Brass Squire

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Brass Squire

Artifact Creature — Myr

: Attach target Equipment you control to target creature you control.

Wuzibo on Questioning the Iona Banning

4 months ago

Yeah sure. The odds that you draw any 2 cards are low, and monocolored will always struggle vs an iona if they're playing the named color. In a 1v1, when she would be most oppressive, she can be close to a game over and you would need colorless in your deck or it's basically just over.

Those two aren't the only two ways to deal with her though. You can still use o stone or nevvinyrals or even an All Is Dust. There are artifact creatures, vehicles, and equipment you can still be putting out put out to at least be playing, and they fit into different decks Brass Squire and Wurmcoil Engine. Eldrazi can be cast too, and Spine of Ish Sah. You can get out an ornithoper and Darksteel Forge too. In any color. Blightsteel Colossus or Darksteel Colossus is a thing too. Most ramp is colorless and colored mana can be an issue so colorless big creatures that are kind of win cons on their own are pretty good.

She wasn't even that popular prior to the ban, so if she was so strong, why didn't more people run her? It's like blightsteel with haste enablers as a commander just oneshotting. It sounds so strong, but it's not easy to pull off reliably, and if there's a blue player at the table, they might not allow it to resolve if it hits one of their colors. Someone else might deal with it for hitting one of their colors. She might get caught up in a board wipe because someone else is going wide.

1v1 it would be a problem, since then in competitive everyone would have to build around the possibility of iona, which is format warping. But for the vast majority of players out there she was a rare kind of stax piece to play around and blow up to continue the game.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on

5 months ago

This is impressively close to theme, good job! You still should really try Brass Squire and Hammer of Nazahn in here. The reconfigure costs tend to be quite high, and these two help you mitigate them. Hammer even fulfills a double role by also protecting Chishiro.

LeonSpires on Cute Little Dog With a Crap Ton of Swords

6 months ago

Looks to be a solid list and like a lot of fun to pilot. Some possible considerations for you: Brass Squire, Armory Automaton, Rogue's Passage, Key to the City, Whispersilk Cloak, Argentum Armor, Strata Scythe, Colossus Hammer and Fireshrieker (double strike triggers most of your swords a second time per turn.

BrassLord on Need Two Stax Swap Cards …

9 months ago

I seemed to have stumbled on a bit of an argument. I'm sorry it took that kind of turn! RambIe actually made some decent points and recommendations, though admittedly they probably could have been delivered better on both your end and theirs. I think part of the confusion is the whole "highest level" part. There are a couple of really good cEDH Godo primers out there. Waiting for Godo - cEDH primer seems to be generally considered a really good starting point. You both nailed the point that the two strats are either going all in "glass cannon" count to 11, or a more resilient sort of one with stax pieces. While I like the idea of swapping around pieces to shift from one strategy to another, I do think your deck may struggle to play at the most optimal without further changes to accommodate for either strat. Also Godo kind of fits into a niche in cEDH and feels very meta dependent. I've played Godo off and on and at different competitive levels for a while, in my experience, Godo actually holds up fairly well in a meta full of stax pieces. There's really only a few pieces out that you have to watch out for, and your deck already runs a lot of the necessary removal to answer those threats. Even in combo heavy meta, Godo still has a place for being a consistent turn 3 win or earlier. If you play in a meta with a lot of counterspells, part of it is knowing if/when to go for the Godo Helm combo, which is something that comes down to your own decisions and only gets better with playing the deck in games. Also, I wouldn't discount Wheel kind of effects. Yes, it can refill your opponents hand with potential answers, but as mentioned before, there are a plethora of answers that you can include in the list to accommodate for this. I typically view it as a really bad version of Ad Nauseam, giving you that last bit of gas to close out the game or get critical mass of interaction. I also would say that wheels wouldn't be super great in the way the deck currently stands, not a whole lot of ritual one off effects.(though it could maybe work with your take extra turn spells? I'd have to playtest more lol).

Specific recommendations for your swaps... Palladium Myr and/or Brass Squire. Love both these cards, only reason is they're probably the most weak activated abilities in your current build, if your gameplan is to run the stacx pieces.

Also maybe Release the Gremlins, you got a lot of artifact removal in there to slow down opponents mana

For general stuff to consider...

Cursed Mirror does two fold in a Godo deck, Ramp and decrease overall cost of the magical 11mana count for the helm combo. Urza's Saga is a decent land that can fetch any relevant artifacts. Karn, the Great Creator gives you access to exiled helms should it be targeted with removal, and is an overall decent enough stax piece, though at 4 mana it's maybe a bit too steep as to what you're looking for. Also, Chalice of the Void can be a pretty versatile stax piece/protection. at 2 it stops a lot of formats counters, but probably best at one, where it stops swords to plowshares, natures claim etc.

Hope those help! All in all, I think a modular Godo deck is an interesting idea! I would ask you to look at the recommendations given before in a vacuum without taking it too personal. In your own playtesting, try to address the main concerns/weaknesses mentioned above (without even having to argue or mention stuff in the comments section. The aim is to get better and to learn, even if you disagree with some random person on the internet lol. Take recommendations with a grain of salt and just be receptive to criticism). Opinions and suggestions don't hinder what you are actually allowed to play, they're just ideas to get you thinking about when trying to make your deck better. Play the game how you want. Good luck playtesting!

Commander_JAR on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List] Part 1

1 year ago

That awkward moment when you realize Godo does not immediately equip Helm of the Host when ETB.

What are some "plan B" strategies people use in case Helm is destroyed before Godo gets to equip it?

I am aware of Panharmonicon and getting Hammer of Nazahn first before Helm or having a Brass Squire ....but again....let's assume the worst. Combos like Twinflame and Dualcaster Mage don't seem fast enough....

sad_2980 on Does this look infected?

1 year ago

wallisface Love the suggestions! Brass Squire and Plague Myr are in the list because I thought the added mana utility could be a nice bonus at times, but I like your suggestion of using something with more immediate utility. Think I'll replace the Brass Squire with Necropede to keep the artifact and infect numbers up. I also like the idea of using a more tool-boxy set of equipment. Going with less than 22 lands makes me nervous, but I might give it a try. It may take a little while due to cost, but I think I'll probably incorporate most of your suggestions in some way over time. Thanks!

enpc on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List] Part 1

1 year ago

Commander_JAR: You're correct in that while you end up with infinite tokens, you're only attacking with 2 tokens each combat (one from the previosu combat and one from the current combat). This however would mean that your opponent would require 2 creatures with indestructible (or some kind of dynamically increasing toughness), or have 2 3/* creature with first strike to stop this.

While this is very possible, it's not really an issue in cEDH as there aren't many scenarios where you come up against this. If there is a concern though, you can either include something like Impact Tremors in your deck or use cards like Argentum Armor in combination with Brass Squire to suit up one of the clones (works for everything except indestructible).

And unless they have a bunch of big first strikers, next turn you should have an infinite supply of Godos to attack with. Not tom ention that chances are you've knocked the other two opponents out at this point so there's only one player you have to deal with.

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