They say bearing the shield of the pariah is the highest honor a Boros can receive, as well as the the last...

...Let me show you why I don't fully agree.

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Hello there and welcome to my Akiri, Fearless Voyager build


This deck did not start with Akiri in mind. It started with the desire to break the card Command the Dreadhorde . Unlike its inspiration Reanimate , Command the Dreadhorde deals you damage, it does not make you pay life. In my eyes, it was begging to be broken... At first I thought combining it with damage prevention would be cool, but what if I could redirect that damage to an opponent through Pariah's Shield to a creature like Brash Taunter ? Now we're talking!

This line of thinking excited the janky part of my brain, and a Compulsive Research followed. I learned of the ways to break a card like Brash Taunter , found out that Guilty Conscience and Repercussion are a thing, that this could be the deck where I finally get to play Arcbond , that people have tried to break Volcano Hellion in a similar way in the past, and that Wheel of Misfortune has the same potential...

I went for a Zurgo Helmsmasher build first, but learned the deck I was leaning towards desired very few black cards apart from Command the Dreadhorde . Then Akiri, Fearless Voyager became the obvious choice. Janky combo decks need a lot of carddraw, and this particular janky combo also needs indestructible and uses equipment. A perfect match!

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The Game Plan

With this deck I'm basically trying to find and combine 4 type of effects:

  1. A "Hit Me" creature or effect, like Boros Reckoner , Arcbond and Blazing Sunsteel ,
  2. A way to make that creature indestructible, which is what our commander can provide ( Brash Taunter combines these 2 effects into 1 card).
  3. A way to redirect damage to that creature, like Pariah's Shield or Gideon's Sacrifice ,
  4. A way to deal a lot of damage that can be redirected, like Blasphemous Act or Wheel of Misfortune ( Guilty Conscience combines 3 & 4 into 1 card).

These 4 effects together send a huge amount of damage ricocheting around that can either knock out a player, or create an infinite damage loop that kills all opponents. Some of the infinite combo loops require us to deal 1 damage to ourselves to start the avalanche, which explains the many pain lands included.

However, we don't need all the pieces to have fun with this deck, as combining just a small selection of these pieces can already create a big tempo-swing (e.g. Gideon's Sacrifice + Blasphemous Act leads to a one-sided board wipe), or pose a challenging riddle for the table to solve (e.g. an indestructible Protector of the Crown makes you very hard to kill while you can no longer lose Monarch).

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What I find fun about this set of combos is that most of them aren't very efficient, and that there are a lot of different pieces that can be combined in different ways. That makes playing this deck feel like solving a puzzle, and it's a different puzzle every game. Plus it's just hilarious to choose an arbitrary high number for Wheel of Misfortune or Volcano Hellion because you know that damage isn't gonna go where it's supposed to.

Gearing Up

I like that Akiri brings a type of gameplay to this combo package for which I do not have a deck yet, which is equipment aggro. In the early game, we're trying to get a few cheap creatures in play and equip them to get attacking and draw cards with our commander. This is our primary way to dig trough the deck and find the pieces for one of the many damage-richoceting combos.

Akiri wants us to get creatures down asap, equip them and swing every turn, while keeping up a let's us protect them from a lot of dangers. So in addition to ricocheting damage around, this deck is also built with the ability to zip-zap equipment from one place to another. Equipment classics like Puresteel Paladin and Hammer of Nazahn are good examples and cheap-to-attach equipment like Lightning Greaves and Shuko help the deck to keep creatures on the board.

A deck building challenge that Akiri presents though is balancing the amount of creatures and equipment. Akiri's draw engine doesn't work if we have one but not the other. So for most of our ramp, hate and card draw needs, I tried to find options that are either a creature with evasion (like Soltari Visionary and Remorseful Cleric ), or an equipment (like Mask of Memory and Goldvein Pick ). In a similar vein (insert rimshot here) cards that can provide both are pretty good here as a result: Halvar, God of Battle   and Toralf, God of Fury   can be one or the other, while also providing other effects that are strong with our game plan. Halvar can double up some of our connect triggers through double strike, while Toralf has other synergies with our massive damage spells.

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We're also running many equipment tutors as well as Sunforger to find some of our combo pieces. However, because of this delicate balance between equipment and creatures, there's not that much room for an extensive Sunforger instant package here.

List of Combos

When digging for cards with Akiri, these are the combo's we're trying to assemble:

We can mimic a Brash Taunter with another "hit me" creature and our commander. And Sunforger can get Arcbond , Boros Charm and Gideon's Sacrifice .

Less Lands Matter

A theme I've described in detail at my Mazirek deck is the less lands matter theme. However, historically white is the color that’s best in gaining value from having fewer lands than your opponents. Land Tax and Tithe come to mind as classic examples. However, lately white has gotten sneaky ways to not only catch up on lands, but also to get ahead on mana in this way.

Lotus Field , Boros Garrison , Guildless Commons and Urza's Saga are the lands in this deck that get you behind on land count while not getting behind on mana. All these lands combo well with Keeper of the Accord and Archaeomancer's Map because catching up on lands now means getting ahead on mana, assuming your opponents don't also have many lands like these (they also combo nicely with Strict Proctor , but adding it here did not work out for me in the end). Other synergies include Path to Exile - which downside can now be an upside sometimes - and Lotus Field - which has nice interactions with Flagstones of Trokair and Thespian's Stage . Weathered Wayfarer allows us to find several of these lands in succession and giving us great ramp options in addition to the other ramp pieces in the deck. I'm also testing Scholarship Sponsor here to see if I like it.

Intented Power Level

This deck is trying really hard to make very inefficient combo's work while playing equipment aggro. So it ain't the best out there :). And that is the intent.

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Closing Thoughts

I'm still gathering some missing cards to complete this list, so any feedback you have at this time is very welcome! I do think this deck will still change a lot going forward. There are bound to be more hidden treasures in Magic's history surrounding the concept of ricocheting damage around. If you have any tips or thoughts, I'd love to hear them in the comments below! And feel free to upvote the deck if you like it :).

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For now, GL & GF!



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