Slagwurm Armor

Slagwurm Armor

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +0/+6.

Equip (3) ((3): Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This card enters the battlefield unattached and stays in play if the creature leaves the battlefield.)

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Slagwurm Armor Discussion

griffstick on Destructive Multiplication

2 months ago

Slagwurm Armor seems like it fits.

Rorolith on itsy bitsy spider

7 months ago

As a lower curve, I would take out Blightwidow as you are not intending to win with poison counters and creatures with infect can only do damage in the form of poison counters. You could add in Sporeweb Weaver. I might also consider cutting Juvenile Gloomwidow and add Snarespinner as it is much more likely to outright kill flyer than to just die and give it a -1/-1 counter. I would also cut Kessig Recluse as you are trying to win mostly by using Assault Formation (I assume) and you already have Deadly Recluse and Basilisk Collar for the deathtouch protection. In its place Chainweb Aracnir and you will have a much more aggressive curve to swarm your opponent with and cast Arachnogenesis. You will probably need to add some card draw as well so that you don't run out of fuel. Harmonize or Lead the Stampede in place of Accorder's Shield will make it better. The reason I chose Accorder's Shield is because to bring it out and equip it the same turn will cost and so will bringing out and equipping Slagwurm Armor, but Slagwurm Armor gives more of a buff. The minor upside to Accorder's Shield is that you can drop all of your mana on a spider and then cast Accorder's Shield same turn.

wisegreenbean on Pathrazer of Ulamog pEDH

7 months ago

Slagwurm Armor and Echo Circlet don't help you do MORE P U N C H, and therefore I think are unworthy of your handsome deck.

Orazca Relic is another worse mind stone, but mind stone is so good that you probably want the bad versions too. And Spare Supplies is GASP almost as good as Divination.

Staunch Throneguard is pretty risky, but I also don't know that you can turn down any form of repeatable card draw.

Bone Flute is pretty bad, but it's called bone flute, so you gotta give it some points for that.

Stardragon on Walls need mortar

11 months ago

Im making a Arcades, the Strategist and need some enchantments, artifacts, aura ect that increase toughness like Slagwurm Armor does it can increase power if need be but no +1/+0 stuff

Tylord2894 on How do equipment Buffs work …

1 year ago

The most straightforward way of thinking about Mannichi is that you apply its P/T switching ability last.

P/T is determined in Layer 7, which has a number of sublayers. We have to apply all the effects from one sublayer before moving to the next one. Luckily, Layer 7 is the easiest Layer to understand. In the first sublayer, we consider characteristic-defining abilities (CDAs), like that of Tarmagoyf. In the next sublayer, we consider P/T setting effects, like that of Scale Up. In the third sublayer, we consider all buff/debuff effects, like your Slagwurm Armor as well as counters. In the fourth and final sublayer, we consider P/T switching effects.

Let's run through an example. Let's say your Ancient Crab is out with 2 +1/+1 counters, has Slagwurm Armor equip, and is affected by Mannichi. Nothing happens in the first two sublayers. In the third sublayer, there are 3 effects to apply. We apply all of these effects in "timestamp" (roughly chronological) order. Let's say the counters happened first. So, the Crab will go from being a 1/5 to a 3/7 to a 3/13. In the last sublayer, you switch the power and toughness, and the Crab becomes a 13/3. Should you unequip the Armor, the Crab will be a 7/3.

Hope this helps!!

moo1234 on How do equipment Buffs work …

1 year ago

I could ask a million questions about how Mannichi, the Fevered Dream but they all probably get answered by this question.

If I attach Slagwurm Armor to mannichi. It becomes a 1/8 then I switch it's power and toughness. It will become an 8/1. Then I unattach slagwurm armour, since it was supposed to give a toughness buff does it stay an 8/1, if so can I then reattach the armour to give it another +0/+6 buff making it an 8/7. If so at end of turn does it go back to being a 1/8 or a 7/8

If unattaching the armour removes the "+6/+0" buff and then reattach it (making minnichi a 2/7) at end of turn when it switches back does it become a 7/2

Sorry if that's confusing. If you want me to reword the question, or if I'm completely wrong please let me know

FormOverFunction on Mono-White Keyword Banding

1 year ago

I’ve also got a banding EDH deck, but I ran with an even sillier commander (General Jarkeld) in order to have even more combat-goofiness. I found value in turning more banders into Shield Bearer types of tools with Slagwurm Armor, and got a bunch of value out of banding an Armored Transport into the group.

I apologize if these are in your deck already, I’ve written this over an extended period of time and have completely forgotten what I saw in your list.

Love the deck! Can’t wait until WOTC brings banding back!! We’ll be ahead of the curve!!

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