Stinging Study

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vintage Legal

Stinging Study


You draw X cards and you lose X life, where X is the converted mana cost/mana value of a commander you own on the battlefield or in the command zone.

Crow-Umbra on Your Cheap Obscure Overperformers?

2 weeks ago

I've really liked Pulse of the Grid in my Anhelo, the Painter deck. I was able to copy it and return it to hand about 2-3 times in a couple of games. I think it certainly has a place in any Blue decks that also want to play with their graveyards or have a discard subtheme.

I'm going to be testing out Cerebral Vortex in place of Pulse of the Grid, in Anhelo pretty soon. The potential to draw 2, take 2 damage, or draw 4, take 6 damage in a pinch seems okay, especially when people play stuff like Stinging Study. I am also interested in Cerebral Vortex's potential to punish an opponent for digging deep on draws, especially if copied. I have a certain Wheeling Xyris, the Writhing Storm deck in my meta in mind for this scenario

rakdosrunner on Ur-Dragon Tribal not Tribal

1 month ago

DreadKhan You have a very good mindset for this deck!

I've actually heavily considered Stinging Study, there's another card similar that I have wanted to put in: Imposing Grandeur.

The deck mainly functions on tap and untap effects to get value and then eventually you find a way to get through for lethal but its not usually combat heavy so cards like Avenger dont quite fit.

I think Patron Wizard is an absolute add with all my tap synergy!

DreadKhan on Ur-Dragon Tribal not Tribal

1 month ago

I get the feeling that you're not into wiping the board, but I suspect Crux of Fate would probably fit. You can even dig it out with Bring to Light, wiping non-Dragons will miss your Commander (if you had to cast) and any Changelings while wiping most other creatures.

I think you've got enough non-Changelings to make digging out Maskwood Nexus pretty solid, maybe Wargate? There are lots of other ways to dig out The World Tree fwiw, many pretty affordable, if you can set up both Tree and Nexus (and have lots of mana) you should win on the spot, and it's not even 'infinite combo'. Wargate is just a nice fit because it can find any permanent, so in a pinch it can also just ramp out a land for 3 mana, iirc that's better than the going rate for non-basic ramp.

With your CMC of 9 Commander, you might consider Stinging Study, it's like a tiny Ad Nauseum that costs way less life, works without casting your Commander too.

It's a bit of a weird fit (and is big and clunky), but Avenger of Zendikar is really good in a higher land count Changeling deck, each land pumps your Changelings for you too, in addition to making a bunch of blockers. I run it with some budget fetches like Krosan Verge, which can find non-basics like duals or triomes for great fixing, Myriad Landscape which is okay fixing because it can find Green, and Blighted Woodland which I feel has a low opportunity cost as it'll ramp me as an instant if kept mana up for something and didn't need it.

It's a bit small, but Scarecrone can be a so-so card if you ever decide to toss Haakon in, with your Eminence ability you can recast Universal Automaton for free, so it's just 1 to draw a card and get a sacrifice/death trigger.

If you don't want to run actual counters, you might sneak a Patron Wizard in to help deal with wipes, you've got some Vigilance sources even.

Cool build!

MahBoi100 on I'm Gonna Didgeridoo You in the Ass

2 months ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi Thank you for the suggestions! My Minotaur commander deck was also made from an existing 60-card deck. I was happy to see my old Theros pile turn into something more!

Cryptic Gateway is such an awesome card, and I have seen it do great things in other decks. I have been on the fence about including it because it costs 5 mana, but its ability to churn out cows is not to be ignored, especially in conjugation with Sethron's ability. I just might include it after all.

Imposing Grandeur is an amusing choice for a wheel effect. I like the asymmetry based on the cmc of everyone's commander. I have considered Stinging Study for similar reasons. I have also thought about Reforge the Soul because of Miracle. I definitely think more card draw would do this deck good. I might try to jam in some more.

Thank you for the comment! :)

Renzisherekiddo on EDH: Sen Trips Turtle

2 months ago

Greetings, love the deck and how it fits a pretty good budget, but I'm curious as to why you're playing Ad Nauseam as it's usually paired with Angel's Grace and either Sickening Dreams or Thassa's Oracle a combo that usually wins if left unchecked.

I'd probably sub in Stinging Study especially in sen trip since she gets hated off the board frequently it'd also save ~$10

amarthaler on EDH Vampiric Bloodlust (C17 Precon Upgrade)

2 months ago


In: Phyrexian TowerSkullclampScapegoatVisions of PhyrexiaRead the Bones

Out: Drana, the Last BloodchiefDamnable PactPlateauStinging StudyKindred Boon

Phyrexian Tower will pair well with Phyrexian Reclamation for recursion. Skullclamp and Read the Bones are amazing card draw and part of the pre-con's original 99. Visions of Phyrexia comes out 18 Nov and looks awesome.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Bold and Brash

4 months ago

I definitely second the MTGO idea if you have no nearby game stores. It's definitely not the same as playing in person, but it works. There is also Spelltable for webcam games. Anyways, onto some deck suggestions:

Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury is a really strong Rakdos dragon since it pumps your team.

I personally have removed Urza's Incubator from my dragon tribal deck. There has been a pretty significant uptick in dragon decks lately due to recent sets and the symmetrical effect has become much more of a liability. I would replace it with Herald's Horn. You still get cost reduction, but with some card advantage thrown onto it.

Speaking of card advantage, I think you could use a lot more. Atsushi, the Blazing Sky is both a dragon and card advantage. Solemn Simulacrum is both ramp and card draw. Stinging Study is 5 mana, draw 5 for you at instant speed. I always advocate for black decks to run Read the Bones. It's still one of the best card draw cards in black.

Lastly, a litte more interaction could go a long ways. Crux of Fate is a fantastic board wipe for dragon tribal, and a Bedevil and Terminate would go a long way. If you want to get really spicy, Wrathful Red Dragon + either Blasphemous Act or Star of Extinction is hilarious.

Good luck deck building! It looks like a fun build.

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