Raugrin Triome

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Raugrin Triome

Land — Island Mountain Plains

(: Add , or .)

Raugrin Triome enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

Femme_Fatale on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

4 months ago

ForceablePizza: None of what you mentioned were missing the thick treatment. Captain N'ghathrod, Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald and Firkraag, Cunning Instigator are treatments that only exist irl and in our database as thick. The default treatment for each is only in foil, and the extended border treatment for each is in both normal and foil.

Raugrin Triome does not have a standard promo as far as I can find across all vendors. It does have though Raugrin Triome, the borderless treatment, Raugrin Triome *pp* the promo pack and Raugrin Triome *f-pre* the pre-release promo. The final two which are treated as treatments, primarily because doing anything other than automatic treatments is needlessly wasting time.

You may want to read this site updates article to get more information on how tappedout deals with treatments. And this article about variations to better learn about those.

Now in making this post I double checked the card previews to make sure they were right and lo-and behold the CLB's were not showing their thick displays. I can do it manually but it should be showing up automatically. This made me double check what the text deck auto-complete list shows you, and it does not display the thick treatment. It should look like this Captain N'ghathrod *thick*.

So they are in the site, however the deck editor and the card preview here seems to have bugs which I'll forward to the devs.

ForceablePizza on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

4 months ago

Captain N'ghathrod Missing Thick Treatment Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald Missing Thick treatment Raugrin Triome Missing Promo Art & Pricing Firkraag, Cunning Instigator Missing Thick Treatment

Please note, the missing treatment listed above are in addition to the treatments that are already in the database. These cards have both a "Foil" and a "Thick" treatments. Based on how many are currently missing, I am sure there are more from the CLB set that are missing their "Thick" treatments as well, but I am still imputing my collection, slowly.

Thanks, for your help.

zandl on Dragons Loooove Gold!

7 months ago

Command Tower, Mystic Monastery, Steam Vents, Hallowed Fountain, Sacred Foundry, Raugrin Triome, etc. Not sure on your budget, but you should definitely be playing the first two regardless.

Icbrgr on Is Leyline binding worth it?

7 months ago

yeah i figured just adding a Ziatora's Proving Ground to run alongside Raugrin Triome combined with my fetches (because they can all grab mountains} would be enough to get domain with little effort if i went that rout.

warwolf831 on Fast Forward | Obeka, Brute Chronologist [PRIMER]

11 months ago

This is the perfect commander for all those red "take an extra turn, you lose the game" cards! Unfortunately, you can't have Raugrin Triome in this deck--it produces White Mana.

The_Warleader on Optimus Prime Rolls Out!

1 year ago

Cool deck! =)

Lightning greaves is typically going to be much better unless you need to target your own creatures (which you don't have too much need of, aside from modular triggers). I would personally cut the Saheeli - you might not know this as a returning player but planeswalkers without any dedicated support aren't typically worth running in commander unless they have an immediate impact on the game (something like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon for example ). They're just too easy to remove in multiplayer games and are especially difficult to ultimate.

To go back to the discussion of lands - I totally agree with multimedia. If you can afford it, you should definitely include fetch lands to show off those awesome dual lands you have! Here are some auto-includes for my 3-color commander decks that I don't believe were mentioned:

Battlebond lands - Spectator Seating , Training Center , and Sea of Clouds basically regular dual lands in commander

Reflecting Pool is very potent in 3-4 color decks and isn't too expensive

Triomes - so Raugrin Triome is all three of your land types to help your buddy lands come in untapped. Is searchable with fetch lands and can cycle in a pinch.

And don't forget your lands can offer utility! Buried Ruin , Inventors' Fair , Slayers' Stronghold / Hanweir Battlements  Meld , Spinerock Knoll / Windbrisk Heights , Academy Ruins (though that one is pretty expensive).

Anyway, I hope this helps and hope you are enjoying playing Magic with your friends again!

zapyourtumor on An Attempt at Azorius Prowess

1 year ago

I highly recommend Ledger Shredder, it should be pretty strong in a UW prowess for a couple reasons. You'll be triggering its connive pretty often, which would grow it into a pretty big threat. It can help you dig for gas and discard excess lands. And lastly, prowess decks usually want a certain ratio between creatures and spells, and if you have too many of one or the other Shredder can help you dig for what you need.

Curious Homunculus  Flip and Monastery Mentor are some other suggestions I thought of for prowess creatures in UW, both of them are a little slow but both of them can be pretty strong, and especially Mentor can run away with the game just on his own.

The main weakness of mono blue is a lack of ways to deal with resolved permanents, so I'd lean a lot more on your white splash for more removal. You have 2 Paths, but depending on your meta I think you could maybe up that number. I'd also run 2+ Prismatic Ending, since it's the strongest removal in white and you can go up to X=3 if you run a single Raugrin Triome. Some RW prowess lists literally splashed white for nothing but Ending so the card is definitely pretty good in prowess shells.

I'd cut Mana Tithe, Psionic Blast, and Mishra's Bauble for a few different reasons. Tithe is that funny white counterspell, except you're literally in blue so you have better options (ex. Spell Pierce). Also, counterspells typically don't work too well in prowess decks since you want to be casting spells on your turn, instead of holding up mana for your opponent's. Psionic Blast is funny but I think the card is just too bad to justify running it. Bauble seems bad here because you have no DRC, and basically every card only cares about instants and sorceries. It doesn't buff Clever Luminancer, it doesn't let you cast Stormwing for 1U, it doesn't give Murktide a counter, it doesn't flip delver, it doesn't remove counters from TITI.

Defiant Strike could also be a consideration since it's both a cantrip and a pump spell.

Housegheist on *RETIRED* Big Booty Pillow Fort

1 year ago

I do not like cards like Canopy Vista if you are only running 10 basics... i would highly recommend the OG triomes (Ketria Triome, Savai Triome, Indatha Triome, Zagoth Triome and Raugrin Triome and play Skyshroud Claim as a ramp piece as it grabs 3 of them... or just another forest with the option to ETB untapped. And a late triome-draw doesn't hurt because of it's cycling ability.

And i think BloobrrY is correct. Farseek f.e. can't tutor a forest, Rampant Growth grabs any basic.

Resurgent Belief is a wonderful one-sided reanimator for enchantments. Some protection like Heroic Intervention or the recent reprinted Teferi's Protection could be useful also.

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