Skymarcher Aspirant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon

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Skymarcher Aspirant

Creature — Vampire Soldier

Ascend (If you control ten or more permanents, you get the city's blessing for the rest of the game.)

Skymarcher Aspirant has flying as long as you have the city's blessing.

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Skymarcher Aspirant Discussion

Wizardhat91 on WW Soldiers LowCost

3 weeks ago

Preeminent Captain can't chain its ability onto another Preeminent Captain, so I'm not sure if you want more of those. You'll dump your hand a little faster but the lack of card advantage hits you quickly. If it was me building it I would drop the Kor Skyfisher and Armored Ascension in favor of more 1-drop creatures. Some for your consideration are Soldier of the Pantheon, Dryad Militant, War Falcon, Skymarcher Aspirant and Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip. I would consider Light from Within and Return to the Ranks as finishers as well.

BioProfDude on RWDeathfromAbove

1 month ago

Yeah, I think your curve is way too high for creatures. Maybe make room for Sky Terror and Boros Challenger. I appreciate that you want to make an angels deck, but the converted mana costs are way too high. You need to get in some additional cards. Dauntless Bodyguard and Skymarcher Aspirant are good 1-drop creatures that could add early board state, and Dauntless Bodyguard can help protect an angel a bit later in the game.

Looks like a fun deck to play, but it looks slow. I think trimming angels down to make room for some more aggressive creatures would be good.

Cool concept, though! +1 from me!

silverspades on Boros Aggro GRN v2.0

1 month ago

WintersWrath So far Goblin Chainwhirler is pretty fair to cast most games, so I'd say he's fairly consistent and he allows creatures on an opponent's side to stay away from blocking if the 1 damage isn't killing them already, so I like the 'cripple' effect. However I still mull over the positives that Legion Warboss offers. While his raw stats are worse than Chainwhirler, it is still a creature that produces value every single turn and can also mentor while being mentored.

Other one drops I considered included Legion's Landing  Flip, Haazda Marshal Fanatical Firebrand and Skymarcher Aspirant. I'll break down why I would like to play them and what's keeping me from doing so right now.

Legion's Landing  Flip and Haazda Marshal are very similar in the fact that they reward attacking with 3 creatures and give lifelinking 1/1s. However Haazda Marshal by itself is very fragile, and while that isn't a point against is as a one drop, it is if we're playing another 1 drop Swiftblade Vindicator. Swiftblade has better value while attacking and better scaling potential so if we're keeping any 1/1's it's gonna be Swiftyboi.

Legion's Landing  Flip never made it into my decklist because it eventually competes with Path of Mettle  Flip's mana sink, both of which you ideally want to play on your opponent's end step. Sure you get a 1/1 lifelinker that can be mentored, and yes after flipping you can create more of these guys to do the same thing but there can be some dimishing returns and it ends up not being the greatest payoff or investment late game. We aim to kill our opponent fast and Landing feeds into more of a go wide, defensive strat.

Fanatical Firebrand is very aggressive, sure. He can come down turn 1 and start swinging, But my issue with him is kind of the same issue with Haazda. He doesn't scale too well although it can always block and ping your opponent for 1. Mentoring him is possible of course but I'd rather mentor Swiftblade if I ever had to choose between the two, and having a fat creature kill itself for 1 damage just doesn't sit right with me. This is my own personal opinion, however.

Skymarcher Aspirant I think is at the same level as Dauntless Bodyguard. It's an aggressive 1 drop with 2 power but I think her playability hinges on Legion Warboss being in, as he can produce creatures every combat, eventually ascending and making Skymarcher a flier. Without him in I just can't see ascenscion happening as fast as I would want it to where the flier matters. Dauntless Bodyguard does run into a problem in that, yes he's aggressive but if he is and plopping down t1 he's not protecting a damn thing, but at least with every conscutive turn that passes, that ability is more relevant. There's always something to protect.

molok on [GRN] Boros Mentor

1 month ago

I think the issue you'll have to resolve is that there isn't any good way to play 1-drops of 2 different colors, unless they share a creature type and can be supported by Unclaimed Territory. You'll want 14 untapped sources of a color to reliably have it T1, and the mana can't support that.

The solution is to make all your 1-drops the same color. I'd suggest white, with Skymarcher Aspirant and Dauntless Bodyguard. Goblin Banneret doesn't excite me much.

