Two-Handed Axe

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Two-Handed Axe

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever equipped creature attacks, double its power until end of turn.

Equip (: Attach this to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This enters the battlefield unattached and stays on the battlefield if the creature this card is attached to leaves the battlefield.)

(You may cast Two-Handed Axe from exile if you sent it on an adventure.)

Sweeping Cleave

Instant — Adventure

Target creature you control gains double strike until end of turn. (Then send this card on an Adventure in exile. You may cast the artifact portion from exile.)

(You may cast Sweeping Cleave for from anywhere that you have the permission to cast it, then exile it on an adventure instead of putting it into your graveyard. When you have not chosen to cast Sweeping Cleave and put it on the stack, this card is treated only as Two-Headed Axe in whatever zone it is in.)

(When not exiled on an adventure, Adventure cards function identically to modal double faced cards when regarding to the interactions of cards that look at them or attempt to cast them.)

Necramus on Ruhan Voltron

1 week ago

Two-Handed Axe is super cool! I like some of the red additions. After looking at your equipment, I see why you said we have similar lists! Lol. Fireshrieker is intriguing to me. I run Grappling Hook, but this may be more desirable in my Sram list. Another consideration you've given me. So, here are a couple for you:

Dispatch has been one of my more recent additions that has really paid off in spades.

Imprisoned in the Moon and Darksteel Mutation have become some of my favorite Commander removal tools, if you ever find yourself looking for some more interaction.

Thanks again for the love on my Sram deck! I appreciate you! Feel free to check out any of my other decks and send me a friend request, if you feel like we've got some similar build styles! :)

August_Cross on The Coat of Harms [w/ Primer]

7 months ago

Amarthaler, I hope it does give you ideas! The whole point of sharing the list was to put info and ideas out there, because I was frustrated by most Gwyn lists being either underwhelming typal decks or full Voltron when I wanted one for comparison. (Though I did find a couple standouts that I still have some notes on.) If you specifically wanted ideas for a Boros list, I could see a lot of the cards or the distribution of categories transferring well to something like Bruenor Battlehammer.

It plays smoothly, which was precisely the goal I tuned it toward! I played two games with it this past weekend, and in my second game, a player on a strong treasures deck gained lots of momentum and even removed my Gwyn the moment it came down (affording me only 1 free equip). I still contributed enough to the game with a Bloodsworn Steward, Two-Handed Axe, and Plate Armor to attack him for 14 and threaten lethal the turn after, which caused him to burn a second piece of removal stopping me. Even on a rough game, I was able to do my thing.

As for how its balanced... Well, there's a strange dynamic I tried to describe in the Primer that you can see in that story. It's an aggro deck that significantly ramps up in damage, so it puts a lot of pressure on opponents, especially when I'm sitting down with people for the first time and they aren't ready for it (despite any warnings or advice from me). I have multiple stories now of going to a couple game stores in town (one a little competitive and one pretty casual) and bullying a pod with an unanswered Umezawa's Jitte, yet I can also go home and get crushed by my friend playing the Forces of Mordor precon. It's a well-tuned deck, but I don't want to hype anyone into thinking it's high power, and yet I don't want to downplay how much it has scared some tables. Does that illustrate what you wanted to know?

DreadKhan on Sauron The Grixis Lord

9 months ago

Lower creature count decks are at a disadvantage on most board states, but your Commander makes an ever-growing creature, and you can run cards that improve the Army (and possibly all of your creatures), making the Orc Army count for more than usual, without costing you very many cards. The best options IMHO are persistent, things like non-aura Enchantments and Lands. One way to improve your Orc Army is to throw in some creatures (or replace some with more powerful ones), Taurean Mauler, Changeling Outcast, and Mistwalker are interesting choices to include, they are Armies technically, so they can gain counters from Amass effects, I think evasion is especially interesting to help trigger Sauron. Oh, and they're also Wraiths fwiw, so they synergize with everything, and they're not much mana. Another thing you can do to buff your armies is include Equipment, it might be a huge flavour fail, but Armies can use weapons just fine, look for ones like Two-Handed Axe that offer a bonus that scales, or ones that offer Trample or some form of evasion. You can also use Anthems to buff your army, a few I really like are Dauthi Embrace, Berserkers' Onslaught, and Whip of Erebos, these don't even need to be equipped to work. The biggest hitch in the plan is that it's hard to have an army without Sauron out, and he's 6 mana, so I think the deck will be more effective once you have more ramp (and have shaved a few lands).

The_Biking_Viking on You'll have to toss me! (Don't Tell the Elf)

11 months ago

TheMeadiator first off, love the name. Skol! Thank you for the suggestions Stalking Vengeance is 100% going to find a home in here and know I have a copy of Unleash Fury laying around.

DreadKhan wow I really like all of these, but Rionya, Fire Dancer Windswift Slice and Two-Handed Axe i've never seen before. The slice is fun thinking of Legolas stealing kills :D.

