Bane of Progress

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Bane of Progress

Creature — Elemental

When Bane of Progress enters the battlefield, destroy all artifacts and enchantments. Put a +1/+1 counter on Bane of Progress for each permanent destroyed this way.

StopShot on New format idea: "Cursebound"

12 hours ago

Cursebound is a "Rule Zero" extension of the EDH format. All legal EDH decks are legal in Cursebound. Cursebound slightly loosens up deck-building limitations of EDH to allow for nonlegendary creatures to be your commander while maintaining traditional commander gameplay as well also lightly capping the power level of nonlegendary commander decks for the sake of fun and fairness.

In the cursebound format, if your commander is a nonlegendary creature you must also have a "curse" card as your "commander's fate" in the command zone. The chosen curse card in the command zone can only enchant yourself, and it has the added text, "[this curse has] protection from yourself." If your commander is a nonlegendary card, you can only cast it from the command zone if your "commander's fate" is already on the battlefield first. The "commander's fate" is not subject to the command tax. Removing a player's commander's fate from the battlefield will not counter or return their commander to the command zone if their commander is on the stack or on the battlefield. (Removing the commander's fate only impacts their ability to cast their nonlegendary commander from the command zone.) The command tax still applies to nonlegendary commanders and nonlegendary commanders are treated as if they have the legendary supertype regardless of what zone they're in. (As in they'll proc cards like Hero's Blade," and cards like Mirrorweave would not see that commander as a valid target.) All other EDH rules apply.

In Cursebound you are allowed to choose a commander's fate that is outside your commander's color identity. The color identity of the commander's fate will also be added to your commander's color identity, (and thus you'll be allowed to add cards of that color identity to your deck). There are only two deck building limitations regarding the commander's fate. (1) Your commander's fate must be of a higher or equal card rarity than your commander. (Ex. Vampire Nighthawk + Curse of Predation is allowed. Vampire Nighthawk + Curse of the Nightly Hunt is allowed. Vampire Nighthawk + Curse of the Pierced Heart is not allowed because the curse is of a lower rarity.) If a card has multiple rarities then their rarity is always the least rarest from among their physical card printings. (2) Curse cards that have the words "you" or "your" or omit the words "you" or "your" in its text box can not be used as your commander's fate. (For example, Maddening Hex and Curse of Vengeance can not be your commander's fate as they mention the word "your" and "you" in their text boxes. Curse of Disturbance and Curse of Opulence can not be your commander's fate because both omit the word "you" in their text boxes - "Whenever enchanted player is attacked, [you] create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token." & "Whenever enchanted player is attacked, [you] create a Gold token.") All front-faced curse cards that meet these criteria may be used as your commander's fate. Decks can only have one commander's fate.

The intent and spirit of this format and the commander's fate is for two reasons. To provide nonlegendary creatures with more color flexibility as they're much-much more likely to be mono-colored compared to most legendary creatures, and to keep in spirit with "Rule Zero" fairness by providing a reasonable drawback that can make their existence more tolerable to more playgroups. These principles should be kept in mind when enforcing a banlist for this format, for example, Curse of Obsession and/or Bane of Progress would both be banned from being command zone candidates simply for going against the spirit of the format by either being able to abuse their curse's drawback or having a way to negate their curse's drawback from the command zone with very little difficulty. Command Beacon would be an example of a banworthy card in the 98 for also skating around the spirit of this format as well. (Do note, cards banned in the 98 don't apply to legal EDH decks that aren't running a commander's fate in the command zone.) While competitiveness is acceptable trying to find ways to break the intended mechanics of this format should be discouraged for the sake of healthy game balance and group enjoyment.

Crow_Umbra on Ygra Consumes All

1 week ago

In a similar vein of Bane of Progress, but Druid of Purification gets even more silly with Ygra on board.

that1guyzfriend on Ygra Consumes All

1 week ago

So Bane of Progress Wipes the board because Ygara turned all creatures into artifacts and food right? or am I not understanding that interaction correct?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on

5 months ago

This looks pretty cool! I'm still pondering if I should build Mama Bear, especially because I already have Goreclaw. But then again, Duskana is basically the antithesis to her. We'll see.

Some cards I'd consider for this deck are these:

Welcoming Vampire. It's not a 2/2 itself, but draws additional cards. Seems good enough.

Wild Pair. It weirdly doesn't work here if you have anthem effects, but it's insane with a deck full of 2/2s.

Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald. Draws cards and makes quite a lot of 2/2s.

Hornet Queen. It's a 2/2, but it brings 6 flying, deathtouching power. Great for defense. And just imagine casting literally anything with a Wild Pair out to get this thing in addition.

