Harmonic Prodigy

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Harmonic Prodigy

Creature — Human Wizard

Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

If an ability of a Shaman or another Wizard you control triggers, that ability triggers an additional time.

Rhadamanthus on Meldweb Curator and Harmonic Prodigy

1 month ago

That's just defining the triggering event for the ability, which every triggered ability has. "When [this creature] enters the battlefield...", "Whenever you cast a noncreature spell....", "Whenever a creature on opponent controls dies..." etc.

Harmonic Prodigy's thing is that it causes triggered abilities to trigger multiple times instead of just once after the triggering event happens. In your example:

  • Meldweb Curator enters the battlefield

  • That event causes its ETB triggered ability to trigger

  • The triggered ability is from a Wizard, so Harmonic Prodigy's effect is applied and the ability triggers again

  • The two triggers are put onto the stack and you choose targets for them

Rhadamanthus on Meldweb Curator and Harmonic Prodigy

1 month ago

Yes. Meldweb Curator is a Wizard, so Harmonic Prodigy will cause its ETB triggered ability to trigger an additional time.

9-lives on Meldweb Curator and Harmonic Prodigy

1 month ago

If I have Harmonic Prodigy on the battielfield, and I have Meldweb Curator enter the battlefield, would Meldweb Curator's ability trigger twice? I know that it can't enter the battlefield twice, but I wonder if the ability will trigger twice?

nupert on 8 Different Infinite Combos: An Inalla Primer

2 months ago

Don't you have infinite hasty dualcaster copys in Combo 2? You don't need the Tims to ping.

I like to add Panharmonicon and Harmonic Prodigy for additional Naban, Dean of Iteration impressions. In Combo 6, either of those can replace Ashnod's Altar for redundancy. You could also replace Gilded Lotus with any three mana producers like Basalt Monolith or Thran Dynamo

9-lives on Question about cards that utilize …

3 months ago

The Question with that list is, wallisface, how the heck am I going to win? You can't counter your way into winning if you don't get at their life points. That's why I'm running Ionize and Essence Backlash. Especially the latter would be great against big creatures. And, every single one of my wizards benefits from Harmonic Prodigy, so I don't understand what you mean by my deck not having much use from it. Since I'm running budget, and already have Clone, I'd rather run that than Control Magic. I already own all of the cards in my deck except for having to buy Irencrag Pyromancer. The only non-budget things in my deck are the lands. Also, the aikido archetype requires that I do damage whenever I counter. That's basically what aikido does. I deleted my planeswalker and the fatespinner. 75 cards is as low as I'll go now.

wallisface on Question about cards that utilize …

3 months ago

9-lives just responding to your response - up to you what you want to do with my thoughts below.

  • the reason 80 cards is a an issue in trying to make a deck competitive is that it ruins any chance of consistency. In pretty-much every deck there will always be worse cards to have, and removing those bad cards for a more optimal 60-card-deck will always yield better results. Even if you’re not aiming for your deck to be top-tier, 60-cards will always be stronger than 80 - and if you’re looking to improve a deck the easiest thing to do is to cut it back to 60 cards.

  • on counterspells, people want countermagic to be efficient. There’s a reason all the most popular counter-magic in modern is 1-2 mana. Nobody plays any counter magic costing 3-4 mana unless it has some crazy benefits stapled to it (like Archmage's Charm). This becomes even more important later in the game, where an opponent could cast multiple important spells in a turn - if you only have the mana available to counter one of these spells, the others will get through. Mana efficiency is super important.

  • Harmonic Prodigy is potentially a fine build-around card, though the list currently doesn’t make a whole lot of use from it. However I stand by Spellweaver Eternal being really unhelpful/useless in this deck. By the glossary definition in the link Balaam__ provided above, this doesn’t even do anything remotely “Aikido”, so not sure what the theming is here.

I think if you are wanting to improve the deck, the obvious steps i’d be taking are:

  1. Cut back to 60 cards. Ditch the bad Planeswalkers.

  2. Get a better land ratio. A 60-card control deck wants at least 23-24 lands minimum.

  3. Play far less creatures. You can’t ever hope to control the board properly with such a large creature-base.

  4. Lean more-in on the Aikido theming where it matters, instead of playing a bunch of suboptimal cards for the sake of it. Stuff like Deflecting Palm can be a really potent threat when used well, but you’re watering down everything in a quagmire of “themed badstuff”. Its definitely possible to build a cheap & competitive deck aligned to an “Aikido” theme, but not the way you’re going about it.

9-lives on Question about cards that utilize …

3 months ago

Alright. I admit I was a bit fussy. I just am tired of people telling me the same thing over and over again. My deck archetype literally cannot be competitive. It is just in its choices of what I can choose as cards in it.

I'll respond to wallisface.

I know that most decks should be 60 cards. I don't see the problem with not doing that? And there is no '60 card limit'. I can use 80 cards and it still be legitimate, at least in Modern. Countering spells isn't always the most advantageous early in the game; in fact, it probably becomes more and more important later in the game, considering the ratio of MV to P/T and whatnot. Harmonic Prodigy is a card that is crucial for all of my wizards and their triggered abilities. Spellweaver Eternal is an aikido card, that's why I'm including it.

wallisface on Question about cards that utilize …

3 months ago

The strongest card with this effect is probably the one dominating Standard at the moment - Sheoldred, the Apocalypse.

However, assuming you're trying to make tweaks to this deck of yours, you have much bigger issues to worry about:

  • Ponder is banned in Modern, you can't run that card.

  • You're running 79 cards, which is waaay over the 60 card limit, and will lead your deck to being very inconsistent and clumsy.

  • Dialing your currently landbase to 60 cards, you're only running the equivalent of 18 lands, which is WAAAY too low considering your mana curve. Burn decks run 19 lands and only play spells costing 1-2 mana. Your deck looks like it needs to be able to reliably hit 3-4 lands to be able to do much of anything. imo you need to be running at least 23-24 lands in a 60-card deck (that's 30-32 lands in a 79 card deck).

  • You're running some really suboptimal spells here. In modern you never want to be spending more than 2 mana for a counterspell - Essence Backlash and Ionize are both severely underwhelming (control decks never win by dealing 2 damage. They will however often lose by not being able to counter an important spell in the first few turns of the game). There are also a ton of much better drawspells than Deliberate (like Serum Visions or Consider)

  • Your deck has no clear direction. Cards like Basri Ket and The Wanderer are both really weak and have no real purpose here. It's very hard to tell what this deck is actually trying to achieve, and that is going to make it play really awkwardly and make it harder for you to secure wins.

  • Harmonic Prodigy and Spellweaver Eternal both want to be in aggressive, pro-active decks, but that's not what they've been allowed, as the rest of the deck looks like it wants to be playing super defensively. However, if you're aiming to be playing something more controlley, you're running waaay too many creatures, and waaay too little interaction.

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