DreadKhan on You'll have to toss me! (Don't Tell the Elf)

11 months ago

Have you thought about Neyith of the Dire Hunt and Rionya, Fire Dancer for this? Since you often have big creatures there is Chandra's Ignition, and Windswift Slice manages to be the world's biggest flavor fail and win at the same time, at least nobody will miss those elves when you sacrifice them! Two-Handed Axe might fit (and it's a big ax!), Inquisitor's Flail is unfortunately not an ax but is also very good if Gimli has high toughness.

I'm not sure how big your tallest creatures end up, but Monstrous Onslaught is very good with an excessively big creature.

Cool deck!

DreadKhan on Gnoll Patrol

1 year ago

I also think Gnolls are cool and approve of this premise! Here are my thoughts about the deck, hope they're helpful.

If you ever want to raise your budget a bit, Pathbreaker Ibex has huge synergy with your deck.

When I was testing out your deck I found that you seemed to be short of creatures for a deck that runs lots of creature payoffs and generally can't win without them. In a deck that's very creature centric I like to run closer to 40, if not more, Gruul has really, really good creatures to choose from. For example, you can run Wood Elves, Farhaven Elf over artifact ramp, these give you a creature body while also permanently ramping you (land ramp is much more stable than artifact ramp anyways). Creature buffs can be stapled to a creature, there are options like Thunderfoot Baloth, Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma or maybe Blossoming Bogbeast or Kamahl, Heart of Krosa. You can use creatures as a great source of removal with options like Thorn Mammoth, Ulvenwald Tracker, Kogla, the Titan Ape, Gruul Ragebeast, Steelbane Hydra, Viashino Heretic, and Outland Liberator  Flip are all pretty decent at getting things off the table for you while also offering a physical presence. Not sure if they quite fit, but depending on your meta Silklash Spider and Squallmonger are pretty nasty surprises for decks that use Flying a lot, Squallmonger can even kill huge flyers with another player's help, or allow several players to quickly eliminate an archenemy that is lower in life.

There are a few good ways to double your power in Gruul, the new Two-Handed Axe is very interesting, the surprise Double Strike ability works well with your Commander, and the power doubling effect definitely does. Inquisitor's Flail is an incredible equipment if your Commander is either very big or has First Strike, yours can easily get big enough to justify the risk. Berserkers' Onslaught is really strong, even if it's 5 mana, Enchantments tend to stick around for awhile.

I think you should run more sources of Trample in here (there are some listed above as well), but with a budget restriction that does make it more of a challenge. Your Commander is really strong if he has Trample, but can be chumped by a 0/1 goat token without it (funny image, maybe he got hungry?). Garruk's Uprising is a really good card if you have enough creatures with power 4 and up, but the Trample is the real perk here arguably. Kessig Wolf Run might do the trick, and it's on a land. Brawn is pretty budget, but it can be hard to get it killed. War Cadence isn't exactly Trample, but it can easily let you swing with unblockable creatures if someone is tapped out, but remember this can also be used to create chaos on other people's attacks if you've got nothing better to do. It's also not Trample technically, but Siege Behemoth can bypass blockers for your attackers.

With a relatively low budget in Red, I feel like Rite of the Raging Storm is a very underrated card. Those 5/1s are never coming your way, but they will swarm anyone who can't deal with it on their opponent's turns, and yours gets the buff from your Commander fwiw. Breaker of Armies is a good way to clear out potentially a whole board worth of stuff of a vulnerable player, it can deter attacks vs you if their defenders are all going to be stomped by an Eldrazi.

If you can get your creature count high enough, you could sneak stuff like Lurking Predators in, which is pretty impressive card advantage over time in many metas. There is also Heartwood Storyteller, which is very good if you don't run many non-creatures.

TommysMeats on Obi-Wan Budget

1 year ago

Crow-Umbra, I’m 100% swapping Argentum Armor for Wear / Tear. Wear/Tear will undoubtedly see more playing time and quite honestly be more useful and fun.

Do you have suggestions for substitutions for Greatsword of Tyr and/or Two-Handed Axe?? Maybe both equipment artifacts cards could be dropped for a singular more synergistic equipment artifact and then another card that does something else??

Also I’d love to checkout your decklist you mentioned and see what I can get from it. Where can I locate it??

Lastly your explanations for why certain cards are better or more useful than others is spot on and very easy to understand!

Crow_Umbra on Obi-Wan Budget

1 year ago

No prob, glad the suggestions were to your liking! First and foremost, I'd say to focus your upgrades on the aspects of the deck that you have the most fun with, especially in the context of your playgroup or LGS meta.

Personally, I've had a lot of fun running Isshin as a Tokens Go-Wide strat for the past year. My deck is currently running about 12 of the same creatures you currently are. If you're interested, my decklist has a primer which discusses some of the card choices I've made.

Once you are ready to make more upgrades, I think that Wayfarer's Bauble, Greatsword of Tyr, Two-Handed Axe, and Argentum Armor can be your next round of cuts for more synergistic swaps. Argentum Armor is the first one I'd probably swap; it's 12 total mana for a +6/+6 buff and destroying 2 permanents on an attack (if Isshin is out). Dismantling Wave or Wear / Tear could be swaps for Argentum Armor if you want another multi-target removal option. I'd lean Wear/Tear

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