Bane of Progress. 'Nuff said ;)

Thanks to Duskana caring about base P/T, Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma actually works quite well here. If you properly stack her trigger and Duskana's, your 2/2s will become 6/6 trampling forces of nature.

Dusk / Dawn is perfect for the deck. Boardwipe? Check. Big splashy value spell? Check!

Ayula's Influence would need quite a lot of land recursion to play it here, so that's a clear maybe.

capwner on Your Sass Is Grass! ((EDH PRIMER // Sasaya Combo))

6 months ago

Profet93 thanks for the comment and the +!! Yes I had seen Rude Awakening, it definitely does the stuff the deck is trying to do. However I think we only need one untapper 'spell' and I think Early Harvest is a little bit better. Definitely think the card could have a place in a more creature oriented build with Overwhelming Stampede type effects. I agree a little more redundancy on wincons could be good, my first choice would probably be Hurricane.

Beast Within is one of my all time favorite cards, love this freaking card. I also like Song of the Dryads for spot removal. These are in some of my other green decks for sure. This list is so tight that again I think we need to run the absolute best removal cards possible in the available slots, which IMO is Oblivion Stone, Perilous Vault, and Bane of Progress. And maaaaaaaybe World Breaker because the cast trigger gets around some stuff like Humility, but our artifact wipe kills that too. I also had Reclamation Sage for a while. I think removal on a creature is always better here because then we can toolbox for it.

Castle Garenbrig is an interesting one I hadn't really thought of. Kind of a backup plan if we're not able to get Sasaya online? I had Nyxbloom Ancient in the deck to serve a similar purpose but ended up cutting it because it died so easily and we were usually just dead anyways. Garenbrig is more resilient but less powerful. My initial thought is that it wouldn't be useful outside of some really niche situations so maybe would not be worth cutting another basic.

Thanks for checking out the deck and for the suggestions!! Definitely hit me with more if you think of any, or if you have any specific decks you think I should check out. I'm just getting back on tappedout after a pretty long hiatus so the amount of cool decks is kind of overwhelming. I always like seeing underrepresented commanders that can do something unique / have unique building criteria, especially mono colored, so please feel free to send me any lists like this or post them here :)

artaud21 on Azusa goes Turbo(land)

8 months ago

Did not update the list for long so it's time to look through few cards from latest sets at least:

Cityscape Leveler - artifact version of Ulamog. It's cheaper and repeatable (attack trigger) but being artifacts makes it die from collateral Bane of Progress

Green Sun's Twilight - mini-Genesis Wave is... mini even if it's 2 mana cheaper. Choice to put into hand can be useful for Eldrazis though.

Invasion of Ixalan  Flip - minor searching effect plus minor beater if you can spare 4 combat damage. I think I pass.

Invasion of Ikoria  Flip - powerful card which has to compete with better searching effects in Green Sun's Zenith and Chord of Calling though. Possibility to have 8/8 beater is tempting but gives opponent 6 life first and that may be relevant.

Tranquil Frillback - another variation of Reclamation Sage effects. Versatile but requires for than 3 mana to compete.

The Shire - funny land for Food-based builds. No real use here especially when Ouphe and Bane are around.

Blossoming Tortoise - it ramps (repeatedly) and lower costs of a number of our lands but takes 4CMC slot which is one of the most crowded. Clearly better when using Rude Awakening.

Bramble Familiar - mana dorks do not really fit into Azusa but this one can turn into quasi-seach effect with some for of buyback. Too slow in my opinion.

Feral Encounter - despite being 2CMC it is designed to be cast on Turn 4 or later. Disqualified.

Flayer of Loyalties - this one is interesting. I'm going to swap second Kozilek for it and test how aggressive/oppressive it can be.

fuster on Mana Flooding is a good thing?!?!?!

11 months ago

KongMing refer to my changelog; at higher power levels he's really good against fast mana, treasure tokens, and artifact shenanigans. At 2 mana he's really easy to get out, and he makes for a good toolbox card with the creature tutors. I know I have a handful of fast artifact mana cards in the deck myself, but the deck doesn't rely on those cards as much, so the effect is still very much one-sided in my favor.

I had Bane of Progress in that slot before I put Ouphe in, and not only was Bane slower to cast, but the game that convinced me to make the switch, I was playing against a Breya artifact deck that sacrificed all the artifacts in response and actually came out further ahead than before I played Bane. That wouldn't have happened if I had Ouphe instead. Worst case scenario, he shuts down opponent's mana rocks, which is still really good in the vast majority of pods, and why I'd be willing to bring Ouphe to a random pod completely blind.

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