Calamity Bearer

Calamity Bearer

Creature — Giant Berserker

If a Giant source you control would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals double that damage to that permanent or player instead.

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Calamity Bearer Discussion

Polaris on Calamity Bearer + Cyclone Summoner …

4 weeks ago

Yeah, all Calamity Bearer does in this situation is make the blockers extra dead. They manage to soak up everything and keep your opponent safe.

ChandraVess on Calamity Bearer + Cyclone Summoner …

1 month ago

this can be answered by looking at the gatherer rulings under Calamity Bearer.

2/5/2021 If damage dealt by a Giant source you control is being divided or assigned among multiple permanents and/or players, that damage is divided or assigned before doubling. For example, if you attack with a 5/5 Giant with trample and it’s blocked by a 2/2 creature, you can assign 2 damage to the blocker and 3 damage to the defending player. Those amounts are then doubled to 4 and 6, respectively.

in the case you described, there is no trample damage going to the defending player for Calamity Bearer to double.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on None

1 month ago

Following situations occured while playing the new 2021 starter kit yesterday

I control both Giants and gave Cyclone Summoner trample via Run Amok. My opponent had some small creatures.

I attacked with summoner and my opponent decided to block with five of his creatures with combined power 9 and toughness 10, which had us both thinking how the damage would happen. Here's what we figured out:

I assigned the 10 damage from Summoner in a way so that all blocking creatures receive lethal damage before Calamity Bearer is applied. Then, Bearer doubles the damage to each creature. Since summoner tramples, this should result in 10 trampling damage to my opponent, correct? The are two other possible outcomes:

  • I totally missed something, so the damage isn't increased that way

  • He actually received 20 damage because re-assigns zhe damage, which doubles it again

I'm not sure if we ruled this correctly, so someone please confirm or deny.

CommanderNeyo on Modern Giants

1 month ago

I recently made a Giant tribal deck as well, and I highly recommend adding Lightning Bolt . Because of the high mana value of your cards, you need some interaction in the early game to help you not fall far behind. Bolt solves that issue by killing most early-game threats, and is also nice to give you that last bit of reach to close out games.

I also highly recommend cutting Beanstalk Giant and Hamletback Goliath . While they are both fun, they are extremely mana intensive and generally do very little for you compared to the other giants. I think it is better to have more Calamity Bearer , Quakebringer , and Tectonic Giant . Doubling your damage with Calamity Bearer is so good (especially with Surtland Flinger ), and works well with Quakebringer . Speaking of which, Quakebringer puts a clock on the opponent, even in the graveyard (which is where it is likely to be, due to the abundance of removal). Tectonic Giant is a good cheap giant (as giants go) that also provides you some value even if it dies.

Additionally, I also recommend cutting Battle of Frost and Fire along with Reflections of Littjara . I personally love those card choices here, but from my limited experience, you already have great cards at this mana value slot, and with giants you have a hard time trying to get threats out. Adding more high-mana cards only results in a hand full of cards but not the ability to play them. I recommend considering using cheaper board wipes like Pyroclasm and Anger of the Gods so that you have something to do earlier, before you get the mana to play your giants. That way, you aren't having to decide between removing your opponents threats at the same time you are wanting to drop your own.

Lastly, I would recommend adding either Opt or Serum Visions , just so that you have more early-game action. They help ensure you find the lands or giants you need, and have really helped smooth my deck out.

With the new giants released in Kaldheim, I have really fallen in love with the tribe, so I am glad to see someone else come to enjoy it as well!

Polaris on Calamity bearer interactions

4 months ago

1: No. The source of the damage is usually defined by the effect dealing the damage. Fling says "Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to any target." This means the source of the damage is Fling, not the sacrificed Giant, so Calamity Bearer doesn't apply. For a counterexample, Gravitic Punch would work the way you're hoping because it says "Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target player," so the Giant would be the source of the damage.

2: Also no. Calamity Bearer's ability is a static ability, which means it's in effect whenever Calamity Bearer is in play. Since you sacrificed Calamity Bearer, it will be in the graveyard when Surtland Flinger 's ability resolves and it won't double the damage. However, if you used something like Supernatural Stamina on your Calamity Bearer before sacrificing it, it would be in play when the damage trigger resolved and would double the damage.

Side notes: Calamity Bearer is not the "target" for the sacrifice (this matters because you could still sacrifice it if it had shroud, or protection from red, both of which would prevent it from being targeted by Surtland Flinger).

Surtland Flinger's attack trigger is actually two triggers. When it attacks, the ability triggers with no target, and as the trigger resolves you may choose to sacrifice a creature. If you do, it triggers the second part, which goes on the stack with a target and deals damage when it resolves.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Izzet giants v1

5 months ago

Cinderheart Giant is not really a good card. It's too expensive for its effect, even if it does die. Toralf, God of Fury  Flip doesn't do too much either. I'd advise you to look at other giants lists to see what giants are good. Aegar, the Freezing Flame , Invasion of the Giants , the full playset of Calamity Bearer s, are all pretty much must-haves.

Embercleave isn't really what you want. You're going tall, not wide, and EC does its best work when you go wide.

For the control package, Saw It Coming >> any counterspell you have atm. You'll also want sweepers for go-wide decks like mono-red, so Storm's Wrath should be here, or at least Shatterskull Smashing  Flip. Probably both. Actually, Battle of Frost and Fire is better than Storm's Wrath, since you're in giants and it has additional upside after the sweep.

Shimmerdrift Vale isn't worth having. Basics would be better.

Neotrup on Total Damage Clarification

6 months ago

The unmodified damage will be the Calamity Bearer dealing 1 damage to the 1/1, 3 damage to the defending player during first strike, then assuming the 1/1 id dead 4 damage to the defending player during regular damage, and the Bonecrusher Giant dealing 4 damage to the defending player. This means the modified damage will be 2 to the 1/1, and (3+4+4)*2=22 to the defending player.

This may be different if you choose to assign more damage to the 1/1 (you may not want to trample over for the full amount) or if the damage to the 1/1 is prevented (if it has protection from red for example).

-TheContagion- on Total Damage Clarification

6 months ago

I have Calamity Bearer attacking. My opponent blocks it with a 1/1. I flash Embercleave onto the Calamity Bearer . Im also attacking with Bonecrusher Giant which is unblocked. What is the total amount of damage that will get through to my opponent?

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