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Vish Kal, Who Wears His Sunglasses @ Night | V-2XM

Commander / EDH Combo Infinite Combo Lifegain Multiplayer Voltron WB (Orzhov)



Look at those fancy shades...

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That guy begs for a soundtrack:

Hello there and welcome to my Vish Kal list,

Shady Business

I started this deck when stumbling upon an existing decklist (that I can't seem to get working with a hyperlink so here goes: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/commander-edh/multiplayer-commander-decklists/477411-vish-kal-blood-arbiter-21-damages-combo) that I just really loved for many reasons:

  • It was a list that balances paying life and gaining life, which I thought is a great W/B theme and a refreshing take on lifegaining decks.
  • It was both a voltron and a combo deck at the same time, while also containing some synergies. I had not seen this combination of strategies before.
  • It contained cards that I like a lot for their nostalgia factor, like Su-Chi, Phyrexian Dreadnought and Hatred
  • It contained a lot of cards I had lying around, wanted to play, but had no purpose for yet.

I was exited to try it out, so I assembled a build close to that list and adapted away from it as time went on.

The alteration

I wanted the deck to rely less on the commander for success. If you can get Vish to stick to the board, it's great, but once people know what your deck can do they will just save a kill spell to deal with this guy. So I wanted the deck to be threatening without Vish as well.

My alterations include pushing the lifegain theme a little bit more, adding most of the broken lifelink angels (like Gisela, the broken blade). I also added a lot more black draw spells and included new cards over time that fit the life balance theme, like Anguished Unmaking and Noxious Gearhulk.


At the basis, the deck now plays like a goodstuff deck, using lifelink creatures, staple etb & ltb creatures and powerful black draw spells to keep trucking. Later in the game, the deck turns into an agressive voltron deck, by saccing creatures to Vish's ability, or by hitting one of of the infinite creature sac combo's to make vish infinitely big (these also work with Blasting Station):

Other notable interactions with Vish:

Closing comments

I eventually steered away from cards that seem really unfair given the EDH life starting total, like Felidar Sovereign. I tried a few, but I don't really like the reception in my playgroup. Fortunately there are enough other great likelink cards out there, so a great way to create some spots in the deck.

Thanks for checking out the deck, Upvote if you like it, and you can always leave a comment or suggestion.



enter image description here


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