Fractured Identity


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Fractured Identity


Exile target nonland permanent. Each player other than its controller creates a token that's a copy of it.

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Fractured Identity Discussion

masterx25 on Odd One Out

2 weeks ago

Played 2 games at my LGS commander club against other casual decks.

Won the first game to my surprise. Used Fractured Identity to steal my opponents Omnath, Locus of Rage. Than proceed to rain lands using Isolated Watchtower and Land Tax to fill the board with 5/5 Elementals. Mind's Dilation allowed me to steal my opponents permanents (many were good ones), reaching a peaking point where threat assessment was near impossible. Won through overwhelming creatures.
Though to be honest, think this one was luck.

Lost the 2nd game, but made an amazing come back mid-game as I was stuck with no Swamp for 10+ turns (I fixed the mana issue after this game), unable to play most of my hand. I was still able to remove major threats, but remain insignificant enough that they ignored me. Loss truly came after my opponent destroyed all permanents (including lands) on the battlefield, resetting the board, and with the lowest life (cause I became the largest threat prior to that), I was at a huge disadvantage.

Satisfied with the performance of the deck so far, as it has provided some very chaotic, but fun games.

OP_Sigma on A Question Of Time [[EDH]]

3 weeks ago

Im not a fan of Fractured Identity , Starfield of Nyx recursion yes but weak to wipes, Archon of Valor's Reach and not sure about The Chain Veil since you only have 1 planewalker.

RazortoothMtg on Loser (WIP)

1 month ago

So I see you have Harmless Offering and Donate and a few of the good targets for them, but what about the O.G Lich, Forbidden Crypt, Immortal Coil, or Nefarious Lich? The lich's are probably a bit hard on the manabase, but Coil is easy to kill people with: 1 Bojuka Bog or Tormod's Crypt suddenly turns into Door to Nothingness.

For additional loss spells, Death Wish does literally nothing in commander except lose half your life. Seems decent.

Also, Nivmagus Elemental and Platinum Angel are good ways to stop your own copies of these bad spells if you find them necessary.

Too bad you aren't in White or Transcendence and Fractured Identity + Phage the Untouchable would be perfect.

Anyway, cool deck! Didn't have time to really look at everything, but thought I'd throw some suggestions at you.

Benzil on Highlander U/W Control

2 months ago

Another suggestion might be to take out Stifle and put in Nimble Obstructionist. It's 2 mana more to cycle and get the Stifle effect, but in a match where you have no need for it, it's just a 3/1 flier with Flash which is still fairly okay.

Also consider Fractured Identity, it's arguably better than something like Control Magic because it hits more targets and they never get back what you stole from them as you've exiled it. I've never felt bad playing it.

FenIsABasicSwamp on Gwafa Hazid, IRS agent

3 months ago




1.Curse of Vitality almost no reason to ever play this card

2.Martial Law doesn't scale well enough in EDH

3.Rhystic Circle isn't going to protect you enough from big swings

4.Rhystic Deluge same story. You have enough of these effects and they're are unconditional ways to do this.

5.Azorius Charm isn't good enough. Play Path, AEtherize, or AEtherspouts

6.Distant Memories

7.Tempt with Reflections why?


Adds to consider:


1.Solemnity + Decree of Silence

2.Inexorable Tide

3.Sun Titan

4.Blazing Archon

5.Fractured Identity

6.Mesa Enchantress

7.Sphinx's Revelation

8.Drogskol Reaver

9.Solemn Simulacrum

10.Sword of the Animist

11.Caged Sun

12.Mistveil Plains

teh_grimness on Atraxa’s Answer

4 months ago

If you are gonna run phage, you should run Fractured Identity and make her an even better win con

Rzepkanut on Need Disruption/Semi-Wrath That Also Provides ...

6 months ago

Rhystic Study is like the king of this idea right? Theft abilities (especially Treachery and Bribery, & Desertion) can also have the desired kind of tempo effect on the game. Supplant Form, Phyrexian Ingester and Duplicant are similar too. Primal Command bounce a permanent and tutor is a great tempo play. Mwonvuli Acid-Moss & Annex are great 2 for 1 ramp & tempo spells. I'm a big fan of Profaner of the Dead as a mass bouncer, could be kinda similar to the Expertise. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is a great card to mess with people and get ahead on board simultaneously. ....Too bad Sylvan Primordial, Sire of Stagnation and Fractured Identity aren't options, they would be great fits.

cdkime on Nekusar Reformed? help

7 months ago

Since Fractured Identity is not in Nekusar's colour identity, I presume you are using a different commander? Since I did not know which colours you would be running, I did not limit my search by colour.

Abundance is prevents damage by having players receive cards without ever drawing them.

Island Sanctuary does not give players card advantage, but it gives them the option of forgoing their draws for a slight boon.

Obstinate Familiar - provides the option of skipping draws.

Parallel Thoughts - Allows players to chose their best cards and "draw" them without actually drawing.

Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar - allows opponents to engineer strong draws, without ever actually drawing a card.

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