Angel of Sanctions


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare

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Angel of Sanctions

Creature — Angel


When Angel of Sanctions enters the battlefield, you may exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Angel of Sanctions leaves the battlefield.

Embalm (, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a white Zombie Angel with no mana cost. Embalm only as a sorcery.)

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Angel of Sanctions Discussion

HeavyR on Ascend the Prophet

2 weeks ago

Looks good. Maybe take out a single of each knight of Malice/grace and Freebooter, and add a Benalish Marshal Vraska's Contempt and Angel of Sanctions to smooth out your curve a bit.

FullmetalWes on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

1 month ago

@multimedia I really appreciate this breakdown, thank you for taking the time. A lot of these points have been on my mind lately with rotation coming. The biggest problem I see is exactly what you said, no BW land in the next set which hurts me significantly for trying to be greedy and play Benalish Marshal and still splashing black. Unclaimed Territory was great for casting Marshal and Freebooter by naming humans, but hurts me for trying to play Duress turn 1. I really need the BW shock land to be able to pull all this off.

I'm not sure which way to go with this...Knight of Malice and all the removal and sideboard options are great and make the deck more versatile but mono-white would make it very consistent but makes Knight of Grace just ok and both those knights together fill out my 2 cmc slot really well. Losing Fatal Push, Cast Out and Angel of Sanctions means I will probably increase my Cast Down and Seal Away which are still great removal.

What do you suggest I do? Cut Marshal altogether to make the mana more consistent or go mono white to keep Marshal, run Ajani and maybe make room for Novice Knight and some equipment? I guess either way you definitely like Ajani for this, and the more I think about it, I do too. Thanks!

FullmetalWes on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

1 month ago

@Stazeeee I thought the exact same thing, my original build had Unclaimed Territory but I found that I really wanted access to early black mana for Fatal Push and Cast Down plus it didn't help with playing history on turn three like you said. Biggest reason I chose Evolving Wilds over a tapped dual land was for the revolt trigger for push.

Funny enough I actually haven't played with the Kitesail Freebooter since I added it here but the reasons I want to use him are: he adds another black permanent for Knight of Grace, allows me to see my opponent's hand (which is helpful in any match up), he helps with game 1 against control and removal. 3 great reasons to use him and it's important he has 2 toughness to survive any incoming Goblin Chainwhirlers. I rarely even draw Josu Vess, Lich Knight, but when I do he can be pretty amazing, people tend to overlook his menace and they don't leave enough blockers lol. Also he's a great card to have if all my creatures get hit by Settle the Wreckage because they just ramped my lands enough to pay his kicker cost for another win-con.

Doomfall and Vraska's Contempt are great sideboard cards but I tend to like Cast Out over contempt, but that's just personal preference. There are certain matches contempt would be much better so I'll try and pick up at least 2 of them. I'll be playing around with Doomfall for sure.

Honestly the biggest reason I run Angel of Sanctions instead of Lyra Dawnbringer is because I already had 3 AOS and 0 Lyras and she's pretty pricey. So I'm going to be trading for Lyra because I'll definitely want them after Amonkeht rotates out. Thanks for your suggestions! Very helpful.

Stazeeee on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

1 month ago

I wonder if 3 Unclaimed Territory might suit your deck better than the 3 Evolving Wilds. You can name knight or angel and hit all your creatures. It won't come in tapped and should help solve any mana issues being able to cast Benalish Marshal on turn 3.

I'm curious how well the Kitesail Freebooter and Josu Vess, Lich Knight are performing for you. I'm a big fan of freebooter but with so much cheap removal it usually doesn't make a big enough impact for me. Some combination of Doomfall and Vraska's Contempt might work for you in those slots mainboard. Doomfall is flexible and can stay in against control or creature match ups. Plus you don't have to worry about them getting the card back.

Personally I like Lyra Dawnbringer over Angel of Sanctions mainboard as it's a gg card against red and a lot of aggro decks. Then I would sideboard Angel of Sanctions or Ixalan's Binding in for lyra against control. Like you said though either angel has it's merits mainboard.

Alookeva on Ixalan Vampires

1 month ago

I know that Vanquisher's Banner is more costly than Radiant Destiny but I run both in my MTGA standard deck and they do fairly well against a lot of the RDW or Rakdos aggro, and keeps me paced with UW control. Also if you're worried about aggro decks that are faster run Authority of the Consuls cause it's so good.

I'm sure you're building this deck based on your play group but it looks like it's just trying to get out as many dudes as possible. At the very least, I HIGHLY recommend putting in 4x Dusk Legion Zealot. Don't want to run out of gas if you can help it. Speaking of which, put a Arch of Orazca in there to further make sure you stay gassed. You should have no problem getting blessing.

For your Sorcery slots, I would just run two duress if any. If you can swap out the Squire's Devotion for Queen's Commission cause you have plenty of anthem effects.

Nice deck though and it has given me a few further ideas (as I prefer token plays with Anointer Priest and Angel of Sanctions. -Insert evil laugh here- Keep it up!

Stazeeee on Baneslayer

2 months ago

Have you considered 3 Angel of Sanctions instead of 3 Walking Ballista? With red and Abrade so strong in the meta it might serve better as it can take out a lot of relevant threats including planeswalkers. Also it gets the +1/+1 from lyra which is nice.

multimedia on B/W Knights version 4.0

2 months ago

Hey, you're welcome, glad I could help :)

You've added a lot more creature removal with the latest deck list update. Not sure you need 11x removal spells main deck, that's a lot. 6x black removal, 3x Push and 3x Down, is also a lot when there's 13 land sources of the 23 total lands that can't make black mana for these spells. Only 10 black sources for noncreature spells in the total manabase is a very low amount to consistently be able to cast these black removal spells. Because of the overwhelming need for white mana here I think playing white removal spells can be much more consistent than black.

More Cast Out can also give you some more draw. Gideon's Reproach is an underrated white removal spell and it's especially good in combat with both Grace and Malice because they have first strike. Another option is to try the white creature route with Fairgrounds Warden and Angel of Sanctions for removal because this helps the game plan with having creatures with Marshal.

FullmetalWes on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

2 months ago

@corboman I totally agree with you there. I'm gonna start trading for mimics and see how they work in this.

Shalai has been amazing. Her, then Angel of Sanctions the next turn is great and Dauntless Bodyguard to protect Shalai gives my opponent a headache. Her answering settle is huge but Bloodcrazed Paladin won't help since they get exiled, not die. Thank you for the suggestions!

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