Fractured Identity

Fractured Identity


Exile target nonland permanent. Each player other than its controller creates a token that's a copy of it.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Fractured Identity occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Fractured Identity Discussion

Gleeock on First EDH deck tips

1 month ago

Not sure how many staples Pramikon, Sky Rampart truly runs with. It is a little "off-the-beaten path"... Which makes it a great choice. Orzhov Advokist may keep your opponents fighting & has a pillow aspect. Duelist's Heritage makes you buff even for opponent's creature. Bloodthirsty Blade rules - it garners less hate than true removal & sticks around after most boardwipes. Fractured Identity is amazing for Prami, whatever player is attacking you with some bomb-creature will lose that creature & all your opponents now have ammunition to bash each other. I don't know a ton about pillowforting though, not usually my playstyle.

Epicurus on Infinite Loops

3 months ago

fadelightningmm, you mention that people like me shouldn't complain, but you end by mentioning something that isn't fun. I'm not pointing this out to belittle you or to be a troll, but just to show that each of us have our limits as to what defines fun. As many of you have pointed out, repeatedly, what is fun is subjective. And, again, exactly what I asked for in the original post was opinion. I declared myself as biased from the start only to give everyone a perspective from which to begin the conversation. I don't enjoy infinite loop decks. I see them everywhere, though, so I wanted to get a broader scope on how other players felt about them to see if I was in the majority opinion. Albeit small sample size thus far, but for now it's slightly in favor of the loops.

However, that analysis is possibly errant. I'm talking about infinite loops here, not combos. Using Channel in the original post was perhaps a bad example. Channel-fireball decks were not infinite loops. They were draw percentage decks. By the same token, your Fractured Identity/Phage the Untouchable deck was a combo deck, not an infinite loop. Infinite loop is Elf Alarm. It's Heliod Ballista. It's infinite mana, infinite mill, infinite tokens (all with haste), infinite damage, etc, sometimes multiplies of each, sometimes using as few as two spells, such as it is with Heliod Ballista.

Now, I can certainly respect what Gidgetimer said. I suppose I'm oversimplifying things by my characterization of a tutor-to-infinite deck. In EDH, certainly it takes some skill in design, assuming you're not just ripping it off of EDHREC card-for-card. Even then it takes some skill in execution. To be perfectly honest, I've not been playing EDH for nearly as long as... probably any of y'all. I did play "Highlander" sometimes way back in the 90s, but that was a completely different thing altogether. We're talking about 99 card libraries here, so yeah, I get it. It's entirely possible that I'm underestimating how difficult it is to get exactly those two spells out in a game. If so, then all these players I encounter at the shops are all aces, because they sure do make it look pretty easy.

I also just want to point out, because of a repeated sentiment in this thread, that not all of the decks I build are stompy spike decks full of "how many creatures can I put out, and how big." I like to play control, and I like to be creative with the build of it. I like to figure out weird synergies that cause stack chains. I like spellslinger decks. And, yes, I also like big stompy spike decks full of a ton of big creatures, but even those can be creative (reference: Cemetery Smash). In other words, I also enjoy the design part of the game. I've even built combo decks, insta-win decks and infinite loop decks before.

Sorry, can you tell this topic has been on my mind too much recently? Baha, sorry for the novel, y'all.

fadelightningmm on Infinite Loops

3 months ago

I started playing magic a long time ago (about 16 years ago), and in the beginning I was your typical Timmy and loved swinging in with big creatures. Insane combat math was always my favorite thing to puzzle out.

A few years ago when dominaria released a friend suggested that I try storm because my favorite part was the math in combat. I took him up on the offer and built Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain and loved it. Since then a lot of the decks I have built have been combo decks. There is something vastly different about playing combo versus playing against combo. A seasoned combo player will almost make combos look effortless, but in reality it is much more demanding to find opportunities to do things(assuming it’s not a boring oops I win combo). There are a ton of combo decks out there but they aren’t as bad as people say. As Yisan (great name btw) mentioned it’s cool to pull off the unexpected combo win, but afterwards shuffle up a different deck. Sometimes when you run combo you don’t pull off your combo for a long time ex. I have a Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign deck that tries to win with Fractured Identity and Phage the Untouchable. I’ve had the deck since C18 released and finally pulled off the combo this past Saturday. Combo feels like a really cool achievement and once you pull it off you move on to check off another thing on the list.

Attrition games are fun, but they can take forever. If you’re behind in a game of attrition it can be no fun. At least combo allows for less of the extended I’m behind feel bads. Also you can make some really good attrition based combo decks. Look at any stax based deck for that matter.

I think too many people in the magic community like to complain about things. It’s fine to not like something, but it doesn’t make others wrong for wanting to play that style of game. Pre-game communication can help lessen the feel bads of losing to combo, infect, or voltron. Talk to the group if you want a combo free game discuss that with them.

In the end I guess what I’m trying to say is combo is a legitimate play style. Things change over time. Some things like Channel enable a combo far too easily (something like Flash could also be in this category too) should be banned. Starting a game and immediately ending it isn’t fun (sorry cEDH community).

griffstick on Help with Long Game Voltron ...

3 months ago

You could grab Novablast Wurm and Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and keep board wiping.

You could grab Archetype of Imagination and Craterhoof Behemoth and swing for a bunch unblocked.

You could grab Leveler and Laboratory Maniac. And if you play that combo play Fractured Identity and give all your opponents a Leveler for the win.

You could grab Deadeye Navigator and Acidic Slime southbound them together and blink the fuck out of the slime.

There is so many combos that I dont know. Just do some research.

iammute on Roon's Manifest Destiny

5 months ago

The trick to avoid Leveler ’s etb doesn’t work. Only cards with morph can be turned faced up by paying their morph cost (unless I am missing another interaction here.

If you cast Leveler and Fractured Identity in the same turn it shouldn’t matter any way. Your opponents will draw from an empty deck and lose before you do.

Metachemist on Alela, Sword Provocator

6 months ago

While she is off tribal, might as well put in Phage the Untouchable in there. Running her with Fractured Identity is an auto win con, and since you're not running tutors, it's not too game breaking.

Would recommend cutting Faerie Formation as it's not very mana efficient.

If Phage isn't to your liking I'd still suggest cutting Formation in favor of Anointed Procession

jconeil1988 on Alela, Sword Provocator

6 months ago

You can probably drop a land for Animist And I'm not too much of a fan of Fractured Identity . Sure, you remove a threat and create one for yourself, but in a four man pod, now you have two other threats you just created on the opposite side of the battlefield.

king-saproling on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

7 months ago

WHOOPS that should be Fractured Identity . Thanks pidyon!!

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