Fell the Mighty

Fell the Mighty


Destroy all creatures with power greater than target creature's power.

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Fell the Mighty Discussion

Emphroy on Maninda mit den blitzgedanken

1 month ago

Some more cards that work nicely with Mavinda:
Blessed Alliance,
Fell the Mighty,
Ajani's Influence.

Also, Settle Beyond Reality isn't priced as bad as it might seem and repeatable removal with Mavinda.

Reported on Legion, Maja EDH

3 months ago

Great list!

I'll include some recommendations if you're interested:

Recursion: Bala Ged Recovery  Flipand Eternal Witness would be helpful I think.

Tokens: Thinking along the lines of MOAR TOKENS, Second Harvest and Rhys the Redeemed . You could also consider Call the Coppercoats , Deploy to the Front , and Nomads' Assembly . Awakening Zone , Giant Adephage is fun.

Trample: I'd recommend Nylea, God of the Hunt if you're willing to shell out the extra bit.

Draw/Card Advantage: Mentor of the Meek is ideal for card draw. Skullclamp . Keeper of the Accord is both ramp and token generation. Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flipis nutty landfall help.

Finishers: Mirror Entity is a good finisher. Beastmaster Ascension , Crescendo of War for pricier options.

Protection: Fanatical Devotion

Removal: Hour of Reckoning Fell the Mighty To avoid your low to the ground creatures.

Landfall: Court of Bounty Ancient Greenwarden if you really want to yeet. Ulvenwald Hydra or Scapeshift to find Field of the Dead and more great landfall triggers.

DavidSP on Breena Aggro

4 months ago

If you expect to have the biggest creature in the field Fell the Mighty is probably not such a good fit, then I would stick to Austere Command and also Dusk / Dawn . How many do you intend to run anyway? I'd probably not go higher than 2 in this deck.

ps. an other budget alternative is Phyrexian Rebirth

JCTenor10 on The Code Meister

4 months ago

I agree with giving Fractured Identity a chance, as it is an AMAZING followup to a boardwipe like Fell the Mighty or Yahenni's Expertise .

Assault Suit I dislike for many reasons.

1) being a 4cmc artifacts means it's unlikely to get dropped before Codie,meaning we will have to flicker with Long Road Home or one of your other cheats to play it, which means it is competing with your higher impact permanents just to gimmick someone out of playing permanents, which will require removal ASAP.

2) As a Zedruu player I have learned that there is no faster way to make enemies at the table the bad gifts like Codie.

3) if you want to dip into bad gifts route play Zedruu the Greathearted .

People will hate Fractured Identity , but they won't make you the archenemy because of it. As fun as bad gifts are, most of them are just not up to Codies speed. If you are going for additional Codie triggers, I once again suggest Jeskai Ascendancy ,it does better than any other at getting multiple triggers for it's price.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Velo-Wizard

4 months ago

Looks pretty good. Make sure to change the lands :). Add Wayfarer's Bauble , Burnished Hart and Jeska's Will for some more ramp. Add Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots to protect your commander more and give him haste. I think you might want some powerful 5 cmc instant or sorcery cards for Velomachus Lorehold to get for free like Waves of Aggression , Fell the Mighty and Chandra's Ignition

yorickn on Breena Aggro

4 months ago

I like Dusk / Dawn especially the Dawn part as it hits almost all creatures in this deck. Slaughter the Strong and Fell the Mighty are a bit problematic imo, because they care about the power of creatures. With Breena, the Demagogue out, this deck should be able to place a fair amount of +1/+1 counters on our creatures, so that they would be big enough to be hit by those board wipes as well.

On the other hand, this is something that could be played around by placing all/most counters on only one or two creatures if one of those board wipes is in hand. Austere Command is neat here because it cares about mana value instead of power. In the deck as it is right now there are only 3/4 creatures with mana value 4 or greater.

Those sweepers are something to keep in mind while playtesting for sure. Currently there only is Austere Command , Selfless Glyphweaver  Flip and single target removal in the deck. If it turns out that the deck could use some more board wipes i think Dusk / Dawn would be my favorite, followed by Tragic Arrogance and Slaughter the Strong .

Thanks for the tips!

PS: The dog subtheme was not intentional, i don't think i will persue that one. A shame Resolute Watchdog has defender, otherwise it would slot right in.

DavidSP on Breena Aggro

4 months ago

In case you would like to include (potentially one-sided, versatile) sweepers: Dusk / Dawn , Slaughter the Strong , Fell the Mighty . Apart from that: Isamaru, Hound of Konda and Resolute Watchdog for the Dog subtheme ;).

WanderingSpirit on Click here if I can have your name.

6 months ago

Thanks for the input, CaptainDemetrios. I play it most every week. People don't seem to want to remove her, I've noticed, though I've made sure that I'm making enough mana to recast, protect, or counter the removal.
I see what you're saying about the deck wanting more creatures. I'd love to put some more faeries in there. I've gotta find the balance between benefiting from the commander, and having gas enough to keep going without her.

As far as boardwipes, I like Fell the Mighty . I mainly have Hour of Reckoning because it's one sided, and Damnation because pretty art is on theme. Plus, any one of those plus a convoked Sephara, Sky's Blade is devastating.

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