Jeskai giant tribal deck on a budget.

Giants are a bit slow in the format to play and due to that fact, are more of a casual tribal deck. With that in mind I build the deck as such. You can easily substitute some of the power cards in my "maybeboard" if you wanted to increase the overall power level.

The restriction I placed on myself for this deck (which is always fun for me) are as follows:
-The deck can't be more than $200 total. (Was under $200 at time of creation)
-No cards can be over $10.
-A minimum of at least 20 giants...anything under 20 creatures of a given type I don't consider a true tribal deck (just my opinion).

Let me know what you all think. If you like the deck upvotes, thoughts, comments, and suggestions are always greatly appreciated!


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After play testing a few times I adjusted the deck for more ramp and card draw as it just kinda sputtered mid to late game as well as included cards up through MoM Aftermath


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