Auspicious Starrix

Auspicious Starrix

Creature — Elk Beast

Mutate (If you cast this spell for its mutate cost, put it ontop or underneath target non-Human creature you own. They mutate into the creature that is on top and that creature has all the abilities of every card that is underneath it.)

Whenever this creature mutates, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile X permanent cards, where X is the number of times this creature has mutated. Put those permanent cards onto the battlefield.

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Auspicious Starrix Discussion

Koplarski on Toski, God of Nuts

2 months ago

Toski is a blast to play! Some cards that I have in my personal Toski deck that work really well are Champion of Lambholt , Ohran Frostfang , and Cultivator of Blades .

Additionally, Toski makes a great creature to mutate! I run all of the mono-green mutate creatures:

Auspicious Starrix


Glowstone Recluse

Migratory Greathorn

Sawtusk Demolisher

With the amount of tokens you're making it might be worth looking at Doubling Season and Parallel Lives or other token doublers.

For lands, a Maze of Ith and Rogue's Passage can be very useful. If you add Maze of Ith, consider getting an Argothian Elder as well, since during combat you can create infinite Squirrel tokens using Squirrel Nest on a land and then the Elder to untap both the Maze and the Squirrel Nest land.

Minousmancer on SIMIC mutate KOSMOS

3 months ago

I'd drop 1x Gemrazer (Sideboard it) and add 1x Auspicious Starrix .

And maybe figure out a way to add in 4x Glowstone Recluse and 2x Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider . Spider for reach Predator to double Viv's loyalty counters and add +4+4 to the spider every time it mutates.

Minousmancer on Great Oak

4 months ago

I'd drop 2x Gemrazer and put them in the Sideboard you don't really need four when you can constantly mutate them.

Also I'd drop a Questing Beast as well.

And add three or four Auspicious Starrix .

Do you have any suggestions for Shokian Grove?

Minousmancer on

4 months ago

Glowstone Recluse + Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider = is insane.

Maybe replace Mysterious Egg With Pollywog Symbiote .

Maybe add a Hall of Oracles or two to help with protection from Heartless Act .

Maybe a couple Parcelbeast to help speed up your deck. Trade out 2x Gemrazer .

Good luck with whatever you decide to play with, and those were just my first thoughts looking at the deck. I love Auspicious Starrix !!! So powerful and so reasonable to cast.

BlackSharinganX on What happens to the mutated …

9 months ago

If Animar, Soul of Elements that's mutated by Auspicious Starrix gets targeted by a Chaos Warp and I decide to put my commander into the command zone would the Auspicious Starrix be shuffled by the chaos warp effect?

Reznorboy on The Secret World

10 months ago


I don't play Pioneer whatsoever,

but assuming that it's in between Modern and Standard in terms of power level, I assume most games will be over by turn 5. Assuming.

I looked at the deck and you will not be able to win at that rate, primarily because even the key combos using Animist's Awakening requires mana to do, because it costs a green and puts a maximum of one mana out per one mana in. I looked and saw that Nyxbloom Ancient is legal in Pioneer. I think the only way you could viably make this work in a combo sense is if you were to first get Nyxbloom Ancient out and then start using Animist's Awakening and draw spells like Opt to get more and actually combo to win.

As an all-out combo win-con deck, I unfortunately do not think it is possible to storm for a win in this format with these cards.

It is possible you could make a control variant, however, major changes would be necessary.

The closest thing to what you are trying to accomplish that I know (or at least think) does work is combos using Auspicious Starrix and Temur Sabertooth in order to mutate the Starrix, get lands off the top, (you would be playing a lot of lands), and then bounce mutating creatures back with the sabertooth to do it again.

Best of Luck.

abby315 on Illuna, Wishlist

1 year ago

I don't think you have nearly enough token targets for all of your Polymorph spells. It's a bit hard to count but I think you have about 9, and most of those are lands (which you might need)?

There's a lot of efficient token generation effects in your colors:
Dragon Fodder / Krenko's Command
Saproling Migration
Lazotep Plating is also a fantastic card that happens to create a token.

Sandwurm Convergence is a great enchantment hit that would also allow you to keep the Polymorph train running.

I don't think you have nearly enough cycling to take advantage of Unpredictable Cyclone or Hollow One (which is also a sad hit off of Polymorph) so I would cut them.

Also, Polymorphing into a cascade creature does not get you the cascade trigger. I know they might be in there as pseudo-Polymorph effects, but there are so many legit Polymorph effects that I don't think the ones you have are worth it. Maelstrom Wanderer is a possible exception because it has a decent ability if you hit it with Polymorph.

Titanoth Rex and Yidaro, Wandering Monster are super underwhelming.

Here are some other creatures to consider that are better Polymorph hits, because they have ETB effects:
Apex Altisaur
Nezahal, Primal Tide

Transmogrify is a polymorph spell you've missed, and it also works as a pseudo-removal spell. Reality Scramble is great, too, because you can polymorph any permanent.

Finally, you might want a few other Mutate creatures because they can retrigger Illuna. I'd only consider big creatures that you don't mind hitting on Polymorph, so:
Sawtusk Demolisher
Auspicious Starrix

Tylord2894 on Copying Mutations

1 year ago

Unlike most effects in Magic, Mutate affects the copiable values of a creature. This means that when you Clone (or Quasiduplicate) a mutated creature, the changes from the mutations will be copied too.

A lot of times, people will liken Mutate with Bestow (or Aura in general). This is one of the primary ways that those mechanics differ. There's one important note on this, though. A clone of a Mutated creature won't have the same "Mutate counter" as the original. In other words, triggers that care about "number of times this creature has mutated" (like that of Auspicious Starrix) won't count how many times the copied creature mutated. The Mutation count for the copy starts at zero.

Hope this helps!!

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