Welcoming Vampire

Welcoming Vampire

Creature — Vampire


Whenever one or more other creatures with power 2 or less enter the battlefield under your control, draw a card. This ability triggers only once each turn.

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Welcoming Vampire Discussion

king-saproling on Law Abiding Citizen

2 weeks ago

Looks like a decent list so far. Personally I would make these swaps:

Tamiyo's Journal -> Palace Jailer

Anvil of Bogardan -> Alms Collector

Thaumatic Compass -> Verge Rangers

Howling Mine -> Tome of Legends

Auriok Champion -> Containment Priest

Soul's Attendant -> Esper Sentinel

Soul Warden -> Welcoming Vampire

Venser's Journal -> Bygone Bishop

dukie523 on Edgar Markov I would like advice to make stronger

2 weeks ago

Hello there! personally I'd cut Sunscorch Regent and replace it with Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and I'd add Welcoming Vampire and cut Vampiric Dragon

Last_Laugh on THE FIRST RULE OF GOAD CLUB - Forced Combat PRIMER

2 weeks ago

How has you card draw suite panned out for you? I'm counting 7 sources, 2 of which are pseudo draw from your opponents libraries. I personally try to hit 10-12 draw sources (preferably repeatable) in all of my decks unless I have someone like Tymna in the Command zone.

A few I run that you don't include Sylvan Library, Welcoming Vampire, Jared Carthalion, True Heir, and Lifecrafter's Bestiary. The Great Henge is another I'd suggest but haven't tried because I don't own one.

Gorbah on Bloodline of an Ancient Coven

2 weeks ago

Evening YamishiTheWickedOne

Bloodghast actually never shined for me the way i expected it.. Slotted this vamp for a long time but never had the value of him returning him to the battlefield over and over with landdrops.. The game never lasts that long enough. So i decided to cut him for (in my opinion) a better vamp like Cemetery Gatekeeper or Welcoming Vampire

Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! Highly appreciated ! I took the time to look at your Markov brew and it gets my seal of approval to! Good luck on the blood sucking ^^

Cheers and Happy Newyear

YamishiTheWickedOne on Bloodline of an Ancient Coven

2 weeks ago

Looks very nice but I'm kinda surprised you decided to cut Bloodghast. Cemetery Gatekeeper and Welcoming Vampire are very, VERY nice, and outside of EDH I think people sleep on them. There's a few higher mana vampires who I think are viable but only as a Sorin drop.

have you considered Tainted Pact? I've been using it, I like it. Just dig until you hit a card you want.

For what it's worth, this gets my seal of approval.

PuddinWing on Edgar's Dega Vampires

1 month ago

Forerunner of the Legion and Welcoming Vampire work very well together.

K4m4r0 on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

1 month ago

Eloniel I don't think that Welcoming Vampire is very viable in this deck for an extra draw each turn. Or let me say it the other way round, i wouldn't know what to take out for it. Faithbound Judge  Flip looks interestin, but very cost intensive and would take a little bit too long to "kill" someone. It would probably be removed the second it is enchanting a player :D

TrollDecksOnly Thank you for your kind words and I love the idea of the Donald Trump playmat. I'd love to get Arcades altered at some time :) For the og Duals, I would just remove one basic land each, since they also can be tutored/fetched. For Gaeas/Ancient Tomb I would probably remove two of the check lands or City of Brass. I honestly think that you don't need those mana artifacts, since they wouldn't do "that" much, same goes for the non-defender-dorks, they would probably slow the momentum of the deck down. The deck lives from drawing cards while playing defenders and they don't add much to that. For Sylvan Caryatid Vine Trellis I'd just remove Wall of Roots and Wall of Kelp.

MurrSheep Turned out to be too slow and for the 3 mana of its equipment costs rather play a Defender adn draw a card :)

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