Evolutionary Leap

Evolutionary Leap


, Sacrifice a creature: Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card. Put that card into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

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Evolutionary Leap Discussion

GrimlockVIII on Muldrotha

1 week ago

I'm not familiar enough with Muldrotha to truly judge your deck or give any recommendations for her (him? I don't know its gender but the name sounds feminine), but I'll try my best.

Is there a specific strategy that you wanted to lean heavily into or did you just wanna make goodstuff.dek with her? I like a few of the neat combos and payoffs you seem to have going on.

Sidisi, Brood Tyrant can help further fuel your graveyard while providing zombie tokens whenever you mill a creature.

Dreadhound and Syr Konrad, the Grim are pretty good payoffs for whenever you sacrifice or mill your creatures.

Other creature tutors you might wanna look into would include Jarad's Orders, Evolutionary Leap, and Fauna Shaman since they all fuel your hand and grave at the same time.

Housegheist on Mazirek's Nut Sac

1 month ago

What about Evolutionary Leap? It synergises with Mazirek and fills your hand by sacing tokens...

Kazierts on Bant Stoic Control [Budget/Casual/Primer]

1 month ago

Many other people also said this. The thing is, they're just ramp for the early game. Once I hit what I need, they're no longer useful. However, here are some interactions they have with the deck:

  • Soulherder untaps any, if I need, at the end of my turn. Sure this doesn't guarantee I'll have instant speed interaction, but will still have mana on my turn.

  • Murkfiend Liege untaps and buffs them.

  • Evolutionary Leap turns them into any other more useful creatures, which is why it doesn't matter if they don't untap. They're fodder in the mid to late game.

I should also say that I played this deck against my other decks (I bought this one on paper), and this "nonbo" has never come up even once.

lagotripha on Powerhouse Sacrifice

3 months ago

Evolutionary Leap , Fiend Artisan , Pyre of Heroes , Glimmer Bairn , Ravenous Squirrel ?

There are a lot of decent low mana sacrifice options, even in green - its been a mechanic for a long time. Fitting them into a list is trickier. Just keep your eyes on your plan and metagame and it'll come together.


5 months ago

Hi DreadKhan!

Thanks for your suggestions, I truly find them very interesting!

About Yavimaya Granger , maybe I discarded him due to it's 3CMC and can't control when they die. But it's true that essentialy is similar to Dawntreader Elk or Diligent Farmhand . I think still prefer the Elk or the Farmhand for being more mana cheap to put onto the field (and so be recurred by Meren) and be able to control when they are sacrified. Many times Meren or another thing to take advantage of death triggers isn't in the field when I played an echo card.

Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire is very nice (and cool), specially in aggro decks, just I find that Fierce Empath works better in my personal build. Fierce empath allow me to access to my finisher creatures and at ETB for only 3 mana (Specially Protean Hulk , wich grants me insta win with combo, or just a removal card like Bane of Progress or Massacre wurm). Varragoth can grant me any card... but at a total of 5 cmc (3 play +2 boast), waiting 1 turn to attack (as in this deck I don't have many ways of giving haste) and waiting more to get that card from the top of the library... It's objectively more slower in this situation. In fact, I use Sidisi, Undead Vizier as a creature "direct tutor" (I saw you play her too, so I'm sure you have used her with success!). I know that argument would lead about including some kind of powerful tutor like demonic, etc... but they are a bit taboo in my playgroup (mostly due to economic reasons haha). Although Diabolic Intent could be accepted...

Don't get me wrong, Varragoth sure is awesome any deck, it's just more an aggro piece than a sacrifice/graveyard recursion one.

But I'll add to my ideas your Silverglade Pathfinder !! I'm also thinking on Evolutionary Leap , man I have that card since many years and I never used in Meren, but I love it.

Many thanks!

paulcalypse on

6 months ago

My suggestion is to up the card advantage engines that synergize with Yedora's ability. Evolutionary Leap is fantastic if you are able to turn all your Forests into creatures while Yedora is on the table. In my own build, I all but abandoned the fungus and saproling route aside from the Sporemound combo. Focus on a tribe like elves that can really speed up your board development. Treefolk on the higher end CMC are pretty good because Yedora is a treefolk, which will trigger their abilities. The best card, by far, is Proteus Machine because you can sac it and then flip it over for free once it comes back as a forest. That's infinite triggers for any sacrifice outlet that requires one green mana to activate, let alone free sac outlets like Ashnod's Altar .

FounderX on Cunning Dark Elves

6 months ago

Hahaha raspberryfish25 now you mention it, it does sound funny :-). If answers are needed in your meta these are definitely good choices, the Golgari colors have lots of answers to play in the form of targeted and mass removal. Abrupt Decay could also be included. Eyeblight Massacre could also get rid of tokens, without harming your own board state. Lys Alana Scarblade in combination with untap abilities could also perform well to get rid of pesky creatures. You can always recur the discarded creatures with several black cards out there, though not really my style of play. Cover of Darkness is sitting in my binder, trying it out, great evasive tech. Genesis Wave , now that is a digger I do like, definitely agree with you on that one.

As for the cards you are willing to try, they are indeed very strong, but strong comes with a price tag, if budget isn't an issue definitely worth upgrading.

Chord of Calling budget one-time use Zenith, Crashing Drawbridge cheaper crossroads, although usable the next turn, but only haste on your side of the board. Fauna Shaman is already the budget version of Survival of the Fittest , but Evolutionary Leap is the cheapest closest card with more or less the same effect. Song of the Dryads combo sounds like a lot of fun indeed. With enough counters on Champion of Lambholt you can achieve the same for the price of a bag of crisps. Seeker of Skybreak is a great "untapper", maybe you like Quirion Ranger and Scryb Ranger too.

Time Spiral remastered comes with a few nice reprints like Slaughter Pact , Summoner's Pact , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Damnation . Still on the steep side, price-wise, but way cheaper than the currently printed versions.

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