Collective Defiance


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Collective Defiance



Choose one or more -

  • Target player discards all the cards in his or her hand, then draws that many cards.

  • Collective Defiance deals 4 damage to target creature.

  • Collective Defiance deals 3 damage to target opponent.

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Collective Defiance Discussion

Pal00ka on Feldon and Company

1 month ago

I play-tested this a little against one of my own decks and here are my thoughts:

I made Feldon a while ago and it's a trap to load up on big CMCs expecting to cheat them out consistently. I'd suggest pruning them down for more guys like Fanatic of Mogis, token generators, or Mindclaw Shaman. While Feldon likes beaters it's the abusing of the ETBs (I think) he excels at. You already have Panharmonicon, abuse it!

You need more discard outlets, I'm counting 6, make it 10+. Feldon wants you to dig hard into the library. Fiery Confluence, Wheel of Fate, Rummaging Goblin, Burning Inquiry, Faithless Looting, Collective Defiance, Goblin Lore, Mad Prophet, etc.

More ramp. Mind Stone, Commander's Sphere, Hedron Archive, Fellwar Stone, Darksteel Ingot, Fire Diamond, etc. let you do more faster which Red needs to stay ahead of the other colors. Burnished Hart & Wild-Field Scarecrow are great for abusing too.

And please, and this is my opinion, break up your wall of text in the description. It hurts the eye and seems to ramble. Tell us concisely what you want to do, why you chose x card(s), and desire from us the viewers.

Hope something helps!

Force_of_Willb on let's play a draw game?

1 month ago

I would remove Learn from the Past since you have ulamog you don't have to worry about decking yourself. Also Day's Undoing does not work with your general as the effect to end the turn stops any damage on the stack from Nekusar.

With all the wheel effects, I would try adding more effects that work with discard or from the graveyard: Geistblast, Shattered Perception, Call to the Netherworld, Dark Withering, Megrim, Liliana's Caress, Raiders' Wake

Collective Defiance, Dragon Wizard , Barbed Shocker, Shocker, and Robber Fly are additional discard/draw effects for opponents.

BrenoSulz on Cheap Deck Wins (Budget Mono Red)

1 month ago

Hi dude!

I played with my ramunap deck for the late august and full september and I got awesome results (I like aggro, midrange and control, but I love when an aggro deck performs like ramunap). I don't have Chandra, Torch of Defiance either because I saw the red decks destroying in day 1 of the HOU PT and I ran to buy my Hazoret the Fervent right before they spiked :D

I'm using 24 lands, the only difference being 15 mountains and no Hostile Desert because I think it's not worth since it's not easy to get lands in the yard. If you are already using Ramunap Ruins you are probably almost winning anyway.

I run 3x Hazoret the Fervent and 3x Kari Zev, Skyship Raider. There's no questions to be made about the Crashers, Bomats and Khenras, all of them need to be a full set. With the rotation, I'm testing 3x Soul-Scar Mage and 4x Rigging Runner, but I'm not sure if wouldn't be better to invert the quantities. The reason for 4x Runners is that there's a lot of energy decks in my local store and this little dude don't care about thopters and if he's a 2/2 they can't block with thopters, Rogue Refiners and Servant of the Conduit.

I feel my deck became much better when I replaced one of my Shocks (used to play 4) for one Glorybringer. The deck has enough lands for that and you actually have a gap in those decks between casting the 4-drops and having 6 mana to eternalize Earthshaker Khenra, so the 5 mana dragon was a great adition and served me so well in multiple game 1's (people usually don't play around it). My experience with this decks makes me think you can even run 2x Glorybringer if you will be using Captain Lannery Storm.

I don't have Captain Lannery Storm yet, but I playtested with one in my deck (tecnically it was a Yahenni representing her :P) and I got a very aggressive start with her on turn 3. I had a Glorybringer in hand, but didn't draw any land for the rest of the game. But imagine the forth land + a treasure into GloryB on turn 4. With 24 lands it's rare to get stuck into 2-3 lands.

