Defender tribal with legendary elder dragon Arcades, the Strategist as general.

I need some casual decks and this should be one of them. Let's say 75 %.

I am looking for advices how to make the deck more consistent, more resilient and faster.

The things I know I have to change (based on my last playtesting):

  • I need at least 25 defenders, so I may drop one (currently 26 defenders)
  • Must add Crystal Shard - for protection (of my creatures), removal and combo
  • maybe more ramp (and less lands and maybe Land Tax)
  • change Laboratory Maniac for Thassa's Oracle (waiting to get another copy of this card)

Because he's Bant (), he draws cards and gives bonus to defenders ..

Arcades, the Strategist

??? (not sure about it)

Need to squeeze in:



Transmute targets:

(It is sorcery speed , but the cards have some other functions as well)

Muddle the Mixture - serves as protection (counterspell) as well

Drift of Phantasms - it is a defender as well


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