Banishing Light


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Journey into Nyx Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Banishing Light


When Banishing Light enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Banishing Light leaves the battlefield.(That permanent returns under its owner's control.)

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Banishing Light Discussion

TheDeckMaker2300 on test 2

1 day ago

no problem

so here we go with the others

first off seriously how come Platinum Angel isn't here? its a safety net

i notice Hive Mind is a card so this cycle should help

Epic struggle

  1. Sprouting Phytohydra + Pestilence/Pyrohemia
  2. Saproling Symbiosis
  3. Mycoloth
  4. Storm Herd
  5. oh and all the token doublers Parallel Lives/Anointed Procession are the cheapest


  1. Infinite Reflection
  2. Progenitor Mimic
  3. Rite of Replication this is the most important one
  4. Spitting Image

Laboratory Maniac

  1. Leveler
  2. Thought Lash
  3. Divining Witch/Demonic Consultation (also works with Approach of the Second Sun)
  4. Enter the Infinite
  5. Inverter of Truth

Near-Death Experience

  1. Worship
  2. Angel's Grace
  3. Soulgorger Orgg
  4. Sustaining Spirit
  5. Fortune Thief
  6. anything spell/permanent that involves paying any amount of life my favorite isMinion of the Wastes because this works with Mayael's Aria as well

Mayael's Aria

  1. Serra Avatar
  2. Progenitus (promo versions are only $5)
  3. Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage/Vampire Hexmage
  4. Primordial Hydra

Chance Encounter

just one thing Krark's Thumb

Darksteel Reactor/Azor's Elocutors/Helix Pinnacle

note: only proliferate

  1. Deepglow Skate (all other counter related stuff works too.)
  2. anything with proliferate Contagion Engine and Inexorable Tide are the best ones
  3. Kalonian Hydra (the ariel will work as well)
  4. Gilder Bairn
  5. Winding Constrictor
  6. if your are willing to spend this much money. Doubling Season but you can go without it

Celestial Convergence

two things Hex Parasite and Vampire Hexmage but i want to point this out puting it to zero doesn't cause it to trigger it has to be on upkeep for the winner to be decided from this.

Felidar Sovereign/Test of Endurance

the celestial convergence win con takes this as well

  1. Kambal, Consul of Allocation
  2. Fumigate
  3. Wall of Reverence (with that avatar i mentioned eariler you double your life every end step)
  4. Debt to the Deathless
  5. Any of the whenever one of your creatures ETB Soul Warden is the best one

Barren Glory

  1. you have Banishing Light so the family members of this
  2. Kaervek's Spite trigger just before your turn
  3. Decree of Annihilation

Demonic Pact

just Bazaar Trader and Zedruu the Greatheartedand theres a few more enchantments you can do the exact same thing with Fractured Identity but you need platinum angel for a few of them though


nothing everything you need for this one is here

Approach of the Second sun

just a couple more tutors thats itlast but not least

Mechanized Production/Hellkite tyrant

the biovisonary and epic struggle stuff works if the target is a creature
  1. Darksteel Citadel
  2. Myr Battlesphere
  3. Hangarback Walker
  4. Thopter Assembly
  5. Thopter Spy Network
welp hope this stuff helpsoh one more thing Fractured Identity it works with leveler just as well as phage

Oloro_Magic on Protectron

2 weeks ago

Firstly I would cut the deck down to 60 cards it just makes it more consistent especially when you are trying to find combos which leads me to my next point.

Though variation is good you want to narrow down to the best interactions or the interactions you like the most so that the deck has a solid gameplan.

For example the modern Bogle deck that uses Hyena Umbra for insurance and then makes a creature insane with Daybreak Coronet.

You also need some more removal in the deck, a playset of Path to Exile is ideal but something like Banishing Light or Declaration in Stone also works.

Once you have narrowed down the list to some interesting interactions I would be happy to help you refine it.

TheDuggernaught on White/blue life gain deck

2 weeks ago

To answer your last question, no. This would not do well in a tournament. There are currently only two life gain decks in the current modern meta -- and both of them are fairly similar to the point I would just say they are both variations of the same deck. Soul Sisters is a deck that abuses Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, and Auriok Champion to amass a ton of life and very quickly make a large Ajani's Pridemate and Serra Ascendant. These decks will also often utilize Archangel of Thune to make all your sisters into massive threats. Martyr Proc aims to do the same thing -- it just does so much more explosively with cards like Martyr of Sands and Squadron Hawk. Both decks aim to gain life as a buffer and then use that buffer to fuel cards like Serra Ascendant and Ajani's Pridemate. There are also other decks that aim to gain infinite life through combos such as Kitchen Finks + Melira, Sylvok Outcast + Viscera Seer, but that feels like a different direction than you want to go.