Then, it runs into the problem that your 2-drop mentor creatures aren't large enough to mentor your good two power 1-drops. So maybe use other more efficient 2-drops such as Knight of Grace. Then you have a pretty good knights shell going, and History of Benalia becomes more powerful than Militia Bugler in the 3-slot. You also get Skyknight Legionnaire as an evasive threat.

I'd stay away from Risk Factor because it doesn't really aid your main strategy.

SoulsSlayerKnight on Orzhov vamps FTW

2 months ago

Hi, not a bad deck, in fact it looks like it has a good potential. Everyone else already made great suggestions and I'm not to sure what else I could add in. I've made lots of vampire decks on here so if I have something to offer here's my only thoughts.

Try out Skymarcher Aspirant or keep duskbnorne skymarcher varying on your liking.

Call to the Feast sends lots of vamps out. That card builds up an army quick.

More radiant destiny is nice to. I can understand removal in a sense although if you think about it, vampire decks are meant to swarm with some removal on the side but not a whole bunch. 4 cards that can destroy creatures is usually enough per game as you'll usually draw two of them each game. Destiny improves lots upon vampires and you can't survive without having good anthem cards to help aid with that type of thing for defense. Otherwise my only suggestion otherwise would be to manage or switch things out between instant and sorceries to find what works best for you. Sheltering light can be replaced for more removal spells if you so desire.

Thats my opinion though, hope some of it may benefit you. Good luck with the deck building :)

SoulsSlayerKnight on WB Ixalan Vampires

2 months ago

(Bit to read, hope some of it helps :)

Hi, I enjoyed making vampire decks for a time as well and if possible I'd like to make a couple suggestions. Some budget, some not so budget but mostly budget wise since I believe thats what your going for.

Firstly, I really enjoy seeing your deck at the moment with a good creature base although moment of craving and triumph are two cards I'm a little bit different about, especially having three of them for both, craving in my opinion is the better one and triumph not bad but has uses later. I can see the theme of your deck is similar to one of mine with gain/drain. However, If I'm to suggest anything from those it'd be a Radiant Destiny if thats a card that interests you. Considering you have legion lieutenants out, destiny adds additional +1/+1 and has ascend where all those permanents out will grant you city's blessing. Thus also giving everything vigilance.

Secondly creature wise, I could suggest cards like Sanctum Seeker considering with all the vampires you'll have, he'll increase the life drain and gain strategy since whenever "a" vampire attacks, as long as he's out there you'll be draining the opponets life quickly while gaining as well. Seeing your going the only Ixalan route due to rotation, not much other creatures to suggest rather than Twilight Prophet but not the best card for an aggro deck. Another thing I can suggest is to keep duskborne or try out Skymarcher Aspirant, its a 2/1 instead and gains flying fast with cities blessing at the pace your running at.

Recommendations I have are to put in Radiant Destiny, maybe Queen's Commission?, also a Legion's Landing  Flip would be a great addition to the deck since it can net you good lifelink token vampires over time and it builds up quick.

Consider some removal options as well maybe? Walk the Plank for destroying creatures that aren't merfolk can benefit alot if your going up against mono-green or lots of tough flyers. It's saved me quite often.

I could also suggest Arterial Flow, Gruesome Fate, and not much else other than maybe a Champion of Dusk.

I hope something of these helps you out if your still updating the deck. Hope you have great luck with the deck building :). I love vampires and get carried away with writing about stuff but I've played them for a while when getting back into magic a year ago.

Other people made really good suggestions as well and I'd also take the advice from them as well.

hydrothermia on Give and Take

3 months ago

Okay, let's see what we can do to smooth out the mana curve and balanced mana sources. You have ZERO cards with a converted mana cost of three. You don't have to go by this. This is just my interpretation of what your goal for this deck is.

colinnzflakk on

3 months ago

I recommend adding Skymarcher Aspirant, as you can get the City's Blessing pretty easily with vampires and then you have a flyer. I'd cut Elenda, the Dusk Rose, as most meta decks are able to outrace you and get you down low enough to where Elenda won't serve any use. If you're going for more aggro, Vicious Conquistador is also a good one to get in with damage that can't be prevented. You can probably cut out a few lands if you cut out some of the four and five drops, but make sure to keep in at least two Sanctum Seeker, because that makes the deck very powerful. My deck runs 22 lands and doesn't run Champion of Dusk at all. If you're going for aggro and have a bunch of little vampires, you shouldn't need to worry about card draw, since you'll be drawing gas for most of the game regardless. If you want card draw, keep in the Dusk Legion Zealot. I'm sorry if this is a little too over the top and rude, I don't intend to come off that way. :)

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