Banishing Light


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Journey into Nyx Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Banishing Light


When Banishing Light enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Banishing Light leaves the battlefield.(That permanent returns under its owner's control.)

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Banishing Light Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Angel Ramp *Feedback Wanted*

20 hours ago

Acrobatic Maneuver and Cloudshift are things that can be taken out; as games go on you wont want these cards as you don't run any special combos with them. Gift of Immortality is another card that whilst attractive I find largely useless, but that is personal opinion. Authority of the Consuls is a nice card in a slow deck like this so definitely keep it, as for Sphere of Safety, I see Ghostly Prison being more effective here, Sphere of Safety is more for prison scheme decks not angel beatdown.

And to answer your question about Cast Out, I personally feel like it doesn't get enough credit, it has the versatility of Oblivion Ring with the added bonus of cycling, meaning if you get caught in a bad hand you have an additional opportunity with it to draw the card that gets you going. Plus it never hurts having more flash when you know your opponent can play a threat at any time; Cast Out can shut off a game ending combo, Banishing Light cannot as you die before it can be played.

wfja on Angel Ramp *Feedback Wanted*

22 hours ago

A lot of great info. I would like to adopt most of your suggestions but will first have to add cards to the shopping list. In particular, I'll look to get my hands on a couple Weathered Wayfarer and a full playset of Path to Exile. Once I get my hands on them, what would you recommend I cut to put them in? Student of Warfare, Celestial Mantle, Sphere of Safety, and Authority of the Consuls have been great additions that have won me games and I'm hesitant to remove them.

Gold Myr seems interesting. I'll definitely try it out. I will cut Heliod, God of the Sun for other cards. Akroma, Angel of Wrath has been worth it so far as an extra body on field, although I'll keep Akroma's Memorial in mind.

Great sideboard help. Rest in Peace, Mirran Crusader, and Stony Silence will definitely get in there, as well as Leyline of Sanctity if and when I can afford it. Is there any reason why you suggested Cast Out over cheaper removal like Banishing Light? Stasis Snare is already present for Flash.

PickleNutz on Myth Mortals

1 week ago

Mentor of the Meek would actually benefit you in this deck since the bulk of your creatures would fit into its triggered ability. It would also give you the chance to draw cards, and that is one of the most important tools to have at your disposal in a game based mostly on chance. Launch the Fleet could be easily replaced by Spectral Procession also. For three white mama you can have three 1/1 fliers as opposed to having to attack with three creatures, paying three mana, and creating three non-fliers. Banishing Light and the cards that are similar, are all good, but Path to Exile has no stipulations to it. Path to Exile has a negative effect, giving an opponent mana, but exiling a creature for one mana as an instant makes up for the negative effect. Honor of the Pure could replace Hall of Triumph since the majority of your creature spells are white to begin with. It's a cheaper card to cast as well. Godsend may be fun to try out in this deck as well. Since this is your first deck, you probably don't want to change too much of its focus, rather than just improve on it as time goes. So, that's really the only additives I have for you.

Karzalar on Oketra's Choir

1 week ago

With that many plains, Emeria, The Sky Ruin? Its synergy with, let's say, Sun Titan is overwhelming.

Some other options for removal : Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Condemn, Oblation, Austere Command, End Hostilities, Hour of Reckoning, Martial Coup...

Card draw : Not a lot in here since monowhite, but.. Mind's Eye, Dreamstone Hedron, Hedron Archive

Bombs : Iona, Shield of Emeria, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Secure the Wastes...

Enchantments : Sphere of Safety, Ghostly Prison, True Conviction.

Hope some of those might be useful to you!


Karzalar on Lifelink to the max

1 week ago

Are you intending to keep it very low budget? If that's the case, that's fine.

Some budget suggestions :

Cathars' Crusade to make every creature bigger;

Soul's Attendant is another Soul Warden. Suture Priest is a versatile life-changer.

Gifted Aetherborn is a Vampire Nighthawk for one mana less, without flying.

Staff of the Death Magus / Staff of the Sun Magus for lifegain for everything you do.

Pristine Talisman because gaining life when tapping for mana is the best of both worlds.

Some removal would include Anguished Unmaking, Banishing Light, Utter End...

Also, Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim should have a spot in here. Zulaport Cutthroat and Blood Artist to punish those who remove your creatures!

Rzepkanut on Samut's true power

2 weeks ago

Well as far as changes go... I think i would cut the soul-bond creatures. Also I'm not really a fan of the fog effects or indestructible effects or pillow fort kinda enchantments because they are too defensive. I think this deck seems like it should be more of an offensive aggro deck. Personally I am not usually impressed by small size burn spells in EDH. They are okay but I like more power in my spot removal if it's at all possible. Most important threats in EDH can't be dealt with by doing two or three damage to them anyways. If you want to run just a few silver bullets to replace all the lower impact defensive cards i think of things like Angel of Sanctions, Quarantine Field, Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light, Grasp of Fate & Council's Judgment which are all very versatile. If you plan on having Anthem effects to pump up all your creatures you could think about switching your aura based Mana ramp to creature based Mana dorks. Lol I guess that's lots of changes. Good luck I'm interested to see where it goes.

Rzepkanut on Stax, the magic cure

3 weeks ago

Suppression Field can singlehandedly shut down some decks too. And just for completion sake Oblivion Ring & Banishing Light are other quality removal spells to tutor for. Cheers.

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