If you are primarily worried about your opponent's creatures, spot removal is typically more effective and mana efficient than counter magic. Therefore, I might suggest cutting blue and adding either black or green. You can substitute the counter magic for things like Path to Exile, Condemn, Journey to Nowhere, Banishing Light, Fiend Hunter, Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Duress, and Blackmail. You could also stay mono-white for the consistent mana base and or being able to use more colorless utility lands.

So my next question would be -- what direction do you want the deck to go? How do you want it to play? Do you want to keep you walls and try to play around that and just being a defensive deck that will eventually find an "oops I win" card? Do you like the Soul Sisters or Martyr Proc ideas? Do you want to try and mix and match a little? I can try to offer direct suggestions, but I just want to make sure I know the direction you want to go in. It is your deck afterall, and I want to make sure it is fun for you to play!

Oloro_Magic on Modern Soldiers

2 weeks ago

You say made by someone who doesn't know how to build but you have done a pretty decent job on this list I just have a few suggestions for you:

Firstly you want a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for some mana ramp; secondly your creature curve is a bit high, you have gone heavy on the expensive creatures; cut down to 2 Captain of the Watch, cut Angelic Skirmisher entirely and add two more Boros Elite and try to find room for Thraben Inspector and Thalia's Lieutenant (this card coud be an all star in your deck). Remove Devouring Light and Cloudshift and make room for these creatures and better removal, preferably Path to Exile but something like Cast Out or Banishing Light also works.

I would also cut Cathars' Crusade it is more of an EDH card and is a bit expensive for a fast format like modern.

If you need any help on the deck just let me know!

Oloro_Magic on Judgement

2 weeks ago

So firstly you really want to focus this deck on a few key creatures. Angels are notoriously hard to build around as they are all so expensive so I would recommend adopting a prison style deck to bide your time before being able to play your angels. For this you want things like Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, and Luminarch Ascension.

As for the creatures, Serra Avenger is an auto include, I would also play Kami of False Hope and Thalia, Heretic Cathar to further slow down your opponent. You probably want Archangel Avacyn  Flip as your angel bomb along with the meld package of multiple Gisela, the Broken Blade and 1 Bruna, the Fading Light and from there use support angels like Angel of Sanctions, Angel of Condemnation, and Emancipation Angel.

You want 4 Path to Exile or an alternative such as Banishing Light or Cast Out for your removal package. You may also want to splash blue for some counters or Geist of Saint Traft (cheap effective creature).

Finally I would say you want to be playing 24-25 lands seeing the mana cost of angels. If you need any help feel free to ask me I love angels.

studajew on Girls Get Everything (Sen Triplets EDH)

3 weeks ago

goblinguiderevealpls all the cards you said are phenomenal. Austere Command is a card I've been wanting to put in my deck for some time now. Regrettably I haven't been able to get my hands on one. Once I do you can be certain it is going in. Also, I was waiting for the price to go down on Anguished Unmaking and Utter End to add them. They are better than Banishing Light and Oblation, even though they are more mana intensive. I got distracted and forgot to pick them up. Thanks for the reminder!

As for Countersquall it is a great card but as far as counters go it is a little low impact. The two life doesn't really mean much in a format with 40 life. I'd more often than not want a counter that can be more versatile. Hour of Revelation is a powerful card but it's safer to run a board wipe that will keep my artifacts in play.

Thanks for the feedback! Are you planning on making a Sen Triplets decks?

Vortexflame on Krond the Legend

4 weeks ago

You need more removal. Since this is an enchantment deck, maybe go with Banishing Light or Journey to Nowhere. Or you could stick to the classics, Swords to Plowshares and Beast Within.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Dead Guy Ale

1 month ago

In modern, you might want Sword of Light and Shadow instead of Sword of Feast and Famine. Life totals matter more in modern and protection from path to exile is relevant. Although with the number of Kolaghan's Commands running around, equipments might not be the best idea.

It seems like you should be playing more Shambling Vent and Concealed Courtyard. Those lands are really good.

Banishing Light seems costly and not effective enough to justify. I'd much rather see Anguished Unmaking.

This deck is sweet though. I love it.

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