Thing in the Ice


Awoken Horror


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Thing in the Ice

Creature — Horror


Thing in the Ice enters the battlefield with four ice counters on it.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, remove an ice counter from Thing in the Ice. Then if it has no ice counters on it, transform it.

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Thing in the Ice Discussion

MagicTroll on U/B DuskCrank Combo

2 hours ago

I started with a similar deck but found that without interacting with you OPP they have a huge advantage, if all you doing is counter spelling, then their Thing in the Ice  Flip flips and messes up your plans. I really like Mill and have been trying to get it to work. I would run Surgical Extraction mainboard because if you Mill something valuable early or they use a card you don't want to see the rest of the game its my top choice.

If you like mill check out my deck Jace, thing in the Mill

Pleaning on Here, have some tokens.

3 days ago

That is a pretty good idea, thanks. I've already begun to put a list together

After looking around for some ideas, I came to a realization and I would appreciate some clarification as to whether or not I am correct...

If I have a Torpor Orb out and then cast a Thing in the Ice  Flip, will it enter the battlefield with no counters on it and then transform when I next cast an instant or sorcery? It wouldn't make sense for i to immediately transform due to the way the rules are worded but I am still unsure.

If I am reading this correctly, then my three copies of Thing in the Ice can also potentially find a home.

Chungus2 on Kill Fiend

1 week ago

instead of Nivix Cyclops , you should either run Pteramander of Thing in the Ice  Flip, as those cheaper cards to cast, fitting more with your aggro build. You could also replace delver with Pteramander as it will most likely give you a 5/5 flyer instead of a 3/2 flyer. You can check out my decklist for ideas- Kiln Fiend

MagicTroll on Jace, the thing in the Mill

2 weeks ago

You can see the Oboro, Palace in the Clouds made it in, but Fraying Sanity is too slow, crazy sounding I know but for the same three I can Mind Funeral and the game should be close by that point. running it with Thing in the Ice  Flip is consistently getting lots of mill and a turn 4 flip/ test it out and let me know.

hungry000 on

3 weeks ago

Love the name lol. I believe it's best to play all the Faithless Looting s; it's the most consistent way to get spells in the gy. 1 or 2 Collective Brutality also seems like a must, probably in place of a Terminate and Risk Factor.

This is just a thought, but personally I'd lessen the amount of black in the deck (keep like 1 land for Angler and Brutality) and play more cantrips like Opt in the black removal spots and Thing in the Ice  Flip instead of Snapcaster. Thing makes up for less removal, more cantrips make for easier Pteramander activations, and it's less painful.

Meeknomore on Copy Cat

3 weeks ago

dragonforce60 thank you for taking time to give some suggestions. I'll start by saying that while I am looking to make the deck modern legal, I'm not worried about making it competitive.

As a player, i generally avoid counterspells. Useful as they may be, I find them annoying. That being said, I can't overlook the possibility. I like Mana Leak as a potential include, maybe even x3 Voidslime , though most likely sideboard rather then main. I'm not looking to splash any other colors, as that would disrupt the mana base and consistency.

However! I do really like the idea of including the mana dorks. I'm not going to pull the Rampant Growth , but I will play around with swapping Sakura-Tribe Elder and Coiling Oracle with a few dorks, see how that plays out.

I'm glad that you like the combo, and I'll say this: Thing in the Ice  Flip is a great replacement. I did some test runs with them proxied in and while it takes little more effort, being that even with copies in play with no counters, I still have to play a spell to trigger the transformation, the payoff is a lot better.

No worries on the expensive suggestions, anything sub $10 is something I consider feasible of it will have a big enough impact. I think the birds are worth the investment. I'm still trying to get my hands on x3 thing in the ice. I've got a Mana Drain that I'm trying to trade straight across, but no takers yet.

Chasmolinker on Rug Burn

1 month ago

Hey TheGreatSlob. Thing in the Ice  Flip is a great card. I chose the name because the first thing that came to mind when I saw RUG (AKA Temur) was RUG-Burn. No real intention on burning out wins.

I've made some considerable changes since your suggestion, (based on your suggestion). Not much Green left in the deck. My initial objective was to make a Goyf / Snap / Pyromancer deck. This build is more concentrated than the original build IMO.

GeminiSpartanX on advice from 8 rack players ...

1 month ago

Bridge is good against their Thing in the Ice  Flip plan, but to be honest I haven't played that matchup yet so I'm not certain how well it plays out. They don't have tons of threats so if you find a surgical for their phoenixes, dealing with the remaining TitIs shouldn't be too terrible.

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Thing in the Ice occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Blue: 0.07%

Izzet: 0.04%

Simic: 0.02%

Dimir: 0.02%

Grixis: 0.02%


All decks: 0.09%

Blue: 0.3%

Dimir: 0.13%

Izzet: 0.61%

Temur: 0.7%

Grixis: 0.1%

Ink-Treader: 0.25%


All decks: 0.02%