Thing in the Ice


Awoken Horror


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Thing in the Ice

Creature — Horror


Thing in the Ice enters the battlefield with four ice counters on it.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, remove an ice counter from Thing in the Ice. Then if it has no ice counters on it, transform it.

Thing in the Ice Discussion

Femme_Fatale on List of Bugs and Feature ...

1 hour ago

Ahdor: It's probably because you are using cards that have the most printing in a from the vault set. As an example: Thing in the Ice  Flip. Link to the set that the cards were first reprinted in and you'll be fine.

Vanquishermm on Draw a Card, Win the Game

3 days ago

winden02, thanks for the tip! It seems smart to add the redundancy. If nothing else, then it would lessen the chance that I have to discard something I want to keep while casting Faithless Looting . If I do test it, I would swap out Thing in the Ice  Flip for 4 copies of Niv-Mizzet, Parun . I feel like have 8x Niv would also make running Thought Scour possible. As my deck stands now, needing 33% of my combo in the grave makes it risky to cast Thought Scour , if I discard a Goryo's Vengeance or a Curiosity , it hurts. Adding another playset of Niv would lower the odds that I get rid of a piece that I want in my hand. It would lower from 66% to 50%. Losing out on Thing in the Ice  Flip could hurt if I cant find the combo, but adding that redundancy could make the combo easier to find. In testing, I'll swap out 3x Opt for 3x Thought Scour , Thing in the Ice  Flip for Niv-Mizzet, Parun and maybe take out a Remand or a Spell Pierce for another Lightning Axe . It's definitely a cool concept, it might be speedy enough to work well! Thanks for the tip, it made me think a lot.

Side note, if you are interested in a cool detail I recently found out about Goryo's Vengeance The text on the card reads "Exile it (the creature) at the beginning of the next end step." So, you can cast the spell on your opponents end step, and bring back Niv. You don't have to sacrifice him until the beginning of the next end step, so you get Niv for your whole turn. For Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind this doesn't really change much, but it makes starting the combo with Niv-Mizzet, Parun so much easier. When you start your turn, you'll have the mana to enchant him with Curiosity , and mana left over to cast an instant or sorcery. Even if you have no instants or sorceries in hand, all you have to do to start the combo is enchant him before you draw for turn. Then, draw for turn, and start the combo. Parun still isn't as efficient as the Firemind, but if you bring him back on your opponents end step, you can start the combo no problem.

I hope that was at least slightly interesting for ya. And thanks again, I'll let you know how testing the redundancy pans out!

Funkydiscogod on Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

1 week ago

M_Malcom No, unlike the previous Saheeli Rai , this one doesn't create a token copy, so she can't trigger ETB effects.

Gagra5 The ability that transforms Thing in the Ice  Flip requires an instant or sorcery to trigger, even if there are no counters on it.

Gagra5 on Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

1 week ago

These are all really sweet ideas thank all of you can any one tell me how her down tick works with Thing in the Ice  Flip Can you do the thespian stage dark depths trick like the artifact becomes a copy if thing in the ice but it didnt enter the battlefield so it imeaditly flips ??

RyH110 on Mono Green Stompy

1 week ago

heckproof : I find myself playing against lots of different decks, but some of the slightly more common opponents include Tron variants, Blue/White control variants, Izzet Phoenix, and some Ad Nauseam. I don't go against any one deck too often though, and there is a decent variety overall. One important note is that due to Phoenix's popularity overall as a deck, graveyard hate is incredibly important to have at the very least in the sideboard, and main deck is often a positive as well. Damping Sphere is an all star due to its ability to slow Tron deck to a crawl, while also being strong against Phoenix decks by stopping their rapid fire spell plan. In general I find Blue White control to be a winnable match, but is often a hard one to sideboard for as you want to keep the speed of the deck, but also find ways to grant it further resilience. Overall the sideboard will shift over time depending on what you find yourself playing against most often, and same goes with some of the main board.

Some things I have found: Opposing creature based aggro decks are often decided based on if you can land a Pelt Collector or an Experiment One and grow them. Strangleroot Geist is very string in these matches. Also, burn is actually a favorable match-up in general, and most of my losses to burn come at the hands of losing the die roll and a turn one Goblin Guide . Tron is a match that is winnable, but often I'll find myself losing game one and winning the next two games off the back of Damping Sphere , or winning because they didn't have turn three Tron. Arclight Phoenix decks are generally through graveyard hate, so it really comes down to how much you have. Also it is important to be able to kill Thing in the Ice  Flip pre transformation, so Dismember is nice. Azorius control is a often a bad match up due to the amount of anti aggro style cards that are in the main board if the deck, and Vines of Vastwood is strong. Heroic Intervention is great in this match-up, but often their board wipes circumvent indestructible. Ad Nauseum is probably the best match up, as you are able to usually be fast enough to kill them before they combo off.

lagotripha on Dripping-Gargadon

1 week ago

While garagadon doesn't interact with hex parasite like that, it does like having a lot of bodies to sac, and interactions with persist and undying make Geralf's Messenger or Kitchen Finks combos a little smoother, providing an alternative 1 mana outlet to the usual Viscera Seer .

For cards that do interact with parasite, the most notable Dark Depths has been banned a long time ago due to Vampire Hexmage and Thespian's Stage making it too strong. Lost Auramancers , Quicksilver Fountain , Thing in the Ice  Flip and the ahmonket 'drop -1-1 counters on your creatures' cards are all interesting options.

Zubera tribal similarly has some pretty amazing lists built around Return to the Ranks and similar 'mass res' spells.

Ihazadeck on Mono U Tempo!!!! The Mono blue deck I like

2 weeks ago

i played a bloo tempo deck that ran 4 Disrupting Shoal , i also ran no delver or curious but i did play Thing in the Ice  Flip and a few copies of Hieroglyphic Illumination . This list reminded me of it. Since you have Tempest Djinn and a few other 2 drops you could probably run the shoals. At the momment i do have a list thats very similar to this, its fun. you get a plus 1 from me

Squirrelbacon on Fling In The Ice (MODERN)

2 weeks ago

I don't think so. The timing of the triggers would be really weird...

Thing in the Ice  Flip enters with 4 Ice counters on itself. The card says whenever you cast a spell, remove a counter from TiTi ( Fate Transfer still on the stack). Then, if there are no counters on TiTi, you flip it ( Fate Transfer still hasn't resolved, and TiTi has 3 Ice counters remaining). Then, Fate Transfer resolves and you get to MOVE counters to another creature, so you also need a second creature to target and not be killed in response to the targeting. If the spell resolves and the counters are moved, TiTi will then have 0 ice counters on it, and when you cast your next spell TiTi will check for Ice counters and the flip trigger will go on the stack.

Here's the text from the rules page also about flipping with spells

"...When Thing in the Ice’s triggered ability removes the last counter from it, Awoken Horror’s ability will trigger and resolve before the spell that caused Thing in the Ice’s last ability to trigger..."

Not trying to over kill it, I just want to be clear since TiTi is a realllllllly weird card to understand!

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Thing in the Ice occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.19%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%