Thing in the Ice

Creature — Horror


Thing in the Ice enters the battlefield with four ice counters on it.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, remove an ice counter from Thing in the Ice. Then if it has no ice counters on it, transform it.

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Thing in the Ice Discussion

amh62993 on Atraxa's horrors

1 hour ago

@TrillMill I still play the deck, but I've found that if you can't keep atraxa out the deck struggles. As Foretold will help you keep her out. Cloning abilities are important since most horrors are nonlegends and because people will be playing stronger creatures in the late game.

If you intend to use counters as part of your strategy then make sure you have ways to protect your horrors, such as Asceticism, Golgari Charm, etc.

I have found that the utility horrors such as the lieges, Spellskite, Thing in the Ice  Flip and even Metallic Mimic always are large factors in how well I do in a game. If you can copy the lieges, then Atraxa almost turns into a voltron commander. Anyway good luck brewing and feel free to leave a link to your list for me to take a look at.

Catpocolypse on WUBeR

3 days ago

Np for the feedback. I realized that you lack a alternate win con. Say that they Surgical Extraction you Thing in the Ice  Flip. You are countering they're stuff, prolonging the game for no reason. I'm thinking something along the lines of -2 Young Pyromancer, +2 Pearl Lake Ancient or another common control win condition.

Congrats on going to Nationals btw.

Catpocolypse on WUBeR

3 days ago

Maybe Nihil Spellbomb to bring in some graveyard hate. It is in your curve too. I was also think about Hero's Downfall. 3 mana straight kill spell with no downsides that can also target planeswalkers? Thats pretty good and only 1 mana above your given curve. Cryptic Command might work as it actually counters the spell and draw you a card. The only think with that is that you only play 20 land which is fine with this curve, but if you miss a couple land drops you could find that you simply don't have the mana to cast Cryptic Command. Also, what about elves? I'm pretty sure that they are still a thing. You can cast 1 spell on turn 1, 2 spells on turn 2 etc. They can cast 1 spell on turn 1, 3 spells on turn 2, and six spell on turn 3, given that all the spells are mana dorks. That just does seem like something you can keep up with. You can't flip Thing in the Ice  Flip until turn 4(I think). Elves could easily have killed you by then, overloading the baord with just too much to counter or kill.

Catpocolypse on WUBeR

4 days ago

What abut Living End? If they Bloodbraid Elf into a Living End you seem to be in trouble with your lack of board state. Thing in the Ice  Flip woundn't even be able to help you because it would just be killed, flipped or not. You would need a counter spell and all your counter spells just put it back in their hand. They can just cast Bloodbraid Elf again and again until you run out of counter spells. You seem to be royally screwed if they take out your Thing in the Ice  Flip until you draw another. I also have a mono green Eldrazi ramp deck:Wait, There are Eldrazi in this? and and it has some insane ramp using Vernal Bloom. If I can ramp into Primeval Titan early game, you are in a tight spot simply because of all the mana I would have at my disposal.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Shoal of Secrets

5 days ago

Dang this deck is smooth. I playtested it once vs my Grixis Delver. I don't think I played either side of the matchup correctly, but this deck beat my turn 1 Delver. I agree that this will be maddening to learn to pilot. But it seems powerful enough.

My current concern is that Nimble Obstructionist isn't good enough. Although it's expensive, a 4th Snap seems like it would be much better. The Tappedout pricing of decks is always an over-estimate. Just by tcgplayer mass entry you can get the deck for $410. If you are okay with worse condition cards or get cards from facebook instead, I bet you could get the deck with 4 snaps for under $400. Maybe even less. I've had amazing luck with facebook trading/buying. You can almost always get 15% less than tcg low per condition when buying cards on facebook.

But for this meta, it's hard to say how the deck would line up. It looks like Thing in the Ice  Flip is your best or only out to a lot of decks. For example, I think you win if you flip Thing against Hollow One, but lose otherwise.

But sadly, I agree that Esper doesn't have what it takes in this meta. BUT I wouldn't be surprised to see a Stoneforge Mystic unban at some point, which could make Esper stoneblade a deck. I'll probably play Esper or Jeskai delver post-unbanning if it happens. Only problem for me is that Sword of Fire and Ice is so expensive, and it'd be an auto-include I think.

Mdmaster13 on *Incoherent Angry Screaming*

2 weeks ago

I think the addition of Noxious Revival is clever, and solid if you hit the right card. Mutagenic Growth into Opt into Noxious Revival into Mutagenic Growth is a flipped Thing in the Ice  Flip for 6 life and 1 mana. Apostle's Blessing isn't bad per say, but if I still have to pay 1 for it, Blossoming Defense remains better in my eyes. Even if you do simply run Izzet over Temur, Dive Down remains a viable option, they both have merrits and I think it comes down to a judgement call, blessing can help prevent blocking but DD ensures safety against removal in multiple colors.

apiesdeathbylasers on SpellHeart Rush

2 weeks ago

Hey AdamChafee, thanks for the feedback. I actually hadn't thought of Cathartic Reunion or Tormenting Voice. Definitely gonna replace Divination now. To be honest, when I say budget, that mostly means 90% of my cards are in another state and this is what I'm working with on hand. As for Enigma Drake, you bring up very good points, but I prefer having Trample rather then not. Will definitely be putting in the sideboard though, for the option. So far Fevered Visions has proven more useful then not. I do agree it's double edged though.

Power Blitz is pretty cool. Thing in the Ice  Flip is an interesting addition.

MadShot on Izzet Delver

3 weeks ago

RightyLefty Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the late reply; I took a long break from this deck after my final exams. Anyway, Bedlam Reveler is a fantastic card and I heavily considered it in the initial stages of this deck's construction. Unfortunately, I can not justify pairing it with cards such as Grim Lavamancer and Snapcaster Mage. However, it could see some success in a (possibly budget) decklist that runs some combination of Thing in the Ice  Flip, Enigma Drake, Cryptic Serpent, and Thought Scour.

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