Rip Apart

Rip Apart


Choose one —

  • This deals 3 damage to target creature or planeswalker.
  • Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Rip Apart Discussion

zapyourtumor on Let's Party!

4 months ago

Sunseed Nurturer seems out of place and not very good

I like Norin and all the ETB effects - you could consider maybe putting in some of the Soul Sisters Soul's Attendant and Soul Warden for more etb payoff and upping the norin count. You could put these in if you cut Sunseed, Trueheart duelist, and Mangara.

Deck feels light on removal. You have many good options in RW, like Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile maindeck, and Rip Apart/Wear / Tear sideboard.

Speaking of the sideboard, it looks super iffy. Magus of the Moat sucks because you have no flying creatures? Relying on Angelic gift does not seem good. I would cut both. Usher of the Fallen is also pretty mediocre. I'd put in some more hate cards in the sb like grave hate, artifact and enchantment hate, tron hate, etc.

Icbrgr on Boros Burn

5 months ago

nice! maybe Rip Apart could be more catch-all Sideboard tech?

zapyourtumor on 8 rack grief

5 months ago

I've been playing a Grief 8-rack build for some time and I have some comments on your build that I hope you find helpful.

For one thing, Feign Death is strictly worse than Undying Evil, except with multiple copies on the same creature. More about the creature/flicker package: If you flicker a Kroxa with Ephemerate the rebound is wasted since it still dies either way. And you don't have a further target if you topdeck another flicker spell/undeath spell later. Also, you have to wait until t3 to get any value from the flickering. This is why I suggest running a creature like Burglar Rat or Elderfang Disciple instead. Also, you have 10 flicker cards but only 8 creature targets. While the flicker cards are dead cards by themselves, the creatures aren't, which is why I advise going down on the flicker cards and going up on the creatures.

For the discard suite, you currently have 12 targeted hand disruption spells, 4 Grief, IoK, and TS. This seems really overboard for me, since those spells tend to be bad late-game topdecks (and this deck aims to put the game into topdeck mode asap). I suggest cutting down some on those and putting in some Blackmail and/or Raven's Crime. Also Liliana of the Veil is a really powerful card in any 8rack build. I'd move them from the sideboard to the mainboard, leaving up more space for hate cards in the sideboard.

About the manabase. You also have barely any lands. Even without Smallpox, 18 lands is really low. I would recommend 20 at the bare minimum. Not sure why City of Brass is there either. And you have 4 Urborgs and no fetches. For a three color deck, CoB should not be needed and I highly recommend you go with a fetch shock manabase with Bloodstained Mire and Marsh Flats (and maybe one Savai Triome. Mishra's Factory is also generally better than Mutavault.

Using Ensnaring Bridge to defend against creature-based strategies is a complete nonbo with the deck's strategy of attacking with Grief and Kroxa. You also have no spot removal in the entire deck, which means it is really difficult to deal with creatures you want to remove that don't attack. I suggest swapping out the Bridges for some spot removal. Also you're in mardu colors which means you can run Prismatic Ending along with Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push.

About the sideboard: Feed the Swarm is played in most monoblack lists because it is the only enchantment removal in monoblack. You're mardu, not mono-B, which means you have better options like Fragmentize, Fracture, Rip Apart, and Prismatic Ending. Grafdigger's Cage completely shuts down all of your Kroxa, Feign Death, Malakir Rebirth antics which makes it a terrible choice for graveyard hate. One sided hate like Soul-Guide Lantern and Leyline of the Void would be much better choices here.

OLucas on Winota Aristocrats Non-Budget

6 months ago

Leo_LordOfThePit thank you for commenting.

I agree that Seasoned Pyromancer is too good to pass up without a budget restriction. The reason it's not here is because this is mostly a manabase upgrade from a budget deck I've been brewing. I'll eventually get around to making a true non-budget version.

A better version of this deck would probably feature Seasoned Pyromancer , Liliana of the Veil , Thoughtseize , Collective Brutality , Bloodghast making the +2 from Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip much better. The problem I foresee is the number of humans dwindling too much making Winota, Joiner of Forces worse. Depending on the creature package Xathrid Necromancer should also be switched out for Teysa, Orzhov Scion .

The reason for the Tocatli Honor Guard is because exiling effects are very effective against this deck and a lot of these effects are creature etb based so they should really be in the 75. They are in the mainboard as a metagame call, maybe a wrong call, but if those effects aren't prominent deffinetly switch them with Rip Apart and Vanishing Verse .

I would love to see your version of the deck and how it fares. Best of luck.

Kazierts on 4C Dragons [Budget/Casual/Primer]

6 months ago

While Bolt would probably be the better choice, I still want to keep both Abrade and Rip Apart. Having a one mana removal is certainly pretty good, but I think the versatility of blowing up Artifacts beats it by just a little, especially after que rebirth of Affinity decks. Plus, being a removal with utility attached to it frees some sideboard spots.

