High Alert

High Alert


Each creature you control assigns combat damage equal to its toughness rather than its power.

Creatures you control can attack as though they didn't have defender.

: Untap target creature.

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High Alert Discussion

nathanielhebert on Walls of Ire — Budget Edition!

1 week ago

Saccox, Thank you, I wasn't aware of the Moon-Blessed Cleric.

I originally restricted myself aesthetically to "walls" as a theme, but the deck needs to be fine-tuned — it's redundant to have Assault Formation and High Alert together. I was using Muddle the Mixture to transmute into Assault Formation in a worse-case scenario. I was thinking of refining the deck with a set of Drift of Phantasms to be transmuted into a 3-CMC card "High Alert", and Moon-Blessed Cleric might give more assurances to tutor up the cards I need to "combo off".

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Knight Watch

1 month ago

Ok, so the deck obviously isn't perfect, but I like the idea and most of your choices. It seems well powered for the kitchen table. Looking at the P/T of your creatures, you should really try High Alert instead of some of your one-ofs.

I'm playing a similar strategy in my turtle deck, and a card I really like the is Rapid Hybridization. The token won't matter most of the time as it'll usually be too small to survive your creatures.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Aggro decks gonna be sad

2 months ago

I realize you'd have to add , but High Alert is simply that much better than Assault Formation if you play actual defenders, and not just 0/X creatures.

zapyourtumor on Azorius Testudo

2 months ago

Not sure running Moon-Blessed Cleric just to tutor High Alert is worth it. If it had high toughness maybe, but 3/2 stats kind of suck in this deck. Letting you tutor up a Detention Sphere, Rest in Peace, or Baffling End when needed is okay though.

Slaughter the Strong is another one-sided boardwipe that can costs one less than Dusk / Dawn.

I second cutting The Wanderer, it doesn't do enough here. For removal, I'd add some Portable Hole and Baffling End to handle the lower cmc stuff while Detention Sphere hits the bigger targets.

I'd maybe cut a 1-2 copies of Azorius Charm, since the removal option doesn't get rid of the creature for very long.

Saccox on Azorius Testudo

2 months ago

Hi 9-lives, Moon-Blessed Cleric for search a High Alert or another enchantment? and one Rogue's Passage ?

9-lives on Azorius Testudo

3 months ago

Disenchant would be useful if i want to get rid of artifacts/enchantments. I think Disallow would be even more useful in that sense. I think Karametra's Blessing would be extremely useful for my enchanted creatures, but would it protect my enchantments as well as creatures, even if it's like High Alert ? Or does it have to work on only auras, like Gauntlets of Light ?

9-lives on

3 months ago

Obviously If I'm one card from milling, I would mill more. Phenax, God of Deception doesn't require that you have to always tap to mill always, Just gives you the option to, so that works solidly if you play him even when one is using a damage tactic. In my empowerments i'm trying to protect my characters that give all of my needed tactics. It might help if I have a few discard and draw spells in play, then if I want to keep a certain tactic. What do you mean by 'one card from milling and draw a damage creature'? All of my creatures can be both damage or milling, provided I use Phenax, God of Deception or High Alert and Huatli, the Sun's Heart . I don't have any 'milling creatures'. And, even if I can't mill with Phenax, God of Deception , I can still run a damage protocol. Depending on what cards I draw, I can use Phenax, God of Deception first, or damage first. Then focus on those tactics. Like I said, I need a way to choose what I want from my deck, and that's one reason why I chose to use Diabolic Tutor . Perhaps more of these type cards would be best?

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