Mind's Desire


Shuffle your library. Then exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card without paying its mana cost. (If it has X in its mana cost, X is 0.)

Storm (When you cast this spell, copy it for each spell cast before it this turn.)

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Mind's Desire Discussion

Snivy__ on Melek, the Storm God

2 days ago

I playtested this deck and it was super fun to play! I stormed out using Mind's Desire and I copied it because it was from the top of my library. I also flashbacked Increasing Vengeance to copy the Mind's Desire. This deck is super cool!

+1 from me!

RicketyEng on Possibility Storm and Storm mechanic

1 week ago

You are correct, but I would like to point out one small detail.

Both Storm and Possibility Storm trigger at the same time when you cast a spell. When you cast Mind's Desire from your hand, you can choose which order to put the triggered abilities on the stack. You could put the 3 copies of Mind's Desire above or below the Possibility Storm. That is, you would have the option to have the 3 copies resolve before Possibility Storm grabs Mind's Desire.

DarkEclipse18 on Possibility Storm and Storm mechanic

1 week ago

Ok, so this is a question to make sure I understand something correctly. I want to see about messing around with abusing it in a storm/spell slinging EDH deck.

So: I have Possibility Storm on the field, and let us say that storm count is 3. I cast Mind's Desire, so I have the original that I cast from hand and then 3 copies on the stack. Now Possibility Storm triggers and storm count raises to 4, I resolve Possibility storm and find Volcanic Awakening from it. Since strom doesn't care where it is cast from, that triggers and I have the original Volcanic Awakening plus 4 copies of it?

So in the end I blow up 5 lands and then Mind's Desire for 3? Am I correct, if not where is my idea wrong and why?

LeoSushi on Melek izzet paragon

1 week ago

I would highly suggest as a win condition to run storm cards. Ignite Memories, Mind's Desire, Empty the Warrens, Grapeshot, and Mizzix's Mastery are all good win conditions for the deck, storm-y cards such as Baral's Expertise, Gitaxian Probe, Mana Geyser, Time Spiral, Frantic Search, Seething Song, Turnabout, Pyretic Ritual to keep the engine running

Zarathustra616 on Jeleva Slim

1 week ago

All of that having been said, there is so much more nuance to this deck than I or reversemermaid could explain in a couple of paragraphs. I've been playing almost this exact list for about 3 months and I'm just now starting to get a hang of the deck. It's by far one of the hardest decks to master, but one of the most fulfilling.

I recently got an astonishing turn 4 win where I was able to cast Mind's Desire twice in the same turn, once for a storm count of 8 and again for a storm count of 27. Between exiling Time Spiral and Ad Nauseum I was able to show off to my friend and go from 9 life (with Aetherflux in play) to about 1000 life in the same turn.

Zarathustra616 on Jeleva Slim

1 week ago

EREM, this is a combo deck and it aims to win the game without ever having to cast Jeleva at all. If you have to cast Jeleva you're in a losing scenario and she's there just in case you run out of cards. If she hits a tutor or a wheel effect off of someone's topdeck that can often times stabilize the game for you. The reason there are so many tutors is because the wincons are so finely tuned that usually 1 tutor can allow you to win the game on the spot or set up 1 turn in advance.

This is a storm deck and it has 2 wincons:

1) Casting a bunch of spells in the same turn with Aetherflux Reservoir in play so that you can gain enough life to shoot your opponent(s) for 50 damage. This can easily be done with the combination of Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter and a mana rock such as Sol Ring in order to cast an infinite number of spells, which also turns Mind's Desire into a wincon of sorts.

2) Assembling a 5-card pile with Doomsday that almost always involves casting Laboratory Maniac and drawing from an empty library within the same turn. This is the most complicated wincon in all of Magic, but a typical 5-card pile for this deck will be Gitaxian Probe, Gush, Lion's Eye Diamond, Yawgmoth's Will, and Laboratory Maniac in that order. However, there are a myriad many possible Doomsday piles and it's highly dependent on the board state and your knowledge of your opponent's deck.

PrestonShilling on Nekusar's Perfect Storm

3 weeks ago

Been away for a while due to work but recently started playing again, sorry for the late response time.

Weirdhat I've noticed the same need of cards to recover from similar scenarios. I'll be toying around with it in the next couple of weeks.

InfiniteParadoX the deck sets up in the early turns with Mana rocks and refills the hand with a wheel. From there your game plan changes depending on how your hand develops. Very rarely do I need to rely on a second wheel to keep digging for answers (noting whenever you draw a Curiosity ability, you draw enough to finish off the table.)

WombosCombosArchive is too expensive to and would add too much redundancy for my Curiosity effects. Unless I'm missing something, I don't understand how Pyromancer's Ascension would ever trigger? Syphon Mind seems too low impact when compared to other cards in the deck.

luclinraider The copies were strictly for testing and have sense been removed. However, their purpose was to copy wheel effects to force more draw triggers, but copying tutors was equally as powerful in testing. The Tutor targets change every game and usually fetch whatever piece of of fuel I need to keep going.

Guftders Essentially, yes. Haha. Through testing I noticed on most occasions, casting wheels started to chain together with additional Mana from Mana rocks and mana acceleration spells to dignify testing storm. My first go to was Mind's Desire to continue chaining wheels. It was really strong so I added tendrils next. "ToA" killed the entire table when tax on Nekusar was suboptimal,in the very first game I tested it with a storm count of only 16 (dealing 32 damage to each player.) It was instant love just seeing that it was a solid backup plan.

maddoxmtg notion theif is hilarious and almost always single handedly "wins" the game every time it's cast. For your second comment, the current build listed is indeed very busy but was edited as it was with testing certain techs. (With the exception of Paradox Engine which I preordered due to the amount of Mana rocks I ran.) The storm isn't a main wincon, just a back up plan that I like to keep in my pocket to win our of nowhere win Nekusar is gone. Storming in this list is only achieved with the help of one of the "broken engines" listed in the description.

Jarman_Kell Boseiju was thought of, but with my low land count I needed as many colored sources as I could fit, so over never actually tested it. Hive Mind and Eye of the Storm are both great engines for dedicated storm decks, but to keep "storming" in this all I need is to land one engine and adding 2 more seems like it may be excessive at the moment, however I'll keep both in mind during testing.

TheBloxlord Ad Nauseam indeed doesnt dig as deep in this as it does in dedicated storm decks, but when I cast it in this build, it's almost always at my opponents EoT (barring very rare occasions)However it's always enough to set up my turn by digging for that last needed piece of tech to finish off.

Whew, that took some time :)

Thank you to everyone for your input and comments. I've had some ideas and a few things pointed out that could use some smoothing out. Keep an eye out for an updated version soon. I've been playing a lot more lately, so lots of play testing will be done over the next couple of weeks. Cheers!

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