Banishing Light


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Banishing Light


When Banishing Light enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Banishing Light leaves the battlefield.(That permanent returns under its owner's control.)

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Banishing Light Discussion

chadsansing on I would like to see you try...

3 days ago

As noted, Counterspell and Propaganda have to go for this deck to be Modern legal. Maybe Counterspell could become some number of Remand or Negate? Or maybe Opt or Serum Visions for card draw?

Blessed Alliance, Condemn, and Vapor Snag are okay conditional removal spells until you can trade up for or purchase Path to Exile. Banishing Light can give you more O Ring effects at the same cost, too.

A Hushwing Gryff or two might be good vs. Chord decks. You could include a 1 or 2 Leonin Arbiter, Grand Abolisher, or Aven Mindcensor, as well.

Maybe also drop Phantom Warrior for Looter il-Kor.

Adarkar Wastes is probably the cheapest dual-land that doesn't come in tapped. Otherwise, I would play Temple of Enlightenment over Chancery for the Scry effect and to bluff that you're playing Ad Nauseam on turn 1.

You can probably drop to 24 lands and open up some flex spots for recommended cards, too.

You probably need more hate-bears like Thalia, mentioned above. Judge's Familiar might be good for your budget. Zealous Guardian is a weird ambusher.

Arashin Cleric is a good budget sideboard card against burn.

The big idea is play cheap creatures that mess with other strategies and some removal and counter magic that you can improve over time.

Happy brewing!

chadsansing on Angels-MonoWhite

6 days ago

I might trim 5 lands and the replace some of the remaining Plains with utility/draw lands like Desert of the True, Drifting Meadow, Eiganjo Castle, Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Maze of Ith, and Secluded Steppe. You also have the opportunity to run a few wastes and an Eldrazi Displacer + Restoration Angel or Wall of Omens to abuse ETB effects.

Maybe run Gisela, the Broken Blade, if you run Bruna.

Rout, Comeuppance, and Settle the Wreckage are all good conditional wipes you can play at instant speed.

Banishing Light and Cast Out are good complements to O Ring. Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, and Authority of the Consuls might buy you some time.

Finally, a package like Serra's Blessing + High Ground + Reconnaissance can really help smooth out combat.

Neotrup on Oblivion ring on a commander?

1 week ago

Another difference between Oblivion Ring effects and Banishing Light effects is that because Oblivion Ring returns using a trigger, if the player controlling Oblivion Ring leaves the game (ie. loses) the ability cannot be added to the stack so the commander stays exiled forever (though most of the time they'll just send the commander to the command zone anyways). Because Banishing Light is a limited duration effect, if the player controlling it leaves the game, the duration ends, and the commander immediately returns to the battlefield from whatever zone they were sent to (if they are still there).

Rhadamanthus on Oblivion ring on a commander?

1 week ago

The commander's owner gets to choose. If a commander would go to the graveyard, exile, library, or hand from anywhere, the owner can choose to put it in the command zone instead.

So you know: whether or not the effect in question is either something like Oblivion Ring or Banishing Light actually matters. If the the owner lets the commander go to exile, then it will return to the battlefield in either case if the Ring/Light card leaves the battlefield. If the owner puts the commander in the command zone instead, then a Ring-like effect won't bring it back to the battlefield (there's no "exiled card" to be returned), but a Light-like effect will (the card moved to a public zone and the effect doesn't specify "the exiled card" gets returned).

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on The Fabled Hero

2 weeks ago

Correct me if I am wrong, but none of Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, or Journey to Nowhere are auras. You do not get the benefits from Hero of Iroas or Eidolon of Countless Battles, so why not run Path to Exile over them? Unless you run those for budget considerations, which I totally understand if you do.

Selfless Spirit seems a bit out of place here. You could probably run Ajani's Presence in its place to get the heroic triggers and still protect agains destroy effects. And I would definitely swap Spectral Flight out for Cartouche of Knowledge. The cantrip effect far outweighs the extra 1 P/T.

Love the deck idea though. U/W heroic was one of my favorite standard decks. +1 from me

cdkime on Sacrifice Protection / Upkeep trigger ...

3 weeks ago

To build on pskinn01's last point, let's look at a different card: Banishing Light.

That looks pretty similar to Oblivion Ring, does it not? You exile something until the permanent leaves the battlefield. However, because it is only one single ability, as opposed to Oblivion Ring's two, you cannot abuse the stack to permanently exile a creature by destroying Banishing Light before its first ability resolves.

Magic is fascinating like that.

chadsansing on Gisela stomp/toolbox

3 weeks ago

I really like this list - the cards all seem sweet to me - though I worry that it's going in competing directions. For example, I think your commander and tempest would prefer more dragons and angels, while your ranger and titan would prefer more weenies and token generators coupled with ETB and LTB effects (like Soul Warden and company).

I also wonder about Assemble the Legion without Purphoros or Impact Tremors. And Sun Forger with so few instants.

What appeals to me is the utility of the cards in the deck; what worries me is drawing cards that leave you stuck between plans.

Regardless of the direction you choose, a Comeuppance and a Settle the Wreckage might offer more protection during combat. Reconnaissance, Serra's Blessing, and High Ground might also smooth out combat. Fight to the Death is a cool card you can play at instant speed during combat while opponents fight one another. Banishing Light, Cast Out, and Oblivion Ring might help remove non-creature permanents.

Have fun brewing!

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