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Defender tribal deck build around Arcades, which is focused on fast building defences to strike with them. It's excellent if you like drawing many cards while casting powerful creatures for very low mana cost. Main focus is to overrun 1-2 players with huge walls while trying to assemble one of the combos below:

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Also as a bonus I present my top 10 best defenders in each CMC from 0 to 3, which will be updated with new releases. Average power/toughness ratio I took into consideration was: preferably 0 power and 2 toughness per mana spend (x/2 for 1, x/4 for 2, x/6 for 3)

  1. Shield Sphere - huge defender with downside of getting smaller with each block it does
  2. And
  3. Nothing
  4. Else
  5. At
  6. Least
  7. For
  8. Now.
  9. Maybe
  10. Shifting Wall - this defender can be played for 0 in a more combo oriented deck, because it grants free ETB trigger.
  1. Wall of Runes - this cheap defender allows for card selection at any point of game and when looped could be used to dig for answers or Laboratory Maniac
  2. Resolute Watchdog - very good 1/3 body and amazing ability to protect Commander from destruction for only
  3. Portcullis Vine - for some investment can draw a card but other than that it's Wall of Wood most of the time
  4. Saruli Caretaker - cheap mana dork with Defender and reasonable stats
  5. Dragon's Eye Sentry - a little weaker but has First Strike
  6. Steel Wall - another big wall but that's it and being colorless can makes it easier to cast
  7. Perimeter Captain - very good 1-drop defender, not only is very strong but also gives defenders 'lord' effect on gaining life for every block they make
  8. Wall of Vines - quite big wall that can also block flying creatures
  9. Traproot Kami - with its' always changing toughness can be very small or immensely huge. This defender can reach very big values with only one more player with green mana sources
  10. Pride Guardian - with each block nets 3 life, sometimes it's life-saver and with Commander it's cheap 3/3 offense
  1. Wall of Omens / Wall of Blossoms / Orator of Ojutai - defenders with good stats that provide additional card draw. Orator of Ojutai with Commander on the battlefield has the same stats and abilities with additional evasion
  2. Overgrown Battlement - good defender that can turn into a huge ramp when other defenders are present on the battlefield
  3. Wall of Kelp - with ability to produce additional defenders to gain some more card draw it's great card for combos
  4. Wall of Shards - biggest possible defender with evasion that has downside in form of giving opponents some life during each of your upkeep
  5. Sunscape Familiar / Sylvan Caryatid / Vine Trellis / Wall of Roots - this might be a stretch but all 4 of these are basically mana dorks in one way or another. I've excluded Ulvenwald Captive   because he's too small for an attacker
  6. Crashing Drawbridge - newest addition is a colorless defender with reasonable stats AND powerful ability that let's us overrun enemies with huge walls faster or win through combo the same turn we assemble it
  7. Stalwart Shield-Bearers - basically a 'lord' card for defenders
  8. Wall of Junk / Wall of Tanglecord - strongest defenders with additional abilites that also help estabilishing _Metalcraft_ on board
  9. Wall of Glare / Wall of Mulch / Jeskai Barricade - very good utility cards that can become superblocker, an emergency card draw or protection/combo extention in form of bounce respectively
  10. Fortified Rampart - really big defender for very low CMC. Wall of Tanglecord can gain Reach for better blocking capabilities and can potentially power up Metalcraft
Worth mentioning: Angelic Wall, Doorkeeper, Gatecreeper Vine, Ludevic's Test Subject  , Thing in the Ice  , Riptide Turtle
  1. Wall of Denial - simply the strongest wall by itself
  2. Drift of Phantasms - is not only a reasonably strong defender with evasion but also a tutor for ANY 3 CMC card
  3. Axebane Guardian - when you control other defenders it becomes better and has potential to do infinite mana combo with cards like Freed from the Real or Intruder Alarm + Wall of Kelp
  4. Quicksilver Wall - another strong defender with additional combo potential as it can single handedly cause a deckout and Laboratory Maniac win with infinite mana aviable.
  5. Carven Caryatid - defender with reasonable stats and additional card draw
  6. Geist of the Archives - small defender with upside of filtering top of the deck each turn
  7. Hover Barrier / Monastery Flock - slightly smaller defenders with additional evasion
  8. Wall of Nets - high toughness defender with ability to exile blocked creatures
  9. Wall of Frost - similar to Wall of Nets but a bit weaker because only taps and 'freezes' blocked creatures
  10. Glacial Wall / Wall of Ice - just big beaters
Worth mentioning: Psychic Membrane, Soulsworn Jury


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Most decks containing tend to add Nature's Lore and recently reprinted Three Visits as a go-to ramp option. However, I believe this is not a good inclusion in this deck.
Besides constantly lowering curve of the deck, here's a complete analysis on ramp package (13 cards total) in the deck:

As seen above, most ramp cards tend to go towards 0-1 mana cost, while 2-3 cost are reserved for either synergy and/or combo pieces. With that in mind, I'd much rather swap Nature's Lore and Three Visits for artifacts to further power up Mox Opal's Metalcraft and on top of that those that have Defender and are waiting in line to be included in the deck.

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