Assemble the Legion


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Assemble the Legion


At the beginning of your upkeep, put a muster counter on Assemble the Legion. Then put a 1/1 red and white Soldier creature token with haste onto the battlefield for each muster counter on Assemble the Legion.

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Assemble the Legion Discussion

Happymaster19 on Azkaban: A Prisoner's Primer [W/r Enchantments]

1 week ago

6ixer One thing I can see going for Assemble the Legion is that it can stonewall go wide decks better than Sigil if it’s allowed to build.

Sigil just ends the game more efficiently. This deck is already extremely slow. Even though the growth is exponential, the bottleneck of turns is much harder to survive than a bottleneck of castable enchantments. It even gives us value off of redundant enchantments. Sigil will give us something for drawing our second Leyline of Sanctity. Assemble will not. Assemble has the appearance of a finisher here and it can work. But I find Sigil to just be the best at what it does.

Total side note. How about combining Assemble the Legion with Divine Visitation in Commander?

StopShot on Alesha's Prohibition: Bears and Staxes

1 week ago

@Gorbak, I'm not a stax expert, I'm just relaying what cards I've encountered that have made things challenging for me. Usually your focus is to hit your opponents hands and resources as well as their board-state. Alesha likes playing a lot of cheap spells, so those limited land-wipe cards would probably hurt a lot on your opponents without hurting you. It's important to know what disadvantages your deck can get away with more than your opponents decks and then once you figure that out you try to exploit it as much as possible.

A lot of stax decks I go against will usually stick to a synergy that really goes out of control if left unchecked. Synergies like: Contamination + Bitterblossom. Smokestack + Assemble the Legion. Chains of Mephistopheles + Anvil of Bogardan. Winter Orb + Stoneshaker Shaman. Desecration Elemental + Assault Suit. Rule of Law + Knowledge Pool. Creating any of the following locks can lead to the table easily losing the game if not answered appropriately. Getting those nasty locks usually requires lots of tutor effects like Demonic Tutor to maintain consistency.

TypicalTimmy on Synergy between Mentor of the ...

1 week ago

I'm designing a Boros Soul Sisters deck, where not only do I push my life total ever higher, but I also hit my opponent endlessly. I can manage this with select cards such as Impact Tremors and Purphoros, God of the Forge.

While making a list of cards, I noticed a small possible synergy between the three in question:

So my question seems, at face value, a bit silly. Is it possible to get all triggers to happen in my benefit? I'm not entirely sure if they can. That's why I'm on here.

I know that when a player has multiple triggered abilities happen all at once, the player who controls the abilities chooses the ordering on the stack, and therefore chooses how they resolve.

Suppose I have in Assemble the Legion with quite a few counters on it. This is what happens:

  • My 1/1 Red & White creature tokens enter the battlefield.
  • My creatures get +X/+X either in counters on until end of turn (Depending on which enchantment I am using at the time).
  • Mentor of the Meek tries to trigger and can't, because my creatures are over Power 2.
  • Warstorm Surge or Where Ancients Tread triggers and hits for tons of damage.

So in this example, I lose out on potential draw. So let's rework things a bit here.

  • My 1/1 Red & White creature tokens enter the battlefield.
  • Mentor of the Meek sees they are less than Power 2, so I can pay a few times and draw.
  • Either white Enchantment triggers and my creatures get +X/+X
  • Warstorm Surge triggers and they deal damage equal to their Power, and / or Where Ancients Tread triggers and deals 5 damage as long as my creatures are Power 5 or higher.

Does this work? Can I hit both the trigger for Mentor of the Meek and the trigger for Warstorm Surge / Where Ancients Tread off of the same creatures, as long as their Power is increased between checks?

god_dammit_nappa on God Save The Queen!

3 weeks ago

Hey guys.

I'm building a Medieval-themed deck. I haven't decided on the deck archetype/strategy yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of Mardu enchantments and pillowfort.

I'm mostly building this joke deck as a way to make puns in my playgroup, but I'm open to competitive card suggestions too.

I'm putting cards in the deck like To Arms!, Assemble the Legion, Castle, Portcullis, Incite Rebellion, Riot Control, and Infinite Authority.

Got any card suggestions that are good/powerful but also satisfy my deck's flavor requirements?

Here's the link to my deck. The deck is still under construction, so I haven't made up my mind about a lot of things.

Hope you find the deck's Number 1 card interaction as hilarious as I did!

Lich's Mastery + Harmless Offering to your opponent created the deck's namesake, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Zimmers_0 on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 month ago

Another version of Assemble the Legion would be nice too.

Wolfrage76 on Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker

1 month ago

DrkNinja Reconnaissance is going in lol. That's kinda sick and I didnt know about that card. Thanks!

Craterhoof Behemoth breaks my attempt to really have only 1cmc of an Off Color (green in this case) or I'd add it. The idea behind that is that if I only have 1 CMC of an off color, 2 off colors max, I should always be able to get the mana for something not R or W. I may not be able to pull off GGGG though, for example. And Assemble the Legion is awesome, and I do have a sweet foil of it, but I'm trying to stick to Warriors for tokens. If I decide to open that up, AtL will be a great card to add.

Om3gaOm3n - That's a good Add, even ignoring the extra damage buff. If I'm making tokens, which I need to be, that 2 damage a pop will be nice

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Smells Like Saskia's Spirit

1 month ago

I have a fond place in my heart for Saskia though my deck is long retired. I have a few suggestions of cards that I used to run which can ramp up your deck's explosiveness:

Haste is a Saskia deck's best friend, so: Ogre Battledriver, In the Web of War, and Urabrask the Hidden might all be solid inclusions (and are better than Fervor)

Cathars' Crusade is just busted alongside Assemble the Legion

Selfless Spirit is a better option over Dauntless Escort, but either are great.

You might consider Dolmen Gate or Conqueror's Flail for more protection. Also, the obligatory Lightning Greaves comment.

I'd replace Putrefy with Anguished Unmaking and then run Sunforger as it likely would be the best card in your deck. You could also run Crackling Doom, Path to Exile, and Aura Mutation (all tutorable by Sunforger).

Martial Coup might be a solid board wipe to include here and there are a bunch of token doublers in green and white you could consider.

Lastly (I know this is a lot of suggestions, sorry) I think your deck could use more card draw. 6 total cards that provide card draw seems a little low to me (I usually never go below 10 in my decks). Mentor of the Meek, Shamanic Revelation, and Skullclamp are all really powerful in this type of build. There are also other card draw staples in these colors like Sylvan Library, Read the Bones, Night's Whisper, etc. which you could consider.

I hope some of these comments help and happy deck building!

DrkNinja on Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker

1 month ago

One word, Reconnaissance.

Attack with all your dudes, then wait for declare blockers and remove them from combat. You get a bunch of tokens AND none of your creatures are at risk.

Combine this with Cathars' Crusade, Metallic Mimic, and Bramblewood Paragon then you get a bunch of huge creatures with a bunch of +1/+1 counters, and trample for the win.

I feel like this may be obvious and you may not want to do it because of color but... Craterhoof Behemoth and Doubling Season sound real good in this deck...

A RW car though that I didn't see that might still be good, Assemble the Legion

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