So those are my 26 creatures. That plus 24 lands leave the deck with 10 slots for other spells. Before rotation I was playing 4x Abrades, 3x Shock and 2x Collective Defiance (the versatility of that last card was the big lost of this deck - all 3 modules are amazing. Lost count of how many times I played for 4 to deal 3 damage to the face and take a creature out of the way. The first one fixed my hand a couple of times, ditching extra lands and 1-drops into more treatening cards) With that build I was using 27 creatures, but now I'm testing 3x Lightning Strike, 3x Shock, 2x Abrade (other 2x made into the sideboard), 1x Repeating Barrage (with the same ideia of having a way to spend 5 mana) and 1x vance's blasting cannons .

I only played with the deck in that playtest and the last FNM. Unfortunately I didn't casted the Barrage neither the Cannons, so I can't avaliate. I was never a fan of Incendiary Flow because it is a sorcery, and Repeating Barrage is also a sorcery, but I'm giving a chance because the recursion is theoricaly good in stall boards. (As a natural Control player you might agree with me not liking sorceries :P).

Pia Nalaar is amazing, you might want to consider using 1x and drop to 2x Captain Lannery Storm cause there's the legend rule.

Well, these are my contributions and notes. The list is fine, the only thing that surprised my is the lack of Abrade even in the sideboard. As I mentioned, I was even using 4 of them, dropping to 2 maindeck only because my store is floaded with temur energy, therefore the artifact destruction becomes less relevant.

Good luck running over your opponents :D

BrenoSulz on Ramunap Red Deck Wins (Advice Welcome)

1 month ago


My version of Ramunap Red pre-rotation had 3 Hazorets and 3 Kari Zevs. Since Chandra is very expensive I didn't bought any. So my spells were: 4 Abrade, 3 Shock, 2 Collective Defiance. I used to run 4 Shocks, but I took one off and added a Glorybringer.

I'll try my deck with a set of those: Bomat Courier, Earthshaker Khenra, Ahn-Crop Crasher and Rigging Runner.

3 Hazoret the Fervent, 3 Soul-Scar Mage and 3 Kari Zev, Skyship Raider. And a Glorybringer making a total of 26 creatures.

I think with the current meta in my local store I can put 2 Abrades in de sb and go with 4 Lightning Strike, 3 Shocks and 2 Abrades. The last one is going to be Repeating Barrage because I guess it's going to be a good way to spend mana if the game goes a little bit longer.

Land base is 4 Ramunap Ruins, 4 Sunscorched Desert, 1 Scavenger Grounds and 15 Mountain

Of course I'm not saying to take the Chandras off, but I would use only 2 if I have them. I don't like the idea of having 4 legendary 4 drop AND 3 of the same planeswalker (also being a 4 drop) since it can lead to clunky hands. Perhaps taking out a Chandra, a Abrade or Shock and a Scar Mage and add 3 Rigging Runner

Right now everything is theory, but that's the 60 cards I'm going to use next friday. I'm not sure if it's better to run 4 Soul-Scar Mage instead of 4 Rigging Runner. The thing is I tried some cards with a friend using a Temur Energy right after the prerelease and having a 2/2 first strike is huge against Whirler Virtuoso tokens and Rogue Refiner. He was forced to use Harnessed Lightning in a 1-drop.

Another card I'm looking foward to test is Captain Lannery Storm because her treasure can help you play with a bigger curve. I tested one against the aforementioned friend and I played her on turn 3, attacked and could have played a Glorybringer on turn 4 if I didn't got stuck with 3 lands. She definitely has potential.

I'm going to add some Cut in my sb since I lost my only way to deal with 4 toughness creatures in Collective Defiance.

Good luck smashing you opponents :D

Mortiferus_Rosa on Wasted...

1 month ago

Dream Salvage is unreal card advantage and i would recommend running that as a 4 of.

Since you are wheeling any consideration for Runeflare Trap or Liliana's Caress for damages?

Last card consideration, how about Collective Defiance?

How is 17 lands working out for you? My first thought was that you must struggle to get the mana to hardcast your Reforge the Soul, but i could be wrong.

Atroxreaper on Which cards are you going ...

2 months ago

Collective Defiance just curved my RDW so well. Turn 1 gorger, turn 2 earthshaker, turn 3 hungry flames blocker, turn 4 defiance bigger blocker, 17 damage by turn 4 barely breaking a sweat.

MangaVentFreak13 on Rakdos pirates

2 months ago

Is Collective Defiance a placeholder for something? otherwise, the deck looks sweet. Also, +1 for making me read that entire song.

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