You'd better start running... Look behind you!

Hasty mob ball of death

Ahh, well... Sacrifices must be made.

Hello there and welcome to my Sek'Kuar list,


I've been running a janky Karador list for some time. However, that deck has not been as fun to pilot as some of my other decks. After several attempts of fixing that, I have decided to park Karador for a while and try out a similar idea with a different commander: Sek'Kuar.

Game Plan

With this list I went for an Aristocrats-style deck. I want to have a lot of creatures that are dying, spawning new creatures and dying again, leading to all sorts of benefits via triggered abilities, including the one from the commander: Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper . As the game progresses and the triggers and dying creatures start stacking up, things will start snowballing out of control and trample our opponents, much to the approval and enjoyment of the deathkeeper ;). To enable the formation of this mob ball of death, I'm running three main categories of cards:

  1. A critical mass of trigger effects when creatures die, like Grave Pact and Pattern of Rebirth ;
  2. A number of sac outlets to enable control when our creatures die, like Goblin Bombardment ;
  3. A selection of nontoken-creatures that die in different ways:

Creatures that sac themselves, like Sakura-Tribe Elder ; spells on a stick that either do something as they ETB, like Wood Elves , or when they die, like Kokusho, the Evening Star ; and sticky creatures like Bloodghast that can die multiple times. Cards like Reassembling Skeleton and Nether Traitor are nice in that they can be recurred, sacced and recurred several times a turn as long as you have the mana and a sac outlet.

Red dead redemption

All that durdeling should not be without consequences though. It should allow for fun interactions, surprising turn of events or winning plays. I focussed on the following ways to become threatening in this build:

  • Board-control via sac effects;
  • Generating an army of 3/1 hasties from nowhere and hitting face with them;
  • Stealing opponent's creatures with cards like Mob Rule , swinging face, and then turning them into a graveborn army via a sac outlet for a maximum tempo swing;
  • Saccing creatures with Vicious Shadows in play;
  • Abusing Protean Hulk (not necessarily in an infinite way)
  • Via one of the infinite combo's

Like my Mina and Denn list, a goal here was to create a deck that keeps surprising to play and that has many different paths to victory. One game you might be stealing all creatures, knocking out a player with them and saccing them for value. Another game you might end up abusing Sneak Attack with Protean Hulk and chaining all sorts of fun stuff. While in yet another you might just be innocently durdeling most of the game until a combo emerges. The different ways the deck can play out make it fun to pilot. I usually end up playing this deck several times in a row when I bring it out for a game day.


I decided on the following combo routes in this deck (note that in our playgroup we have a rule that prevents combo’s of 2 cards or less):


I've avoided to go too much into tokens, as those aren't as beneficial with Sek'Kuar and I already have a full on token deck. I also tried to create a list that does not rely on graveyard recursion too much for having a lot of creatures in play. With my current meta, straight up graveyard decks run the risk of not really participating in the game. Instead I included cards that cheat creatures into play from the library, like Selvala's Stampede .

Intented Power Level

With this deck I have tried to create a synergistic deck that is consistent in having enough cards and ramp and getting good value, but inconsistent in the way it plays out. I want to be able to bring out this deck in any group and not have the feeling it is ever way too powerful. For example, Melira, Sylvok Outcast or Demonic Tutor would be obvious improvements for this deck, but I deliberately did not include them.

Category (Jank - Casual - Focused - Optimized - Competitive)

Somewhere between focused and optimized

Power Level:


I would love to hear your suggestions. Let me know if you have some good ideas, and feel free to upvote the deck if you liked it!

GL & HF,


This sacrifice was well prepared

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Updates Add

Removed a few cards here to add to a new Mazirek deck I'm brewing that is also sacrificed themed. To keep both decks distinct, I moved Liliana, Pawn of Ulamog and Meren to that deck as they are more at home there. In their place I'm adding Springbloom Druid , Moldervine Reclamation and the new Chainer, Nightmare Adept .

Also going to give Korvold, Fae-Cursed King and The Great Henge a try here.