Dragonlord's Servant and Dragonspeaker Shaman(which I know isn't modern legal) are traps in my mind.They don't offer any utility besides ramp and are some pretty vulnerable ones. I have a friend who had a Monored Dragon Tribal, and the servant was absolutely useless most of the time. Signets and other mana rock can ramp into spells other than just the Dragons.

Demanding Dragon is just bad in my opinion. Since this is a very slow deck, it's gonna take some time to pressure the opponent's life total, so they can probably take the 5 points and still be okay as if I'm in a position where I need to stabilise I won't be able to attack in order to pressure them. Gold Dragon on the other hand can help a lot with lifelink. Also, technically the Gold Dragon dies only to the channeller statswise and if I'm forced to block. After the channeller gets the boost, it's forced to attack, so it won't be able to block. Moreover, it can't race a 8 difference in lifetotal and every removal in the deck, expect for Pyroclasm, kills it.

Stormbeath and Thundermaw can probably come in the side. I can see both being more useful than Niv since I already have Summoning Trap for counterspell heavy matchups.

Terror is fantastic, but the price is what really stops me from considering. Otherwise, I think it's one of the best dragons and a better version than the Tempest.

The Tempest isn't as useful, at least in this particular list, because it takes a while to get going and is similar to what I was talking about the demanding dragon. This list plays the control game, with the only 4 cmc dragon being the thunderbreak. It would take a very long time for it to start generating value and allow me to ping down the opponent's board.

Charger + Ventmaw is not a bad combo but I think it's much more of a buildaround than a free inclusion. I can definitely see a deck with a playset of each dedicated to ramp into them, but this deck doesn't have the space for it.

zetsu.nitram on Hush Titan 2.0

7 months ago


I is very helpful with mono red and Temur adventure aggro being dominate in the format. It can easily be swapped out for Humiliate or Rip Apart plus any other tool you would need.

Mannu_1978 on Boros Nahiri

8 months ago

This have been my most reliable deck of all times in modern.

With SSG away (SOB), I don't know if it's still playable with that shell.

I quite often removed the simians for more control, but they did save my day on some matchups too...

I replaced them with 3 Bonecrusher Giant s (hey , I lost creatures too...) and 1 Rip Apart which I find pretty interesting.

To keep the same shell, maybe it could be an idea too to put Desperate Ritual and 4 Gemstone Caverns , and give up play first.

Otherwise there is the Ponza shell (that i'm trying to avoid because I like Chalices, but it may be the only efficient way to stay Boros)

Any ideas?


marciothehero on Ravnica Cube v12

9 months ago


Simic Charm -> Quandrix Command

Immolating Gyre -> Draconic Intervention

Lightning Helix -> Rip Apart

Launch the Fleet -> Venerable Warsinger

Shifting Ceratops -> Battle Mammoth

Shrine of Loyal Legions -> Mimic Vat

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord -> Daemogoth Woe-Eater

Polukranos, Unchained -> Daemogoth Titan

Mindwrack Demon -> Rank Officer

Winding Way -> Brawn

Abrupt Decay -> Drown in Filth

Grapple with the Past -> Llanowar Mentor

Archetype of Courage -> Selfless Squire

Unburial Rites -> Incarnation Technique

Stealth Mission -> Benthic Biomancer

Thrummingbird - > Fuel for the Cause

Assure / Assemble -> Selesnya Charm

Knight of Autumn -> Battle for Bretagard

Druid's Deliverance -> Pest Infestation

Wilt-Leaf Liege -> Glare of Subdual

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge -> Veyran, Voice of Duality

Legion Warboss -> Laelia, the Blade Reforged

Ral, Storm Conduit -> Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

Experiment One -> Gyre Sage

Jadelight Ranger -> Managorger Hydra

Merfolk Branchwalker -> Incubation Druid

Sweet-Gum Recluse -> Forgotten Ancient

Sharktocrab -> Zegana, Utopian Speaker

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath -> Prime Speaker Zegana

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid -> Tanazir Quandrix

Herald of Secret Streams -> Deepglow Skate

Nightpack Ambusher -> Arachnogenesis

Life / Death -> Tivash, Gloom Summoner

Cry of the Carnarium -> Essence Pulse

Filter Lands -> Thriving Lands + 5 Color Lands

Falta G para balancear


Quandrix Command , Draconic Intervention , Rip Apart , Venerable Warsinger , Daemogoth Woe-Eater , Daemogoth Titan , Incarnation Technique , Pest Infestation , Veyran, Voice of Duality , Laelia, the Blade Reforged , Tivash, Gloom Summoner , Essence Pulse

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