in your deck. Both of the tap effects you have involve paying mana, so you're up to 6 mana to tap one to use an ability and untap it again. I guess you could swing with all and then play a Sparring Mummy to untap someone else as a block helper.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh is probably a better option, pushing through 1 damage per tapped creature direct to opponent at your end step. Gravedigger would also be a preferable mainboard, as zombies are guaranteed to die. These spells are cheap.

In truth, Diregraf Colossus, Cryptbreaker, or Relentless Dead would be your best pickups but they are not cheap, so. You can get Diregrafs for about 3 bucks a pop, though, and they synergize really, really well with Binding Mummy because each Zombie spell you cast triggers Binding Mummy a second time if Diregraf is out. Ultimately, this comes down to where your budget lies.

For your Sideboard, you should have some extra stuff to get rid of your opponent's win condition, especially for games 2 and 3. Anguished Unmaking is a great targeted eraser but a buck and change per card, Gideon's Intervention is dirt cheap and can completely shut down an opposing win con like Aetherworks Marvel by simply disallowing the opponent from playing it. Dusk / Dawn, Yahenni's Expertise, Dispossess, and Lost Legacy all round out useful sideboard cards that play to White/Black's biggest sideboard strength: the ability to simply eviscerate someone's deck of That One Card they use to secure a win, irrevocably destroy a permanent, or wipe the board if you get behind. Dusk / Dawn also would let you get back basically every (non-token) zombie in your deck, and if you're missing one of your Lord creatures or enchantments, wouldn't even kill most of your zombies.

Hopefully some of this helps! An investment of another 20 bucks or so would dramatically ratchet up your deck's competitiveness, but even just replacing Sparring Mummy with a more useful card, even a cheap one like 50 cent Throne of the God-Pharaoh, should really upgrade your combat capability. Aside from that, getting a diverse sideboard of hate cards is probably your best bid - surgically denying the opponent their best card is an extremely strong option - and most of those cards I linked are under $1.

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