Crystal Shard

Crystal Shard


, or , : Return target creature to its owner's hand unless its controller pays .

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Crystal Shard Discussion

Seuchenschutz on Animar Crossing

1 month ago

Nice Deck idea. What you need is more card advantage per creature. You could add Glimpse of Nature or Lifecrafter's Bestiary . Some mechanics to bounce your own creatures would be nice too. Like Crystal Shard or Erratic Portal

ChaosJester on Michonne Zombie Tribal

1 month ago

I also own a Secret Lair pack of TWD and this is deck helps me to find a starting point to build something with These cards, so thx a lot for sharing your idea. As a Johnny player, I would include a few cards that flicker/bounce your Commander or copy her ability. Conjurer's Closet , Crystal Shard and Erratic Portal come into my mind. Creating more walker tokens is not only flavorful but also interesting as chump blockers!

I also recommend Carrion Feeder because this is a good combo card with your Gravecrawler and Skullclamp .

Furthermore, you need more lands. 31 is way too less for an average cmc of 3. Usually people tend to play at least 35 our 36 lands and 5 or more mana rocks.

Osbert on Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer - Sneaky Morph Deck

1 month ago

Mana Maze is kind of a cute stax card that trips up a lot of decks but won't really affect you as morph is colourless on the stack. Cryptolith Rite is antoher great card for Kadena that helps your vanilla 2/2s do a little more.

I would highly suggest taking out Muraganda Petroglyphs . This effect is symmetrical and tokens don't have text on them so they receive this buff which makes it dangerous to play. A lot of green decks have an Avenger of Zendikar lurking somewhere in the 99 that will clean your clock quickly.

Instead of Crystal Shard I suggest you run Cunning Evasion . This lets you play mind games with the opponents by using the combat step as a way to reset your morph creatures. It either makes them unblockable or you get to morph the creature in response to the block being declared which lets you recycle the creature. It also makes Ixidron a headache for opponents to maneuver around as they don't want to put it back in your hand by blocking it but they also don't want to take 10+ damage by not blocking.

Coward_Token on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage

2 months ago

d_iros: your experience with what's underperforming should be your foremost guide, but here's my take:

Crystal Shard: Obviously versatile, but not essential. Does synergize minorly with Scroll of Fate & creature ETB triggers like Kadena tho

Mistfire Weaver: seems pretty mediocre, although it hurts a bit to cut a morph card

Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip & Lord of the Void: kinda mediocre, and cutting down on either would lower the average CMC. The Scroll helps with expensive stuff tho.

Not making your life easier but you might consider Vivien, Champion of the Wilds & Mystic Forge too

SerBorksaLot on Akatsuki, the Horizon's Shadow

4 months ago

IMHO, I think you need to swap out some low-drops for evasion, you don't have a lot of bounce/recursion to re-Ninjitsu your big fatties. I'd recommend Key to the City or Dauthi Embrace. Crystal Shard if you want to lean towards more bounce.

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