Assemble the Legion

Assemble the Legion


At the beginning of your upkeep, put a muster counter on Assemble the Legion. Then put a 1/1 red and white Soldier creature token with haste onto the battlefield for each muster counter on Assemble the Legion.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster: Store Edition (MYSTOR) Rare
Mystery Booster: Convention Edition (MYSCON) Rare
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Assemble the Legion occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Assemble the Legion Discussion

Meachman on Sevinne Graveyard Spells

1 week ago

It looks like you're trying to delay before going wide with tokens. Windborn Muse and the new Archon of Absolution might be more useful than the Crackling Drake or the Wall of Stolen Identity in delaying. Sun Titan might also be worth cutting for something like Kykar, Wind's Fury since you probably want more spells than permanents.

Feeling of Dread can help you delay early game and tap down blockers later when you swing out. Marshaling Cry also helps with a go-wide strat. Insult / Injury could be interesting, as well. A little pricier, but Waves of Aggression combos here, as well. Does Outlaws' Merriment or Assemble the Legion work better than Improbable Alliance here?

Quiet Speculation is a tutor for you (or hate against an opponent when combined with something like Purify the Grave). Catalyst Stone also helps with this, and pairs well with your Backdraft Hellkite and Past in Flames.

Unha110w3d on I will have just a sliver of that rainbow cake.

1 week ago

MortlockeHi, thanks for all the suggestion i will carefully look at them and decide what to add, a lot of the choices i will not add as i have a budget and most of the expensive cards i have in this deck i already had or found them extremely cheap due to the conditions of the cards. Some things to cut i might not as they have proved helpful to me when i was playing against others Constricting Sliver and Leeching Sliver helped me win once or twice, although i don't fully mind cutting leeching sliver, i definitely wont cut Constricting sliver. As for Diffusion Sliver as many times as i had it out many opponents didn't want to pay the 2 so it proved to be some defence for me until i set up, although i get your point about the card not been that good in this format (i might cut it). I will add Brood Sliver and cut out the other token production which will free up some space for other adds, although Assemble the Legion did prove helpful in every battle i am still cutting it, as for Hive Stirrings i had it in the deck and i cut it because it wasn't doing anything for me and it was taking up space i rather have that card in my modern sliver deck.

Anyways thanks again for the suggestions i will look at them carefully and decide what i can add.

Joe_Ken_ on Unbending Steel

1 week ago

Assemble the Legion and Outlaws' Merriment are both good token producers I use in my Marchesa pillow fort deck with Legion being able to get out of hand relatively quickly if it isn’t answered.

Protector of the Crown with any source of indestructible makes you never loose the monarch for card draw since he will take all damage for you. Palisade Giant also does the same thing, but without the monarchy.

Palace Jailer is good to gain the monarchy since you are doing a pillowfort deck and it also acts as removal.

Balefire Liege is also a good creature to get some extra bang from your spells and give your creatures a little edge.

Authority of the Consuls is similar to blind obedience but it will also gain you life as well as being able to come in as early as turn 1.

Mortlocke on I will have just a sliver of that rainbow cake.

2 weeks ago

In regards to sideboards - they don't exist in EDH. This is a singleton format where players bring their decks as they are. So...unless those are cards you are considering for the deck - ya gotta cut em. Now here are some suggestions on what you could put in the deck to help it run more consistently:

HONORABLE MENTIONS FOR ADDITIONAL CUTS: I know I went over a bunch of cuts in my previous post, but here are some more suggestions -

  • Assemble the Legion/Retreat to Emeria/Birthing Boughs: You don't need Sliver Queen to make more tokens in an efficient manner. Allow me to introduce you to Brood Sliver and Hive Stirrings. Why go throught the trouble of making a janky combo that creates soldier tokens/changelings in cheap Sliver costumes when you could just...make Slivers? You also have the added flavor of getting double the tokens per combat damage assignment step when you have both Brood Sliver and Bonescythe Sliver out on the battlefield. Worse yet - Legion, Emeria and Boughs have absolutely no synergy with your commander outright. you have to hope you have Hivestone on the battlefield. AND THEN even if you have alll of the parts and pieces on the board you have literally zero cards in your deck that are CMC 0 - as tokens have a CMC of 0 - creating a total non-bo that just allows you to only be able to shuffle your library. That's it.

Daxos23 on Saskia's Superslam

1 month ago

Your average cmc is pretty high for an aggressive deck, and you only have 6.5 pieces of ramp to offset that so you may find you're coming out too slow. You've got tons of huge powerful creatures but most of them don't have any way to push damage through; maybe trade two of your six haste effects for some trample(Archetype of Aggression,Siege Behemoth), flying (Victory's Herald), or Champion of Lambholt type cards. I count nine different anthem effects, but again because your creatures are so expensive you're probably not going to have many creatures out at once so those effects become less valuable. Maybe add a few efficient token producers to help take advantage of them (like Assemble the Legion, March of the Multitudes, or Hanweir Garrison/Hanweir, the Writhing Township) or just cut them for more ramp so you can get more of the big stuff out faster. Hope this helps.

Seabody on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago

alexjustdoit - makes sense. Perhaps I'm underrating Vampire Nighthawk. I suppose the lifegain effects help a lot when you are running things like Acidic Soil & Price of Progress (which I am currently not) which also hurt you.

Have you tried Kunoros, Hound of Athreos? My meta probably isn't resilient enough to fight against strong hate or stax, but I like that this guy does other things and being a creature is easier to remove (as opposed to something like Rest in Peace which could just lock someone out and does nothing against decks that don't utilize the yard).

Abzkaban - interestingly I just had a commission done for a Cersei alter of Queen Marchessa with Gregor and Qyburn assassin tokens, so I'm taking a similar GoT theme with my list. I'll post me list with the alters on here shortly.

How great is the Solemnity/Dark Depths package? I'd like to try it out but will need to cut some things like Assemble the Legion, Selfless Squire & Crescendo of War.

Thoughts on Assault Suit in a combat oriented build?

Non-Linear on Pillowfort Win

1 month ago

I need some help closing the game with my pilowfort deck, its Pramikon. I always make it to the end but am unable defeat my last opponent. If there are anymore cards like Assemble the Legion that would be awesome too.

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