Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Common

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As an additional cost to cast Raze, sacrifice a land.

Destroy target land.

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Raze Discussion

redtwister on BR Land Destruction Control

1 month ago

Raze is there because it is cheap, however I am indeed on the fence about it. I don't know if I actually like it. Of course, I would play Sinkhole, but it is not a common in MTGO, and our paper league at the shop follows MTGO rules.

I have effectively 17 removal spells at the moment between actual removal and deathtouch, and both Chainer's Edict and Stinkweed Imp can recur (flashback and dredge), so that is like having another 5 removal spells over the course of a very long game. Adding two more that also up my reach through burn seems totally reasonable.

I'm not sure if I want to drop my land destruction density below 12 though. Hitting that frequently enough to really be a game plan feels important to the efficacy of the deck.

Profet93 on BR Land Destruction Control

1 month ago

Hey! I love your deck! +! from me! Raze seems weak. I recommend either Sinkhole or Chain Lightning

I have one quite like it Burn the Land and the Hand and I'd love your input

Bengernaut on It's Ok you can have it.

6 months ago

Journeytodiscoverychannel No problem. I was planning on playtesting your deck this weekend and making some tweaks based on issues that I saw. If I notice anything I'll comment again.

As far as Strip Mine and Raze go, you could be right. I did some research before purchasing the combo and was pretty sure I was correct. I also played with some friends who are much more into the specifics of the rules than I am and they seemed to be ok with the combo. Obviously, anecdotes are poor support but still, it's what I have to run with haha. My understanding is that you can tap the Strip Mine as it's being sacrificed for Raze's payment. If you find that to not be the case, please reach out and let me know?


Journeytodiscoverychannel on It's Ok you can have it.

6 months ago

Bengernaut Thanks for the comments and suggestions man. I'm not so sure that the Strip Mine and Raze would work that way? I could be wrong but the sacrificing of Strip mine is used as payment to use its ability. like i said I could Be wrong.

I have yet to actually build this deck so I don't have an idea of how it truely works.. Looks good on paper but Once I build it I know there will be changes I will have to make. I will definitely keep these in mind when I get to actually play test it.

Bengernaut on It's Ok you can have it.

6 months ago

This is really an amazing deck. I had been working on my own similar deck but wasn't familiar with enough trolly cards to make it work. I also suck at making efficient decks, so there's that. I hope you don't mind if I add this to my folder and maybe make tweaks to it as I go?

In your comments you asked how to stall for the first few turns. In my land destruction deck, which is a whole different level of troll, I like to stall the first few turns with Strip Mine and Raze. With this you can destroy two target lands on turn 2 by using Strip Mine before sacrificing it. The downside here, of course, is that you are also down one mana at that point. Alternatively, a similar approach would be a turn one single land destruction by playing Darksteel Citadel + discarding Simian Spirit Guide from hand + playing Raze. Doing so gives you the land destruction without losing your own land. The downside however is you are now talking about replacing a significant number of your available deck slots. I personally prefer the first of the two combos because it takes less deck space and the Strip Mine can be a looming threat, in addition to colorless mana, without needing any other land destruction cards.

In addition to Norn's Annex, if you decide to keep blue in your deck, Propaganda is another great way of stalling the enemy onslaught and requires your opponent to blow considerable mana if they event want to consider going after you.

Other good cards for stalling early can be Thoughtseize and/or Surgical Extraction. It also serves the additional purpose of protecting yourself long-term by discarding threats and then exiling them altogether from the opponent's entire library/graveyard/hand.

Something you might want to consider as well would be Dark Ritual. The additional mana can really give you the edge on the mana curve. If you need more red mana ramp consider Seething Song or Rite of Flame.

As an final suggestion, and then I'll shut up, how about Bronze Bombshell?

Adamaro on Zo-Zu Hates Your Lands

11 months ago

Thanks for the compliment Suaz14! Here are some more. Please excuse my need to recommend creature spells... It's my favorite card type. I'll be sure to include some non-creatures as well!

You'll probably want to be drawing cards while your opponents are forced to discard cards because they're missing land drops or just barely making the cut at 7 cards in hand. In any case Sandstone Oracle is a budget friendly draw spell. There are plenty of other better options too, but it was just a thought.

I'm not going to be cruel and "suggest" the cards above, that's a lot of clicking around for you to do. So I'll just leave the list here. Hopefully you see something that sparks some interest!

Lame_Duck on Raze effect

11 months ago

Please link all cards in your question: Evolving Wilds, Raze.

No; sacrificing the Evolving Wilds is part of the cost of using its ability or playing Raze and in the same way that you can't use the same mana to pay for multiple spells, you can't sacrifice the same permanent to pay the cost for multiple spells and abilities.

korydoran on Land Destroy and Ramp

1 year ago

I'd maybe consider throwing a Groundskeeper, Stoic Builder, or Harvest Wurm in there to get back the lands you lose from Raze, though you might not even need them. It would make Terravore less valuable but might be nice if you find Raze causing too many issues.

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