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Hello there,

This Bant blink deck was the first Commander Deck I made, actually before Roon existed. I really liked playing Astral Slide decks during the Onslaught block, so when I started playing commander, I wanted to make an ETB blink board control deck that had a similar feel to it. I started out with Rafiq of the Many , just to get the Bant colors. However, I obviously switched to Roon when Wizards decided to bring us this mighty gift!

Board Control Baby!

I'm a sucker for board control. And this deck is pretty straightforward in what it tries to do: slowly but surely create a board position using blink effects and ETB creatures, to a point where you can control almost every aspect of the board. This is also why you will not find cards like Armada Wurm or Avenger of Zendikar in this list: board control is the game plan. With our cards we want to influence our opponent's board state or increase our options to do so.

Politically this strategy can result in the situation where you become "the police officer", wrecking things that are a big threat to everyone. Then, people like having you around to keep scary opponents in check. If your board position grows too fast though, it can also result into you being viewed as the one needing some detention. It's a fine balance.

I like that the cards in the deck have a lot of synergy. The deck keeps surprising and fresh to play, even after years of playing it. And when it does become a bit stale, there are always new exiting ETB cards coming out that you can try.

You ask, we deliver

Because of the many creatures that provide answers, the deck has quite a large creature tutor suite, adding a toolbox aspect to the deck. The deck also runs some non-etb based removal to deal with Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff . Note that both Wickerbough Elder and Ixidron are unnafected by those cards (as their effects aren't triggered abilities), providing the deck answers to tutor for.

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Intented Power Level

This deck is built for the long game, and is not trying to be super competitive. It's a deck that I can always bring out or let someone pilot who is new to the format. It's also nice to have a deck that tries to control the more powerful decks at the table when possible.

Category (Jank - Casual - Focused - Optimized - Competitive)

Somewhere between Focused and Optimized

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Closing Comments

I did put in an inefficient infinite combo just to end games that drag out too long. It involves abusing Survival of the Fittest to get Venser, Shaper Savant , Palinchron , Eldrazi Displacer , and Karmic Guide to bounce all permanents you don't control to owners hands.

I hope you like the deck. Let me know what you think. I'm always open to tips and suggestions.

GL & HF,


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Updates Add

Rivals introduced the Azor, the Lawbringer which seems to line up quite well with the purpose of this deck. So I'll be trying that one out for sure. I'm also going to test Luminate Primordial in place of Duplicant to see which one I like better, and I will try out Karametra in this deck as well.




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79% Competitive