Collective Defiance


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Collective Defiance



Choose one or more -

  • Target player discards all the cards in his or her hand, then draws that many cards.

  • Collective Defiance deals 4 damage to target creature.

  • Collective Defiance deals 3 damage to target opponent.

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Collective Defiance Discussion

dotytron on Grixis Card Disadvantage

1 day ago

Toil / Troubleis the one i first was thinking, but also the cards such as Browbeat,Burning Inquiry,Collective Defiance,Molten Psyche,Wheel of Fate for red and Dark Deal,Painful Lesson,Sign in Blood for black and Ancestral Vision,Compulsive Research,Wistful Thinking for blue

also Cerebral Vortex and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind feel kinda automatic to me

and mattman856 they are for added pain from Spiteful Visions and Kederekt Parasite

Manfrudo on Izzet Aggro (AKH)

2 days ago

Thanks a lot BeachLA! i completely forgot about Collective Defiance and Hieroglyphic Illumination, those can do wonders in this deck.

BeachLA on Izzet Aggro (AKH)

3 days ago

You should really start from duo lands i suppose. Getting that playset of spirebluff canals isn't very bad deal right now, cause kaladesh will be in standard for years now. Also then you could play a smaller land amount and not drown in them. If you like to play in colors for those, i recommend to get them. You should also watch Collective Defiance since its very cheap and great in this kind of deck. I would also cut those cathartic reunions, since you are playing blue you can use better card draw spells, like Glimmer of Genius and Hieroglyphic Illumination for example. And you have those Bedlam Revelers to refill your hand too

I Like the idea of this deck since i like to play too!

Hope you had some help! :D

Adamram1985 on Negatively Grixis

4 days ago

The name suggests negative one counters. Are you trying to focus on Soul-Scar Mage? Using it's burn effect? If so I would consider running Collective Defiance maybe try and find a home for Ruthless Sniper? Here is my grixis deck. If you want to take a look. I want to ride my tri(cycle)

hardhitta71194 on Visions - Young Peezy ft. Alchemist

1 week ago

Satyr Firedancer looks great, but I have no idea how I would fit it in. I'm currently trying to squeeze in an extra Collective Defiance.

I didn't think of Searing Blood but I have some already, I'll test them out next time I play. Maybe replace the Shock with them or a couple Lightning Strike. Thanks for the suggestion, I had forgotten about that card!

tedaboy159 on The Cryptic Enigma(AKH)

1 week ago

I like Collective Defiance. I might try it but usually you want to cast it for 4 or 5 mana which is somewhat difficult in a 21 land deck.

Baral, Chief of Compliance doesn't belong here because he can't beat down at all really.

Tremblayk19 on Jund Neg Counters Midrange

1 week ago

Thanks for your comment silverwolf5o. I had Collective Defiance in an earlier version of the deck but I didn't like it that much.

I do like Nahiri's Wrath a little better, so thank you, imsocool1234 for that suggestion. As for your other suggestions, Nest of Scarabs was also in the deck at first and could go back in. Ruthless Sniper seems like a really fun card and I have been considering it. I am heavily skeptical about the playability of the split cards.

I think the only real flex spots in the deck right now are Consuming Fervor and Collective Brutality which I think are both pretty strong cards. I'll do some playtesting with some of your suggestions so thank you to both of you.

silverwolf5o on Jund Neg Counters Midrange

1 week ago

you should definitely run Collective Defiance, it has both burn and discard, so it can put counters out like crazy.

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