Wall of Kelp

Wall of Kelp

Creature — Plant Wall

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

(Blue)(Blue), Tap: Put a 0/1 blue Plant Wall creature token with defender named Kelp into play.

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Wall of Kelp Discussion

legendofa on Dream Tribal Commanders

3 months ago

FormOverFunction For Wall of Kelp , I meant the wrongness of calling it a Plant. The card itself is very solid (I think. I've never used it...)

legendofa on Dream Tribal Commanders

3 months ago

My other dream commander is for Plant tribal. Since I got into botany, I've been noticing more and more how many games are made by animals. "No duh," I hear you thinking, "plants can't use computers." Well, there's more biological difference between Vinelasher Kudzu , Wall of Pine Needles , and Grappling Sundew than there is between Joven's Ferrets , Rysorian Badger , and Thieving Otter . Guess which group has unique creature types? And then you get into whatever Greater Mossdog and Bayou Groff are supposed to be, and the complete wrongness of Wall of Kelp . So at least give Plants something to unify as, instead of making Legendary Elf #56.

A Plant commander would probably have to ramp in some way. Saproling tokens might get involved as well. The best colors would probably be .

FrostyReindeer on The Best Form of Defence is Attack

7 months ago

Very nice! I love Arcades since you can play it so many ways. You can go with crazy ramp, crazy draw, or a little of both. Here are some cool cards I came across when building my Arcades deck. Meekstone , Wall of Kelp , Thing in the Ice  Flip, and Necropolis . Meekstone also works really well with your Chulane, Teller of Tales which is a card I will definitely be adding to my Arcades deck since I just discovered it thanks to you lol. Again, very cool list!

CheapBastard on RAMos THE GATE

8 months ago

Let's see if I can help ya out here since you need to protect Ramos ASAP. Lightning Greaves and Asceticism are really nice but imma try to keep it budget. Whispersilk Cloak is nice since you can hit em with that unblockable but I think Glaring Spotlight is extremely underrated. Swiftfoot Boots are really good too. If you want to go crazy with Ramos you can always add in Helm of the Host too for extra fun! Progenitus is one of my favorites too. I see you're going with walls so Wall of Kelp and Intruder Alarm goes infinite with Axebane Guardian so that's something to keep in mind too. Assault Formation is your backup just in case and when your walls start attacking, Tower Defense is a really cheeky play. Hopefully this helps a little

DeltaMoth on Combo-Cades: The Wallmaster | EDH

1 year ago


Ah a classic and fantastic combo, and welcome to my decklist! In this deck I choose to use Wall of Lost Thoughts over Doorkeeper simply because of the interactions with Cloudstone Curio and Temur Sabertooth (and soon to be Emiel the Blessed). But it is an extra defender which is fantastic so I'll slap it in the maybeboard.

I have a counter combo for you! With a Axebane Guardian + Wall of Kelp + Intruder Alarm you can use the kelp ETB trigger to make infinite mana and defenders, (without the need for the 3 extra defenders) which with Arcades, the Strategist out means infinite draw too! Then you could drop a Doorkeeper and really capitalise on those infinite defenders you've got!

BrettonTheKid on Walls of Steel

1 year ago

Intruder Alarm+Axebane Guardian+Wall of Kelp= synergistic infinite mana

TheShadowNite on

1 year ago

High Alert can go infinite with Axebane Guardian, then you can use something like Doorkeeper or Wall of Kelp to win

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