Help Topic: Trading

Trading Guidelines

While TappedOut cannot guarantee a successful trade (legal statement!), here are some suggestions for making a trade go smoothly:

Golden Rule: Delivery Confirmation

Delivery confirmation is cheap! Less than a dollar.. always do it! ALWAYS get delivery confirmation and ALWAYS post it to the other person within 24 hours. NO EXCUSES. When?


Good. If you abide by this rule, everything will be fine.

Don't trade what you can't lose

Whether you get ripped off or whether the cards are truly lost in the mail. Accidents happen. Peope are lazy. If you aren't confident in the person you're dealing with--don't do it! The bigger the trust, the bigger the trade. No trust, no trade!

Don't spill your trade drama onto TappedOut

Trade drama is not allowed on TappedOut. YOU MAY ONLY TALK TRADES ON THE BINDER PAGE. TappedOut is not going to arbitrate in the event of loss. Be an adult even if you're not and don't rip people off, and everything will be fine. =). If you get ripped off, you will be angry. But don't spam your anger on my site, be polite and explain what happened on that user's binder page. If things get too heated I will block all parties from TappedOut for 72 hours.

Beware newbie accounts

People who create an account only to trade on TappedOut should be suspect. Beware.

Golden Rule II: Keep TappedOut Cool

We are all awesome people who love playing MTG. Since TappedOut has been running, nobody has had to be blocked and no comments have had to be deleted. That's because we're all cool. If you get ripped off, remember one thing: stay cool.