What are you able to build from the junk and debris that lies at Daretti's scrapheap?

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How about something like this:

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"I just love it when a plan comes together"


I will not claim a large dose of originality with this list. This is classic welder artifact graveyard shenanigans. I just really wanted that too! A deck centered around great artifacts to recur and abusing red rummaging card selection. Aggressive, careless and straightforward fun with the a red deck full of Rocks, Bombs and Blasts!


I do not necessarily try to create the best decks possible. Instead I tend to gravitate towards certain cards when building decks: specifically to make old, powerful or nostalgic cards shine, giving them a true home. I usually rather play another nostalgic card instead of honing the deck to perfection in terms of win percentage.

In this deck examples of those nostalic cards would be Wheel of Fortune , all the classic artifact rocks (like Grim Monolith ), Goblin Welder , Squee, Goblin Nabob , Wurmcoil Engine and Masticore . Also, I really like themed decks, and a deck fully embracing artifacts was still on my wish list. That, combined with that classic reanimation machine gameplay, made me want to build Daretti.

This is also a deck for which I chose to commission some altered cards. I worked with Poxy14 to create different versions of Mana Vault , Sol Ring and Strip Mine . It was a fun experience making your own MTG art and I'm very happy with how they turned out.


This deck leans more to the goodstuff and slightly controlly side and not so much the combo-ey or stax-ey side. With the right rocks we can get Daretti out very quickly, start rummaging and either get a big bomb out fast, or try to defend Daretti to go for the ultimate. Some of said bombs work well to keep opponents at bay, like Platinum Emperion . The board wipes also support this scenario as the majority hit mostly our opponents stuff, so we can keep up our engines as we further delay our opponents.

When Daretti can't come out soon, another strategy is to establish a board state first and then play Daretti once he's easier to defend.

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Closing Thoughts

You might notice that I'm not running Mycosynth Lattice in this build. I would love to, but my playgroup has a rule that prevents 2-card combo's that win the game. I consider Lattice + Vandalblast to be in that category. Same is true for Staff of Domination which wins the game with Metalworker .

What else can I say? Daretti is one of the most popular red commanders, so enough has been said about him already. Great to finally be part of the scrapheap challenge.

If you think this deck can be improved, tips are always welcome! And feel free to upvote the deck if you liked it :).



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Updates Add

Made some changes to this list lately:

  • Geaming barrier -> Treasure Nabber
  • Mind’s eye -> Tormenting Voice
  • Akroma’s Memorial -> Karn
  • Soul of new Phyrexia -> Contagion Engine
  • Mirrorworks -> Scrap Thrawler
  • Hellkite Igniter -> Chaos Wand

I've also been working together with Poxy14 on some nice alters for this deck. Very happy with the results. Thanks a lot Earl!




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62% Competitive