Gideon's Intervention


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Gideon's Intervention


As Gideon's Intervention enters the battlefield, choose a card name.

Your opponents can't cast spells with the chosen name.

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you and permanents you control by sources with the chosen name.

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Gideon's Intervention Discussion

Murphy77 on Standard Horses

1 day ago

Although I haven't yet tested it at an FNM, my version of this deck is Kittens and Horses. I would be tempted to replace Gideon's Intervention in the side-board with Overwhelming Splendor, but this deck looks solid enough.

Minihorror227 on W/U Prison

1 week ago

Ok, so updated list of what i have:

-have all the Cast Outs

-have all the Sphere of Safetys

-have all the Telepathys

-have all the Path to Exiles

-and finally have all the Journey to Nowheres

I'm still waiting on the rest of the cards. I may replace 1 of the Gideon's Interventions with another sphere as i only 2 so far but found an extra sphere laying around

Minihorror227 on W/U Prison

1 week ago

So i should run W/U? I'd be running Nevermore and Gideon's Intervention no matter what which can get rid of whatever problems i should have.

DragonEleven on U/W Mechanized Clues

4 weeks ago

I tried building a deck similar to this a while back... it put up a good fight, but couldn't quite last long enough to get enough clues into play.

I used Anointed Procession in my deck in order to speed up the clue generation, but it didn't really help against control decks of those with enchantment removal.

I also tried Declaration in Stone as you can also target your own Thraben Inspectors in order to get an extra clue or two if you need it, although I never got to use it that way myself.

A couple of cards I've been considering for my deck are Gideon's Intervention which is a great sideboard card, and can permanently prevent your opponent from playing enchantment removal... and Oketra's Last Mercy simply as a way to buy a bit of extra time to get the last clues you need (and not un-tapping land isn't too much of a problem when you're using improvise).

Now that I think about it, Mirage Mirror may be worth considering as well... I believe you can respond to Mechanized Production's ability going on the stack by activating the Mirror's ability to copy a clue in order to give yourself an extra clue for when Production's ability resolves... plus, it can be used to copy an opponent's creature if you need to block something.

DragonEleven on Control Deck? (HELP)

4 weeks ago

Once you get to building a sideboard, I'd definitely recommend Gideon's Intervention. It's not really worth putting it in the mainboard, but once you know what your opponent is playing, you can sideboard it in and it can be quite an obstacle for them if you name the right card.

DragonEleven on Amoncats

4 weeks ago

Gideon's Intervention is a really handy sideboard card that can cause serious problems for your opponent once you know what they're playing.

Fragmentize is also handy against decks that use artifacts or enchantments.

Dusk / Dawn and/or Fumigate could be handy from time to time.

Haze of Pollen might be handy against other creature-based decks.

Blossoming Defense is useful in a variety of ways.

Flying might be an issue for you, so maybe something like Gift of Strength.

There's also a lot of decks that interact with the graveyard at the moment, so something like Scavenger Grounds or Crook of Condemnation might be worth sideboarding as well.

DragonEleven on B/W Aristocrats

1 month ago

I run a similar deck myself, except with Inspiring Statuary as a bit of a twist, but there are a few cards you might be able to use.

Marionette Master can get a surprise win if you have a sac outlet like Yahenni out.

Voldaren Pariah can help to clear out your opponent's creatures.

Battle at the Bridge is handy against larger/indestructible creatures if you can get enough servos out.

I'd also highly recommend Gideon's Intervention for your sideboard... it's extremely handy once you know what your opponent is playing.

DragonEleven on Flying High

1 month ago

Seeing as you have embalm creatures, you could always try In Oketra's Name as a cheap buff for all of your creatures.

I'd also recommend Gideon's Intervention for the sideboard of any deck running white... once you know what your opponent's playing, it can often disable their win-con or just be used as protection.

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