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Ahh, that feeling of nostalgia. An archetype that embodies an era long gone, when I started playing Magic: the Urza Block. Cards like Serra's Sanctum , Argothian Enchantress , Replenish and of course Rancor . I knew fairly early on when I started to play commander that I wanted to make a deck to pay tribute to the enchantress decks of old. However, it wasn't until Sigarda, Host of Herons was printed that I felt the time was right to attempt that deck I wanted to make for a long time:

Take one hard-to-kill creature and throw at it the most broken aura's from the history of magic (like Rancor , Daybreak Coronet , Armadillo Cloak , Ancestral Mask and Bear Umbra ), while enchantresses (like Argothian Enchantress ) net you cards in the process, allowing Sigarda to just keep on growing. Even more so if you manage to keep Serra's Sanctum in play. Add to that a suite of pillowfort enchantments (like Ghostly Prison ) to keep opponents at bay and enchantment varieties for your hate needs (like Aura of Silence and Rest in Peace ) to maximize the amount of enchantments in the deck.

Tough on the outside, soft on the inside

What I really like about this deck is that it can be both very aggressive and very defensive. The pillowfort cards and Arrest ing aura's make it so you can be a very defensive and passive player at the start of the game, just to turn very aggressive when your commander hits the table.

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That actually is a viable way to win with this deck: in the early game, you do not really have to do much that would annoy other players, making them focus on someone else most of the time (being mana-screwed with your opening hand might actually work in your favor). Await the first board wipe, and then pull the aggression switch. In that case, it is not often that your opponents can stop you in time, at least not before you've taken out a few players first.

Most of the time though, you want to get Sigarda out with some sort of protection asap, and start the loop of dumping your hand, drawing a lot of new cards and swinging face in between.

Great devotion yields great reward

Because the deck invests heavily in Sigarda, it also runs ways to protect that investment: from counter-counters like Grand Abolisher and Cavern of Souls to death prevention like Bear Umbra and Yavimaya Hollow . The one mana umbra's are particularly strong because you can easily play them on the same turn as Sigarda, giving board-wipe players an additional hurdle right away.

This emphasis on securing sigarda made it so that I felt comfortable running more cards that assume she is around. Cards like Rishkar's Expertise , Traverse the Outlands and Hunter's Insight turn all the investments made into sigarda into sweet sweet profits, and provide the deck additional gass after the initial turns. These spells also help overcome a situation where you missed or lost your early-game enchantress.

Tutor Package

The tutor suite is mostly focused on enchantments and aura's. I did throw in a few cards that search for land cards, either to get the Sanctum or a key utility land.

Closing Thoughts

Because there are no artifacts in the deck, I wanted to make use of this by playing anti-artifact cards like Austere Command and Stony Silence .

This is also the deck I usually let a newcomer to the format play when joining for a game, as it is a fairly straightforward deck that is easy to pilot.

Thanks for checking out my build. Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion, or to upvote the deck if you liked it!

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I’ve been tinkering with this list again. I did not like losing land tax for cultivate/kodama’s reach. Also, ramping at 3 mana seems a bit slow for this type of deck. Going for a mix of mana dorks and enchantment ramp this time. Also adding some more cards that care about my largest power on the board, which seems great with Sigarda.

Also tried to lower the curve some more with this round of tuning.



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