Defiler of Faith

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Defiler of Faith

Creature — Phyrexian Human


As an additional cost to cast white permanent spells, you may pay 2 life. Those spells cost less to cast if you paid life this way. This effect reduces only the amount of white mana you pay.

Whenever you cast a white permanent spell, create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token.

OdinPlaysGames on Eternal Wanderer Oathbreaker

3 weeks ago


  1. Enchantments + Phyrexian Theme Phyrexian Censor Phyrexian Awakening

  2. More Infect + Toxic Support (& more Phyrexians) Priests of Norn Lost Leonin Shriek Raptor Tine Shrike

  3. Thematic Ramp Options Glistening Sphere Defiler of Faith

  4. Cards that should just be in this deck because they're good Smothering Tithe Mondrak, Glory Dominus Akroma's Will

TempestArmor on Adeline's Army

5 months ago

Looking good! At first I was worried that you have all these lords and just a single token producer, but then I saw that you're running a few good spot protection spells. I still think it's worth running a few others, like Cathar's Call, Cemetery Protector, and Defiler of Faith. Even cards like Haunted Library can put in lots of work!

The ramp is a bit fragile, Gold Myr is a bit of a hard sell to me. Maybe Wayfarer's Bauble and/or Keeper of the Accord? Definitely could use all the card draw you can get. I have a Tocasia's Welcome lying around that might fill in the gaps!

Overall, good effort. Focus on low-complexity, basic white combat fun stuff and you'll be golden!

--Love, Paul & Jon

H-E-N-R-Y on The Government

8 months ago

I didn't look super close at the list but here's a few that I saw that you might get a kick out of:

Entrapment Maneuver, Unbreakable Formation, Call the Coppercoats, Veteran Armorsmith, Darien, King of Kjeldor, Veteran Swordsmith, Prava of the Steel Legion, Mobilization, Ballyrush Banneret, Daru Warchief, Defiler of Faith, Horn of Valhalla, Valiant Veteran

Sorry if this has some things that are already there, I'm a little rushed atm

ArmchairRuler on Is Defiler of Faith's ability …

8 months ago

I am working on a Verrak, Warped Sengir deck and I wanted to Include Defiler of Faith and Defiler of Flesh in the deck. Verrak's ability states that it cannot be used with mana abilities, but neither of the Defilers directly produce mana as far as I can tell. Would I be able to pay the two life a second time to double dip on the cost reduction on these cards?

DawnsRayofLight on Cabaretti Cabaret

9 months ago

So with Jetmir, you want to go wide, you want to run as many fast creatures and cards that make more creatures as you possibly can.

Some suggestions

3-4x Mage's Attendant

2x The Wandering Emperor

3-4 Fable of the Mirror-Breaker  Flip

3x Professional Face-Breaker

2-3x Exhibition Magician

Citizen's Crowbar

Fleetfoot Dancer seems good

From Dominaria:

Defiler of Faith

Squee, Dubious Monarch

Resolute Reinforcements

Captain's Call

Queen Allenal of Ruadach

Tori D'Avenant, Fury Rider

you may want to run some of the Kamigawa lands like Boseiju, Who Endures, Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance, and Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire

I wish Jetmir had more support in standard, in modern and EDH he has access to a lot more fun cards. I do not know if there are any make X token cards in standard, I wish you could run Grand Crescendo. My Jetmir EDH can swing for around 100 damage by T5-6. Basically look for anything that can help you go wide while trying to keep the mana curve low.