Demon of Death's Gate


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Mythic Rare

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Demon of Death's Gate

Creature — Demon

You may pay 6 life and sacrifice three black creatures rather than pay Demon of Death's Gate's mana cost.

Flying, trample

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Demon of Death's Gate Discussion

CaptSillva on EDH - Razaketh, the Foulblooded

9 hours ago

Hmm it seems you are already running Thespian's Stage and Urborg, so have you considered running Dark Depths? Stage combos with it and Urborg makes it tap for mana if nothing else. You could also run Vampire Hexmage to double up your combo potential.

You could also consider Kagemaro, First to Suffer and Demon of Dark Schemes for board control options. As well as Shadowborn Demon and Reaper from the Abyss for single target removal. Then maybe Demon of Death's Gate as an early game house.

miracleHat on Pay the ghost

3 days ago

Offenders in this case do not mean offensive (as in saying "fuck you" to incite and/or anger someone). Offender more closely means, "these cards are so bad that you should not run them". EDH is a 40 life format. Why does a 2 mana 4/4 lifelink (or 3/3/ flying) that attacks every other turn, losing 2 life on creature cast, and/or 4 mana aura that (at best) gives +3/+3 matter or do anything. Spoiler alert, when facing a Demon of Death's Gate, it does not.

LanaDel on Surprise Demons from the grave (Budget) copy

4 days ago

Hi, thanks for the response. Dread Return is just a copy of Diabolic Servitude to improve the chance of getting grave cast back, which leads into Weaponcraft Enthusiast which can be used to flash back Dread Return. Weaponcraft Enthusiast also works to sack into Demon of Death's Gate. But it was just something I was messing around with, Im still pretty new to deck making so it is definitely going to have things that don't really work as well as they could.

DarkEclipse18 on Shadowborn Fuckery

1 week ago

So I get that this is casual, but i feel like these few cards help with the Demon theme as well as Sac outlets for the Blood Artist Triggers

Ravenous Demon  Flip, Demon of Dark Schemes, Demon of Death's Gate, Harvester of Souls, Lord of the Pit, Westvale Abbey

What to remove is kind of up for debate, maybe jsut add them as a Sideboard and switch them up to keep it fresh?

Beln on Legacy Reanimator, Angels and Demons, oh my!

2 weeks ago

Even though it's "Mono-Black" you can still have creatures of other colors in your deck since this is legacy.

I'd suggest playing Iona, Shield of Emeria, it's pretty good to shutdown anyone until you get another card to finish them off.

Another good card to have is Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur which will give you all the card advantage you can wish for.

If you fear for your life you can also have a Platinum Emperion in there.

Make all your permanents indestructible with Avacyn, Angel of Hope

As for what to remove, I would say : Demon of Death's Gate, Grave Titan,Necropolis Regent. They're good, but there's better for this deck.

Not sure about Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, have you play-tested him ?

Hope you have fun, it's one of the best legacy decks there is for the price.

Pheardemons on The time has come...the ritual is complete.

3 weeks ago

jgosizk thanks for the compliment! I agree about the board wipes. If I were thinking of taking anything out it would be Demon of Death's Gate, Black Market, and possibly a land. My problem with all of that is that they've each played their part in the past. When I start gett9ng a consistent job I'll try out different stuff, for now this is what I'm playing with.

Be warned. My playgroup does everything possible to make sure I can't get this deck started. They understand it gets crazy haha.

griffstick on "My" Top 10 mono black ...

3 weeks ago

10 mana Ashnod's Altar + Army of the Damned then Exsanguinate for 24 loss of life to each opponent gaining you tons of life. That's just one reason why Army of the Damned is on my top ten. Army of the Damned + Demon of Death's Gate that's another good one. Army of the Damned + Voldaren Pariah that's a good one. But I can keep on going. This is why it's on the list

WrathofCod on shirei in refining

4 weeks ago

@ frwtr1968 Love the deck so far! It seems like a very fun and efficient mix of ramp, stax, sacrifice effects and reanimation! Normally, I would suggest adding some more ramp, but honestly I think you are pretty good! However, 37 lands for a deck with an average cmc of 2.86 is a lot and I would suggest cutting a land or two and adding in some more mana doublers like Nirkana Revenant and Magus of the Coffers to help ramp you (I would lower your land count to 36 lands if it was up to me, but 37 is just fine too). Nirkana Revenant is also a great finisher if you can somehow manage to get it through unblocked with something like a Whispersilk Cloak! The only thing I am struggling with is how you plan to win the game. While winning through attrition and recursion is definitely possible, I feel like you deck lacks staying power late game. Since you have a bunch of 1/1s and 2/2s, you aren't really winning through combat damage, and since you don't have any infinite combos (that I can see) you can't threaten to combo off and win that way. I would personally recommend adding in at least one infinite combo, a few more tutors and some more sac effects to help you win the game easier! In particular, I would recommend including the Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Walking Ballista/Triskelion combo to close out games that go long. In addition to being a combo piece, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is an amazing value engine that provides redundancy in terms of recursion and synergizes with Black Sun's Zenith! Another way to increase the power level of your deck is to add more tutors. Some tutors that are underused and would work great in your deck are Diabolic Intent, Increasing Ambition and Beseech the Queen. Lastly there are a TON of cards that synergize with your sacrifice theme (of permanents in general, not just creatures) or that benefit from creatures dying, that I think warrant some serious consideration. It don't have time to explain them all, so I will just provide a list and let you decide which ones to include! Alright, here are the cards I think should probably be in your deck: Fume Spitter, Tree of Perdition, Toxic Deluge, Death Cloud, Deathgreeter, Demon of Death's Gate, Ob nixilis, the unshackled, Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath, Weaponcraft Enthusiast (amazing reanimation target), Nezumi Bone-Reader, Malicious Affliction (Best removal for your colors!), Exsanguinate, Lake of the Dead, Bitterblossom (a must include in my opinion), Tragic Slip, Darksteel Plate (to protect Shirei), Hope of Ghirapur, Champion's Helm (same reasoning as Darksteel Plate), Bone Splinters, Killing Wave, Ashnod's Altar, Altar of Dementia, Waste Not, Cryptbreaker, Strionic Resonator (Does double Shirei triggers sound fun?!), Wretched Confluence, Entomb, and Champion of Stray Souls! Anyways, I know that's a lot of suggestions and a lot of information to take in, but I figured I should give you all the advice I have and let you decide what to do with it! Feel free to ask me for more advice or suggestions if you need to. Good luck with this amazing deck!

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