Raugrin Triome

Raugrin Triome

Land — Island Mountain Plains

(: Gain , or .)

Raugrin Triome enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Raugrin Triome Discussion

KBK7101 on Kykar, Try some Flying

2 months ago

As someone who has a Kykar deck, I'd definitely recommend cutting some lands and adding some more artifact ramp such as Boros Signet, Azorius Signet, Izzet Signet and Mind Stone. Casting these will trigger Kykar, netting you a spirit token and helping to ramp you further ahead. I'd try and stick somewhere around 33-34 lands.

Other cards I'd recommend are Murmuring Mystic as another flying token producer, Jubilant Skybonder to help keep the heat off your fliers, Boros Charm for anti-boardwipe protection, Whirlwind of Thought for some more card draw and Immolating Gyre as a one-sided board wipe. Raugrin Triome is probably also worth a look.

Kykar is a super cool commander and I wish he had more lore. I really wanna know what plane he's from so I can tweak my basic land art accordingly. lol

zapyourtumor on Kaiser Control Mark 3

3 months ago

Less basics, more fetches, and 1x Raugrin Triome would let you play Prismatic Ending for some much needed early game removal.

psionictemplar on ESPER STONEBLADE

3 months ago

The manabase I had in mind was very b/w oriented with only 1 or 2 sources of blue that could be fetched. The blue sources would probably have come in the form of Zagoth Triome or Raugrin Triome to fetch on the 1st turn when you don't have to have untapped mana. Which one would depend on which color between black or white was the main one. I would cut a fetch or 2 in favor of basics and then try to add a couple more lands in addition. Most likely trimming a solitude and prismatic ending to make room for them. (for the record, I personally am not a fan of prismatic and would rather run more vindicates). If I have some free time in the next day or so, I will make of copy of this and you can see what changes I've made on my profile. I'll try to label it something obvious to spot like lujos deck copy or something...idk.

Ouroboros_47 on No-No! (Jeskai Control)

6 months ago

Raugrin Triome could replace the bounce lands and as a bonus, it can be fetched or cycled. Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria would be very powerful additions to the deck as well if planeswalkers interest you at all. Vendilion Clique is a card I always enjoy.

codesnowman13 on Here, hold this.

8 months ago

Here are some cards I would cut and cards I would put in:


Vivid Crag , Vivid Creek , Vivid Meadow , Mystic Monastery , Khalni Gem , Dispatch , Kazuul's Toll Collector , Kirtar's Wrath


Thriving Bluff , Thriving Isle , Thriving Heath , Raugrin Triome , Dowsing Dagger  Flip, Swords to Plowshares , Balan, Wandering Knight , Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders

I would also cut Sunforger for an Equipment such as Hammer of Nazahn or some other Equipment because with Sunforger , you want a package of Red and White Instants to have it go search for. Currently you only have Dispatch in the deck. If you plan on keeping Sunforger , I'd recommend adding more Red and/or White Instants.

Eddy_Khil on Oops No Spells

10 months ago

WhiteTrashMagic thanks for the suggestion! I had completely forgot about Terrain Generator.

As for why I put Canopy Vista and Plains are in the "Mistveil enablers" section, it is because they tap for white and the deck does not run a non-trivial amount of white sources (there are 2 other white land options: Raugrin Triome and Sacred Foundry). So I think I will add a "Taps for White" section to clear up the confusion there.

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